More People We Can Safely Dislike #21

  1. The person(s) responsible for the musical selections playing ambiently in malls
  2. Indecisive lane-riders
  3. People who buy 398 items, freak out at the total, then force the cashier to remove each item one at a time until they can afford it
  4. Ann Coulter (always)
  5. Those who doubt the awesomeness of Kenny Powers
  6. People who cannot stop talking about American Idol
  7. Neighbors who mow the lawn at 4AM
  8. Hacks who blame their bad behavior on their “artistic temperament”
  9. Men who wear sweat pants with sport coats to restaurants. Just stop it.
  10. People who read me their poetry when I didn’t ask

Who do you dislike this week?


  1. GUPPY

    People who let there dogs bark for hours in the early morning while YOUR trying to sleep

  2. Jennifer

    Parents who can not/will not control their children. I don’t go to the grocery store/movie theater/my own backyard to listen to your child scream while running around in circles and watch you laugh at their behavior because “They’re just so cute”.

  3. rasmoot

    most of all people 😐

  4. nina

    mothers who smother their children the do cpr only to decide to smother them anyways.

  5. rem1967

    People who have half a million kids just to get their own reality series.

  6. Margaret

    ~People who find it acceptable to put a backpack disguised leash on their kid.
    ~The lady at McDonald’s on Tuesday asking her daughter (abt 6yo) ‘Do you want mommy to hate you because you snatched the straws from her?’
    ~The second grader that told my daughter that she couldn’t be in their club because she ‘wasn’t brown enough’
    ~Family members who think that just because I work for Uncle leRoy, I have lots of money that I could ‘loan’ them.

  7. Insecure guys in locker rooms who try to fight their nervousness at being in the presence of other naked men by whistling really loudly and out of tune.

    Small groups of people who find the spot where they can most block the flow of other pedestrians and then stop to have a conversation there.

    Any wanker who has ever, ever in his lifetime said “So, does the girl come with the car? Ha, ha, ha!”

    Anyone who uses the expressions ‘Fo’ Shizzle’ or ‘Sho’ Nuff’. It sounds so damn Mo’ Ronic.

    Anyone who snaps their gum in galleries, museums or harpsichord recitals.

    British tourists who come to Barcelona and believe that they are having the ultimate Spanish experience by drinking Dutch beer in an Irish pub after buying a novelty Mexican hat from a Pakistani shop owner on the Ramblas.

  8. The bitch who let her crotch spawn run wild, thus ruining my daughters spring chorale concert.

    The ass who thought talking on the phone was a better use of time than actually driving the car he was in.

    The fuckwad who has been letting his dog starve to almost a skeleton. I will be calling the ASPCA on you.

  9. [quote comment=”632562″]British tourists who come to Barcelona and believe that they are having the ultimate Spanish experience by drinking Dutch beer in an Irish pub after buying a novelty Mexican hat from a Pakistani shop owner on the Ramblas.[/quote]
    Spewed my coffee reading that. 😛

  10. Don

    Richard (blue spandex daisy dukes) simons
    All fucktard politicians
    Idiots that spell their beer on you. ( if they don’t want it just give it to someone)
    People that owe me money

  11. fruf

    Parents who let their kids run wild on a 7 hour flight (fllight attendant offered the little darlings a drink of gin and liqwiud gravol)
    person at Mcdonalds who can.t make up their minds order then cancel 3 times

  12. junkman

    this whole phenomena of gaggle power walking and gaggle jogging. these people wether alone or in a group believe they are entitled to whatever space they decide to move into and it is your job to get out their road because you are merely walking normally or driving a car. i had a single woman jogger cut across the street on a diagonal from the other side, head straight for me from 3 ‘ away and then call me an asshole because i didn’t get out of HER road. 👿

  13. Bigwavdave

    Lots of fear, loathing and angst out there…Maybe if people were a little less self-absorbed and practiced a little more courtesy towards others…Just a dream I had…

    Now, let’s get down to business – How can a lab tech who does nothing all day long but draw blood, take three tries to get the needle in my damn vein? Yeah, and what about the idiot who fills his tank at the gas station, then goes inside to get some snacks with his (or her) vehicle still taking up a space in front of the pump?

    There, I feel better now. BIG WET KISS TO ALL YOU ZILLA-BABES! :kiss:

  14. I walk a lot. Yes, I have a drivers’ licence and all, but I got into the habit of not taking the car. Consequently, I always find myself faced with several types in a usual day.

    First there is the “drunk walker” — you all know this type: apart from walking aimlessly, they are constantly changing their course by 10 or 20 degrees so as to force you to constantly anticipate their random movements.

    Then, there is the “oops, I must have forgotten to turn off the gas at home” — this is the type that for whatever reason, abruptly stops in their tracks to converse with Dog or answer the phone, without taking into account that there is someone near them. These are the same people who drive on highways and brake at the slightest change in flow, causing explosions and spectacular crashes.

    Another is the “door stop” — you’ve seen these people, usually in a rain storm. They manage to get in front of you somehow, get in the doorway and STOP, preventing you from entering and consequently getting you drenched while they puzzle out their next move.

    Last but not least is the “Family Outing”, usually a group of three or more, who insist on walking side by side, a lá “We don’t stop for nooobody!” game that we used to play as kids. These nitwits make you walk onto the street, step into dogshit, enter the GAP or Radio Shack, or climb up on fences so that you aren’t crushed by their juggernaut trajectory.

    Somehow I feel so much better…

  15. Me

    :wang:s that think its ok to screw someone else and then ask to move back home.

  16. Me

    :boob:s that actually let them

  17. Lounge Puppy

    Who pisses me off today:
    People who follow you around the thrift store grabbing items you’re about to reach for practically out of your hands. I know I have awesome taste, but really! This lady followed me around today and was pulling the shirts right out of my hands. She didn’t even speak to me. It was like I was invisible. I am visible, right? Hellooo…

  18. junkman

    well…i won’t quote rust….but these physical mo fo’s got to go…… 👿

  19. Sherri

    People who don’t clean up after their dog
    People who walk around talking to what appears to be themselves but are actually on blue tooth
    People who let their phone ring (at the loudest possible volume) in a restaurant then proceed to answer it and have an even louder 20 minute conversation
    Ignorant people of any kind
    Ex husbands
    (I guess those last two could be one in the same)

  20. DaPopster

    How about people in general ….. :puke:

  21. Draca68

    People who feel that a restaurant is the perfect place to take care of their cold/allergies and blow their huge, nasty honker while I am trying to eat. :puke:
    Go to the freakin’ bathroom!

  22. Normally, most the media hounds(definite stress on the hound part) that currently have a home on CNN, Headline News, MSNBC, FoxNews, etc… I did say normally, because I was flipping through the channels and noticed Headline News was reporting on JeBron James’ “Shot Reard Round The World” mimicing his hero Michael Jordan… Good to see at least one thing non-political on there…… Now only if ESPN will shut up about it…… :geek:

  23. Wizzerkat

    People who park in the middle of two parking places because they think their car is SOOOO special!
    It isn’t just the people who can’t stop talking about American Idol, but those who are taking the results SOOO seriously! God, shut up already!

  24. The woman who talks on her cell phone on the treadmill next to me at the health club, right in front of the sign that reads: “No Cell Phones.”


  25. Kimberly

    people who say they know everything about computers and then end up fucking YOURS up just from playing a game.

    people who pull their dentures out of their mouth infront of you WHILE you’re eating.

    people who tell you how to raise your kids when they got theirs taken away.

    people who come to your door and start preaching their religion that don’t know when to shut the hell up when you have said, “no thank you.” one day my father yelled, “I WORSHIP THE DEVIL!!!” (they haven’t been back since.)

  26. people who come to your door and start preaching their religion that don’t know when to shut the hell up when you have said, “no thank you.” one day my father yelled, “I WORSHIP THE DEVIL!!!” (they haven’t been back since.)

    If you wanna get rid of them or at least scare for a bit, when you see(for example) a Jehovah’s Witness walking up to your door, strip down bare, open the door ever so slightly(as to only show your face), and when they say “Have you found Jesus?”, open the door wide and say, “not yet, but you come on in and help me find Him.”…… unless they get really aroused(which could be creepy enough in itself), you prolly won’t see them ever again……

  27. regurgitatedmonkeybrains

    people who have their sprinklers running while it’s raining.
    people who pick their nose in public and don’t realize you saw them do it.
    people who take a cart load of groceries to the “20 items or less” line then get pissed cuz you won’t wait on them. (sadly, i used to work at walmart)
    people who try to intimidate you with big dogs, loud cars or “menacing” frowns.
    all these “reality” shows are really gettin annoying. Married…With Children is more reality than they are.
    uptight turds that can’t accept that everybody is entitled to their own opinions.
    people who ask me for advice then don’t take it (wasting my time!).

    i could go on forever with this…..better stop now
    8) :wtf: :puke: 🙄 👿

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