Caption Time #284

Caption Time #284


  1. “the one day i pick to go commando, and now this!”

  2. Bigwavdave

    Have a whiff on me…

  3. Russ

    I don’t know what’s worse, a trunk in your junk or repeatedly pierced manhood.

    A bestiality theme today, good one Dave! πŸ˜‰

  4. Patrick

    What’s worse- having some junk in your trunk or having a trunk in your junk?

  5. Bigwavdave

    I do like her shoes though – AnnieB, Mandy – got any of those?

  6. PPPPrick

    Dumbo aint so dumb, I’d put my trunk in that junk!! :wang: How do you say BBBBBRRRRRR!!!!!

  7. Imagine the elephant’s surprise when he found a bag of peanuts!

  8. DaveC

    No nuts here πŸ˜₯

  9. junkman

    so that’s what a coochie snorcher is ❗

  10. chainstay

    And then she relaxed and let him explore; much to her suprise and delight. The elephant, on the other hand, thought something smelled fishy.

  11. Elephant thinks, “That’s funny! The last one I checked had some nuts and a hotdog up there…”

  12. ann coulter screams as she realizes the elephant found her dick.

  13. AlexBallew

    I don’t blame the little guy here.

  14. Ryder

    I like how the other girls petting him telling him nice job i wonder?

  15. jdn

    looks like the zoo keeper is thinking not again i cant take this guy anywhere

  16. Scamper

    trunk elephant, trunk monkies nasty cousin

  17. It’s good practice – this lady’s next television spot is an interview with Larry the Cable Guy. It should be a similar experience.

  18. rem1967

    “Bad boy, Dumbo!”

    “No, No. Let him finish.”

  19. And that’s just a baby elephant trunk. Just imagine big daddy back there hoovering her coochie. 😯 πŸ˜›

  20. junkman

    [quote comment=”632540″]And that’s just a baby elephant trunk. Just imagine big daddy back there hoovering her coochie. 😯 :P[/quote]
    and hopefully whatever she has going on under the “LBD” it doesn’t make big daddy sneeze!

  21. brad

    ok! turn on the hose!

  22. DaPopster

    Mmmmmm, lemony fresh scent …………. πŸ˜‰

  23. ShiftyTim

    Do elephants like fish?? :puke:

  24. ShiftyTim

    I didn’t know elephants liked fish… :puke:

  25. “My my my, this a big turn of events… she’s getting a blowjob for a change”

    “When you’re drunk, the pachiderm is pink… when you’re high, the pachiderm is looking for pink.”

    “The zookeeper’s thought bubble — ‘Starting so young *sniff*, I’ve taught him so well’ :evil:”

  26. Jessica

    When I said I liked them long and thick this is NOT what I had in mind.. OHHH wait that works!

  27. Meshie

    [quote comment=”632515″]Dave,

    If you think that is bad, here is a photo of eco-tourism in Thailand:


    LOL! I would have died of laughter if that had happened to me when I was in Thailand.

  28. Meshie

    Brunet is petting and saying… ” No, no, no…. that is a dude with very nice Boobs and Shoes”.

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