33 thoughts on “Caption Time #284

  1. I don’t know what’s worse, a trunk in your junk or repeatedly pierced manhood.

    A bestiality theme today, good one Dave! 😉

  2. Dumbo aint so dumb, I’d put my trunk in that junk!! :wang: How do you say BBBBBRRRRRR!!!!!

  3. And then she relaxed and let him explore; much to her suprise and delight. The elephant, on the other hand, thought something smelled fishy.

  4. [quote comment=”632540″]And that’s just a baby elephant trunk. Just imagine big daddy back there hoovering her coochie. 😯 :P[/quote]
    and hopefully whatever she has going on under the “LBD” it doesn’t make big daddy sneeze!

  5. “My my my, this a big turn of events… she’s getting a blowjob for a change”

    “When you’re drunk, the pachiderm is pink… when you’re high, the pachiderm is looking for pink.”

    “The zookeeper’s thought bubble — ‘Starting so young *sniff*, I’ve taught him so well’ :evil:”

  6. When I said I liked them long and thick this is NOT what I had in mind.. OHHH wait that works!

  7. Brunet is petting and saying… ” No, no, no…. that is a dude with very nice Boobs and Shoes”.

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