Mini Pinch

We’ve all played Slug Bug (or its bastard variant: Punch Buggy). The concept is simple. Spot a VW Beetle driving past, call it and its color out before your friend does, and punch them as hard as possible. Newer games have since arisen such as doing the ZZ Top arm swing every time a PT Cruiser goes past or flipping off Hummer drivers.

Natalie and I propose a new game called Mini Pinch. See a Mini Cooper, yell Mini Pinch and pinch the person next to you. It’s easy and very addictive, particularly if the person next to you has a nice backside.

Anyone else have any automotive games to share?

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  1. Natalia is asking me if Matthew (my brother)calls our son “Jimmy” or as “Haime” – I have greater problems than worrying about games. Of course, Natalia is crazy. She worries about such things. And Boris the spider.

  2. Of course, Natalia is all skin and bones in her butt. She is on a FIVE-CHOCOLATE-A-DAY diet to help her out in that department, but even the sugar water “coffee” she drinks doesn’t help. There just isn’t any meat on her bones to make pinching viable.

  3. I am Natalia, I’ve just pinch my butt myself and I know I’m skinny, but pretty, with nice legs, and nice lips, I LIKE MYSELF,I ‘d like to put silicone in several parts, but I think that there are much more interesting things to talk about, David is tubby, and I love him because he has very nice eyes and nose, there is also a chemical attraction and I can pinch him easily

  4. Margaret

    PT Cruiser Bruiser~~like the VW Beetle game, but with a cooler name.

  5. I was wrong I find David dum and he is going out of his head for making such an ugly comment and he is so fat that he can walk rolling

  6. Esther

    I think I’d be in trouble if I played any driving games, since I already have a tendency to get lost in thought while waiting at a red. I also do it occasionally while driving. Glad I’ve got good insurance.:neutral:

  7. I have one similar except it is about PT cruiser.

  8. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    ReV oN: PaRkInG SpaCe TaKEdOwN!

    There are lot’s of driving games out there Jack Daniels Rally, Blind mans bump, pedestrian standoff to name but a few, but for me, parking space takedown has to be my absolute favourite.

    To play you need the following equipment:

    One free parking space
    A car that you don’t mind damaging (parents, best mates, girlfriends etc.)
    A rival (BMW drivers are best)
    Pen and Paper

    Using your vehicle of choice approach a parking space that someone else is lining up to reverse into. As they start to reverse, edge forward and sound your horn, after all, this drivers going reverse right into you if he/she doesn’t start paying attention! 😡

    This sudden acoustic bombardment temporarily stuns the other driver, whilst you steal their space and the admiration of the other driver.
    If accidentally you have to run into a parked car in order to get the space quickly, don’t worry…..I have a plan.

    Carefully pull the pen and paper from your pocket and in front of the onlookers write the following note.

    “The people watching think I’m leaving my insurance details, but I’m NOT. Have a nice day!” 😎

    Then fold the paper, place it under the windscreen wiper and drive away quickly…..

  9. Growing up in a factory town in Michigan, we’ve always yelled, “BUY AMERICAN CARS, YOU GODDAMN TRAITOR!“GET YOUR FOREIGN PIECE OF SHIT OFF MY ASS!”

    … at anybody driving a Japanese car. 😛

  10. paddlepoplion

    sorry dave, “mini-tag” hes been around for a looong time here.

    Its a tag/punch/pinch, then you pat on the back or arm for being a good sport. 😀

  11. mikeB

    Stacy, I hope you realize that not one car on earth is built entirely in its parent nation anymore. Most Chryslers are built in Mexico and Canada. Toyotas are built in California, Mazdas are built in Michigan, Saturns are built (partly) in South America, and everyone uses Asian electronics.

    Back in the 80s that argument made sense. Today, “Buy American” means “Buy IN America”.

  12. then you pat on the back or arm for being a good sport.
    Never! 😈

  13. Margaret

    My version of the Chinese fire drill~~
    At a stop light in a foreign city (I personally recommend Paris), every one jumps out of the car and runs around it once, then the driver gets in the passenger side back seat, the passenger gets in the driver side back seat, the driver side back seat passenger becomes the front passenger, and the passenger side back seat passenger becomes the driver.
    This takes a little practicing at first, and is MOST effective in a foreign country. The ‘drill’ MUST be completed before the light turns green.

  14. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    I also like riding my mountain bike really slowly and causing tailbacks.

    Current record: 16 vehicles

    Tip: Traffic lights are your friends. A well paced run can leave up to 10 motorists stranded at a red.


  15. Ah, but see you’re in England where drivers are far more forgiving, not to mention, unarmed.

  16. Margaret

    ALL drivers are armed~~
    When you see the cyclists creaping up on your bumper, GET READY, when they get to the side of the car, IT’S TIME TO WASH THE WINDSHIELD!!!!!
    Most could use a shower anyway.
    This also works for those pesky motorcyclists trying to creap to the front of the stau (traffic jam).

  17. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    Car Alarm Cabaret?

    When it’s late and you are walking home with friends, it’s time to play.

    Split into two teams each taking a side or the street.

    Now run along the sidewalk and set off as many alarms as you can before meeting at a pre designated rally point (usually the kebab shop).


    The more you have had to drink..the faster and more evasive you will become. Like a Green Beret or ninja……or something.


  18. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    I also enjoyed throwing drawing pins into the road in Amsterdam!

    That takes the wind out of all those bell ringing “Halloooooo!” shouting cyclists.


  19. Margaret

    In the London~~just trying to cross the street is a game by itself, especially for those of us that are conditioned to look left, when the traffic is coming from the right (even when ‘LOOK RIGHT’ is clearly painted on the street, one tends to forget).
    I you are ever in London, and have a life altering altercation with traffic, NEVER be the first to step off the curb~~DON’T SACRAFICE YOURSELF!!!!
    PS~~Oxford St. is a foreigner death trap!!

  20. apparently I am fat and ugly now. the lesson here is: never show your spouse/girlfriend/current-f*ck your favourite website, leave the browser open, argue, go to sleep …

  21. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    Time to do an OJ?


  22. Frisko

    The silly car games we play are most of the above metioned, in addition to “got it” with is what you say when you spot a Corvet. Then we play silly memory games…like “in my grandmas attic”


  23. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    In my grandma’a attic there is…….

    A hat

  24. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    I like to describe myself as a English abbreviated philosopher…….

    I think.

    Therefore I’m


  25. Mike, yes, I do realise that now things have changed, but if you read my comment, I said growing up in a factory town in Michigan” … I grew up in Flint, Michigan the 80s. The politics and what has happend since then to the Big 3 are nothing new to me.

    … and I’m still not apologizing.


  26. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    I totally agree with Stacey on this one.

    But then Mike does have an equally valid point that is very much in line with my own opinion.

    I think you should fight for it in a paddling pool filled with custard.


  27. This got me thinking about our family while growing up, sixties style. My elder sister, for some strange reason and to this
    day, from some totally unknown source began something which I understood to be FOOSTANG. Really, it was FRUIT’s
    , I finally got that cleared up back in 1998. FRUIT’s DAY apparently was an offshoot from the
    Volkswagen punch (very painful in the sixties, there were so many of them), but with the special added pleasure of
    punching your enemy in the groin. Having had my genitals pulped by the preponderance of the Bug, I started
    “hallucinating” visions of Bugs while riding in the back seat of my Dad’s red 1966 Super-Beetle. The result being, that even
    in FOG, I would call out FOOSTANG (remember, I was delirious), and smash my elder sister in the cunt. Come to think of it,
    even brother MATTHEW would punch me for no reason, rendering my upper arm a gelatinous mass of inflamed muscle and
    cartilidge. He would take special care to make sure he hit the same spot every time.
    Ahhh, family, aint nothin’ like it.

  28. Frisko

    okay, I admit that what the boys and I actually play is “in my grammas butt”; “attic” is polite, however “butt” adds just the twist that my pubesent sons need to find more humor in the lame’o game. However you must play in alphabetical order of the items in our grannies colon.
    love ya man


  29. Frisko

    Then there is the grown up car ride twist of only mentioning things relating to sex in alphabetical order.

    “Naughty Kitty” Frisko

  30. We always played “padiddle” growing up. If you see a car with one headlight out, you shout “padiddle” and punch the other person in the arm.

  31. Thank you MikeB, I’m using that next time I’m verbally assaulted for my Japanese vehicle choice.

    Odd how all the years I drove a German auto, I was never insulted.

  32. I have friends who yell ‘Forplay!’ whenever they see a car with fog lights at night.

  33. I know how you feel, Melissa. I used to get abuse for driving a Toyota, but no one has ever said boo about my Saab.

  34. Mimi

    I bet Natalie gives Dave lots of mini-pinches. RAWR 🙂

  35. I play one where if you see a hybrid or electric car on the road (this is California) you lean out the window and yell, “Kiss my ass, you tree-huggin’ douche-bag!”

    I don’t have a catchy name for it – it’s just fun.

  36. Anonymous

    i do cadillac whack, punch bug, pt bruiser, focus pocus (ford focus), and my personal favorite, punchus pilot (honda pilot)

  37. Patrick

    We do the “PT Ping,” if you see a PT Cruiser, you flick the person’s ear…

    Of course, “Whack Cadillac” is still very fashionable in our vehicle…

    “Woody” (any car still having wood paneling) the recipient gets two swipes on the shoulder…

    “BEER TRUCK” with the brand name is open game on the other’s deltoid…

    “Piece of Crap Whack” (self explainatory)


  38. Patrick


    Upon further review, my son reminded my me that the previous post should have read…
    “Piece of Crap – Slap” (self explanatory)

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…

  39. This is not a car game, but it runs along similar lines. It’s a bit cheeky.

    You know how many Sikhs wear turbans? In Singapore, the colloquial name for Sikhs is Bayi, and every time you see a Sikh walk by, the contest is to be the first to pinch his pal’s nipples as hard as possible and yell, “Bayi simi sek?” (What colour is the Sikh turban?) If they can answer, you let go. If they can’t, give a twist.

    (Clearly, this is a game only played by teenage boys.)

  40. ReV.JeLLyBaBY




  41. Steppenwolf

    Everytime you see a Hummer yell ‘hummer’ and…
    Best played with a woman passenger if you are a heterosexual male.
    Pulling off the road is recommended but not as much fun. :wang::eek:

  42. The one we used for a one head-lighted (head lit?:lol:) car was “pop-eye!”
    My kids play most of the above, all at the same time, just for another excuse to hit each other, and have also made up one for Mustangs:
    “Mustang-Bang. No Bang Backs!”

  43. Burnsy

    Around here if you see a car with only one head light you yell “sex” (some people say pididdle, but sex is more common) and the last person who says it in the vehicle has to remove an article of clothing.

    Then of course there are the infamous “Shotgun” game or rules regarding who rides in the passenger seat. This is mostly the teenage crowd as well.

  44. garbageman

    :dead:We just roll up the windows and break wind whenever we see anything to do with Kmart. Fart Fart it’s Kmart

  45. Deathalicious

    Okay, I’ll be a bastard:

    “It’s very additive”

    So, like something in gasoline?

  46. Lucy

    My cousins and I used to play “Roadway”–similar to the above mentioned games, but we’d hit each other whenever we saw a Roadway semi truck.

  47. I’d like to give Mandy a Mini Pinch. :wang::wang::wang:

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