My Dung?

My Dung restaurant

A restaurant called My Dung getting fined for health code violations? Never saw that coming.
Image via I Love Bacon

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  1. Esther

    I heard it was the Beatles’ favorite place to eat, back in the day.:smile:

  2. I really want to leave a witty remark, but I’m drawing a blank right now.

    Must be because I’m moving. 😕

  3. Spud

    My Dung Retaurant

    Serving shit on a stick since 1972


  4. Margaret

    My Dung Restaurant~~where they gave out toilet paper instead of paper napkins.

  5. Margaret

    Beehive Coffeehouse~~maybe it wasn’t really a dishWASHER, but a dishRINSER!

  6. Spud

    are those used napkins Margaret?

  7. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    I would just like to say that we have a much worse problem with Chinese restaurants round my way.

    You see, once a month, my crew and I meet up for an all you can eat buffet at one of the following establishments.

    The Rice Bowl

    Rice Bowl

    The Four Seasons (Now known as “The Bowl”)

    What’s with all the Bowls? I mean you have dragons, lotus, pagodas and ninjas for Christ’s sake.

    Here are some possible suggestions for a re-brand:

    The Rice Ninja

    Lotus Rice Pagoda

    No Bowls..Just Dragons

    I personally think my town’s not big enough for all these bowls and above that it’s hard to remember which bowl I’m meant to be eating from!

    Maybe next time I’ll have an Indian for a change at one of the following establishments?

    The Bengal Garden

    The Bengal

    The Bengal Tiger

    Oh sod it. I’m ordering pizza. 🙁

    And as for that “My Dung” place…….what happens if they mix your order up…what happens if you get someone else’s dung? What if they do actually serve dung? It doesn’t bear thinking about.


  8. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    Glad that posts dung and dusted.


  9. Margaret

    The used toilet paper is for Dung & Flies (instead of fries~~or chips) Fridays.

  10. I’m sorry, but temperature violations? That’s IT? 🙁

  11. Mimi

    Maybe the PuPu Platters were too cold, Nikki 😛

  12. Frisko

    I would not eat at a place that had a poop refrence in the Name. How was the cat population near the place. I don’t wanna know.


  13. OK, here’s the deal.

    My Dung restaurant was previously named My Dong, but the Moral Majority of Allegheny County bullied them into changing the name.

    The old name had deep meaning for the owner in his native tongue, so he changed it to something phonetically close enough to be recognizable by his fellow countrymen.

  14. mikeB

    And before “My Dong” it was, “Dick on a Plate. With Rice.”

  15. mikeB

    Other possibilities:
    Hu Flung Pu
    Wan Hung Lo
    Sum Yung Gai

  16. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    For a real taste of Japan


    “Pork Yung”

    Complete with school girls underwear vending machine in the gents.


  17. Margaret

    The Dung Restaurant is presently owned by a group of elephant herders (the original name was HUNG DUNG).
    The original owners were camel herders, but the dung was so dry, it sparked a fire, and burned the building down.

  18. ReV.JeLLyBaBY


    The restaurant was originally called “The Bowl”

    They all were……by the look of things. Then due to the fact another 40 bowl related places opened up they changed it to “My Bowl” which was always mispronounced by the locals as “My Bowel.”

    The owner at this point went crazy and took it one step further.

    Hence “My Dung” was born, along with its sister restaurant “Eat Shit Sushi.”


    P.s And thats true that is.

  19. “And the comments continued on their downward spiral into scatology hell…” 😈

  20. Margaret

    The Dung Restaurant is next door to The Diarrhea
    Diner (the only soup restaurant in town).

  21. My Dung Restaurant? what’s wrong with that?
    Aint nothing wrong with Buffalo Chips or Cow Pie. Some of the best eatin’ falls off the back of transport trucks all over
    this great land. Or gets run over by them.
    Come on, lets get on over to the MARS restaurant (Natalie should know that one) and have one of their special GREASY FRIED
    EGG SANDWICHES. Wash ‘er down with some twice boiled coffee (the horror, the horror) and skip out the door to Horny Tim’s to
    have a couple of Maple Iced Dog Nuts.
    Anyone seen my barf bag?

  22. Cheap Date

    If it was a temperature violation does that mean MY DUNG was too hot or too cold? 😛

  23. Spud

    I’m guessing too cold 😕

  24. name

    where’s the poo icon when you need it?

  25. Frances the Cockatoo

    I lived in Sacramento a few years ago and there was a Chinese restaurant on Fulton Street named “Best Friend”. Sqworrk

  26. Where’s Mr. Pong and his Awesome Jumbo when you need him?

    (That’s a pretty Toronto-specific reference.)

  27. ~oddly enough that restaurant is not too far from my ofice, now I really have a reason not to eat there, the name alone was enough, but getting written up for any sort of violation makes it official~

  28. I actually just moved from Pittsburgh (where Allegheny county is) and I never even heard of this place, so thankfully I can say I never ate there (Zaw’s in Squirrel Hill is kickass chinese).

    Actually, never went anywhere except the Beehive. Crewser’s is totally gross.

  29. Anonymous

    I can’t believe no one has made this comment yet…

    “what’s brown and sounds like a bell?”

    I also am in Pittsburgh and I’ve never heard of the place either. Hell, I didn’t know Crewser’s was still open. Is it possible that the newspaper article is older?

    Anyway… there’s also a My Dung in Los Angeles. Maybe they’re franchising? Will there be a My Dung next to every Bennigan’s and Friday’s in this great land of ours?

    Lord I hope so.

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