I see one! I see one!

You’ve all heard the term GAYDAR, being the inborn ability to spot a gay person on sight. Most of us have this ability to varying degrees. Natalie and I came up with names for other types of natural RADAR that humans possess.

  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADAR: The ability to spot Henry Winkler
  • ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRDAR: The ability to spot a pirate
  • BRAYDAR: The ability to spot a jackass
  • CHEDAR: The ability to spot a cheese lover
  • GRAYDAR: The ability to spot someone who is lying about their age
  • GREYDAR: The ability to spot aliens among us
  • KRAYDAR: The ability to spot a supercomputer
  • LAYDAR: The ability to spot someone who could possibly sleep with
  • NAYDAR: The ability to spot existentialists
  • PLAYDAR: The ability to spot a pedophile
  • PRAYDAR: The ability to spot a born-again Xtian
  • VADAR: The ability to spot a Star Wars geek
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  1. CHE-DAR: the ability to spot Che Guevara :wtf:

    TRES-DAR: similar to gaydar, the ability to spot those who overuse French words in English conversation :limp:

    D-DAYDAR: the ability to spot WWII veterans :geek:

    “WHATDIDYOUSAY?”DAR: the ability to spot people who really need hearing aids 🙄

    YESTERDAYDAR: the ability to spot celebrity has-beens 😛

    GOAWAYDAR: the ability to spot goth kids :dead:

    ROLLINTHEHAYDAR: see “laydar” :wang: :boobs::boobs:

    BIRTHDAYDAR: the ability to remember everybody’s birthday (something I can never seem to do) 😀

    SHANAENAEDAR: the ability to spot Martin Lawrence :kiss:

  2. Stacy always has to outdo me. 🙁

    You are mightier than I, Stacy.

  3. Bobby Peru

    FEYDAR: The ability to see the Little People :mrgreen:

  4. facette

    Oy-vaydar : The ability to predict a moment of extreme lameness . 🙄

    “Heyheyheydar” : The ability to sence when Ross from Good Times is about to appear on the show . :wtf:

    …’bout the vending machines : That’s SOOO wrong, it’s almost not funny… almost .

  5. Bobby Peru

    Used schoolgirl panties in a vending machine? PLAYDAR in full effect there. :wtf:

  6. Bobby Peru

    Curds and WHEYDAR? I got nothin’ 🙁

  7. Ah, Bobby gave me an idea.

    WEIGHDAR: What those “Guess Your Weight” guys at the carnival have.

  8. I’m up way too late. Let’s hope that in the morning I’ll be able to use my CAFÉDAR to find some strong coffee.

  9. EBAYDAR: the ability to spot somebody with an addiction to eBay, or somebody that got all their weird shit off eBay (same thing?) :geek:

    SERGEIDAR: the ability to spot hot Russian hockey players :kiss:

    BIDETDAR: the ability to walk into a house and just know you’ll leave a lot more refreshed 🙂

  10. Either Dave fixed the character in that post of mine or my computer is stupid.

    Thanks, Dave. Bite me, Bill Gates.

    [Ed — I did not fix it. My site should auto convert special characters. I love Unicode]

  11. facette

    Ahhh… “OyVeyDar”, thankyou .:oops:

    AntonLaVeyDar : The ability to spot satan-whoreshipers .:evil:

    Out’taMyWayDar… a sense, that if impaired enough through alcohol-consumption, and a series of small rooms, can lead to a series of stubbed toes, and bumped noses . Ouch, damnit !

  12. Bert

    SPAYDAR: The ability to spot sterilized pets.

  13. facette

    BlownAwayDar : Radar-sense exhibited prior to assasanation, or before some overwhelming tid-bit of knowledge, OR… :wang:

  14. HOORAYDAR: the ability to spot people celebrating 😆

    TOM DELAYDAR: the ability to spot Tom Delay

    IF-I-MAY-DAR: the abiliity to spot people with manners 😐

    JJDAR: the ability to be DYNOMYYYTE!! 😎

    OKAYDAR: the ability to put up with being Dar Williams’ personal assistant :geek:

    LUUUUUUCAAAAAAYYYYDAR: the ability to spot fans of Lucille Ball (or, sexy musical Cubans)

    MONAYMONAYDAR: the ability to spot Billy Idol fans

    NOTTODAYDAR: applies to procrastinators (like me, because I keep thinking of these while studying)

    BOOBIEDAR: :boobs::boobs:

  15. Steppenwolf

    Bind-Dar…the ability to spot people into bondage.

  16. GREENDAR – the ability to spot green party members through their typically irregular facial hair, dark thick-rimmed glasses, and white sweaters.

  17. Steppenwolf

    RAYDAR…the ability to spot someone Japanese who could possibly sleep with.

  18. Margaret

    PAYDAR~~The ablility to spot those that just got paid because they are splurging on things they don’t need.

  19. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    Its all very well and good just adding the word “DAR” onto words, but it’s a bit simplistic really isn’t it?

    “DUBYADAR” = The ability to spot oil at 50 paces and politically justify seizure of said resource under the guise of “freedom”.

    “BINLADENDAR” = Nobody possesses this, apart from Bin Laden himself, that’s why we can’t find him!

    “BLAIRDAR” = The uncanny ability to spot publicity and photo opportunities instantly.

    “WMD-DAR” = Apparently both Bush and Blair possess this, but for some reason its broken at the moment. “I have seen the tape and it’s very compelling”, they both said yesterday in unison to the U.N.

    Enough of that for today, but I would like to talk about the machine that vends school girls knickers.

    Surely it’s easier to steal them from the changing rooms at the local school whilst rigging up a secret camera in the shower? Then you could watch the girls in action whilst fondling a pair of freshly soiled ones. Pick the girl you like best and then abduct her on the way home to add to your sexual torture dungeon.

    Well if you’re the sort of person that would want a pair from a machine, you might as bloody well,


  20. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    In fact I pity the poor “schoolgirl” thats gets screamed at by her mother for leaving her dirty knickers in her fathers pockets all the time.

    Sorry but the whole thing just makes me sooo mad! Even I can’t make a wholesome joke of it.

    Why Dave? Why do you show us these things?


  21. Margaret

    Knickers?? ReV are you in/from the UK?? I was there a few weeks ago~~WONDERFUL PLACE!!

  22. Margaret

    G’DAYDAR~~The ability to spot someone from Australia.

  23. Its all very well and good just adding the word “DAR” onto words, but it’s a bit simplistic really isn’t it?
    Aw, ReV’s just jealous cause we beat him to all the good ones. 😈

  24. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    Not so Dave..

    I was actually thinking of an old chinese proverb that goes “Who is the bigger fool? The fool himself? Or the fool that follows him?”

    I was trying to be both.


  25. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    P.S No comments are better or worse than others.

    All have a place in the magical world of Davezilla…..

    Im fooling no one am I?

    Okay the earlier ones are better.


  26. facette

    I have a different kind of “DUBYDAR” heh heh :mrgreen:

  27. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    ENDAR = A retirement planet for Ewoks?


  28. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    DAADAR = An ability to spot ones own father whilst seeing double, after a very heavy drinking session.

    Commonly found in Irish males.

  29. Now, that’s the ReV we know. Don’t you feel better being the fool? 😛

  30. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    I DO-DAR indeed me ol’ fruit.


  31. Fraydar…..
    The ability to spot Derek Powazek.

  32. Rev gets ten points for the Star Wars reference. 🙂

  33. Spud

    The ability to spot Greenday

  34. Margaret

    DARTHVAYDAR~~The the ability to spot grown men that are a LITTLE too into Darth Vader.

  35. Margaret

    Maybe you can subit all the new words to urbandictionary.com

  36. name

    “DARTHVAYDAR~~The the ability to spot grown men that are a LITTLE too into Darth Vader. ”
    Isn’t that what Dave already posted? “VADAR: The ability to spot a Star Wars geek”

  37. Margaret

    Darthvaydars ONLY like Darth Vader, but Vadars like them ALL!

  38. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    SKODAR = A cheap imported “Eastern Block” car.

    LAADAR = A cheaper imported “Eastern Block” car.

    CALENDAR = The ability to schedule appointments months in advance.


  39. Margaret

    FAYERAYDAR~~The ability to list all the movies Faye Ray starred in.

  40. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    Saying that,

    I actually know a guy who got put in the “Big House” for stealing calendars.

    He got 12 months!


  41. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    BLENDAR = Tha ability to turn solid food into CHUNDAR. :limp:

    NUDAR! = C’mon Mandy it’s only a matter of time.:wang:

  42. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    Actually I like Staceys best so far.

    Her comments are amusing too!

    :boobs::boobs: 😳

  43. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    AL-QAEDAR = The proprietor of “AL’S MOTOMART*”.

    NOTE: *He’s also sueing the U.S government for harrassment and loss of revenue.

  44. Esther


    Coming to Dave’s site to post a comment, and seeing that there are 53 witty posts ahead of you. 😐

    Think I’ll eat some delicious home-made brownies now.

  45. Cheap Date

    FAR AND AWAYDAR – The ability to spot a bad Tom Cruise flick 😛

    TAMMY FAYEDAR – Tha ability to spot someone wearing too much make-up. 🙄

  46. Cheap Date

    OBEYDAR – The ability to spot a submissive man! 😆

  47. Margaret

    WHICHWAYDAR~~the ability to spot the male driver on vacation that will not stop and ask for directions when lost.

  48. Steppenwolf

    Where am I won-dar…after eating some of Esther’s delicious home-made (and laced) brownies. 😕

  49. Esther

    They are quite delicious, Steppenwolf. Although, if they’re laced w/anything, I don’t think I should be at work.:grin:

  50. Steppenwolf

    ‘When there’s too much to do
    Don’t let it bother you,
    forget your troubles,
    Try to be just like a cheerful chick-a-dee.’

    I think uncle Walt and his buzzed friends were making their own brownies Esther..occasionally joined by his ‘buds’ Frank Baum and Lewis Carroll. Doesn’t matter though…very entertaining reading. Be Blunt! 🙂

  51. Snot-dar – the ability to know when you’re going to cough up something…lumpy. 🙁

  52. You know, the sad little green guy is disgustingly appropriate for that comment.

  53. I’ve heard of coughing up a lung, but never the Green Man. :wtf:

  54. name

    How about RADAR? Oh wait… 😳

  55. Dave too

    DarDar – The ability to spot someone spotting someone.

  56. Choison

    JAR-DAR: The ability to recognize that Jar Jar Binks is the worst star wars character ever.

  57. Coldur

    saydar- People who wont shtu the fuck up

  58. Alyssa

    WEINDAR The ability to spot a nice hard weiner in a boy’s pants. :wang::wang::wang::wang::wang::wang:

  59. Anonymous


  60. the_cagey_one

    ArtVanDalaydar – used to spot phony architects.

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