I never trusted that purple bastard

I never trusted that purple bastard


  1. Bigwavdave

    Oh yeah baby…just keep doin’ that…

  2. fruf

    OMG This version of barney was just released on bail on a child molesting charge
    This is so wrong on sooo many ways
    Mom is cool with this?
    how do you get the purple stains off the kids’ face?
    She’s got a bigger one to give him a navel job

  3. chainstay

    I love you, I LOVE YOU, I LOOOVE… OH YES YES, oh yeah. Now get outa here I need a smoke.

  4. DaPopster

    If you blow Barney, I wonder what color he cums in ? Should we ask the young lady to stick out her tongue and find out ? Does anybody really care ? :puke:

  5. Cobe

    The look on his face says it all.

  6. Yeah, that’s it, lick my purple salty nuts…

  7. Patrick

    I love you, you love me. This child is molesting ME!
    Purple pain, purple pain. I only want to see giving me some purple pain.
    Michael Jackson’s kharmic rebirth takes a tragic but inevitable turn. Try again, Mike!

  8. AlexBallew

    I love u
    u love me
    you are sucking my pee pee

  9. He does look a little disoriented does’t he? Why does every one always jump to conclusions. Barney is actually the victim here. At the rate our youth is advancing, they look innocent and cute but they can teach us tricks that we never even thought of!! He is a victim of pleasure beyond what anyone has ever experienced!! 😯 :wtf: :puke: 😉
    Look at the women sitting in the background. They recognized that they are witnessing a powerful and priceless lesson here. It must be captured for future frame by frame review. 😉

  10. poisonwisky

    your not in kansas anymore. man this is just wrong

  11. junkman

    or norman fell after a keg ‘o’ vino. :dead:

  12. junkman

    i’ve never had anyone state it so clearly before but i always knew deep down in my nucleus that the internet was made of cats. perhaps that’s where little suji boots is…..sniff. 😥

  13. Oh great. Now his entire body looks like one big phallic image to me.


  14. Is this REALLY how grown-ups hug, Barney?
    Keep hugging, kid!

  15. Patrick

    Is this REALLY how grown-ups hug, Barney?
    Keep hugging, kid!

  16. Michael

    Ah, the young archeologist discovers a dinosaur bone!

  17. Open the door,
    Get on the floor,
    Everyone do the dinosaur

  18. Or …

    She’s giving him a purple slurple.

  19. junkman

    a plummy hummy? :love:

  20. doovinator

    newest feature from Adam & Eve: “Barney does Blowjobs”

  21. junkman

    a violet violation?

  22. Craigaroonie

    a mauve manoeuvre

  23. junkman

    orchid organ oral?

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