Caption Time #301

Caption Time #301

Valvoline and Depends? This guy knows how to party!

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  1. J

    I’m guessing I really would’nt want to ask him about wrestling if I saw him….

  2. janeeto

    This must have been at a Super Wal-Mart. Automotive products in bulk and personal hygiene products, too…. :puke:

  3. Cobe

    “Deliverance” comes to mind. Getting ready for a hillbilly saturday night.

  4. “Well, Stone Cold said some Hamburger Helper would help with my incontinence…” ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  5. chainstay

    Meagan, that is truly funny! I was trying to come up with something about Hamburger Helper and you did it for me, and better.

  6. Lung the Younger

    Just for his own sake, I hope to fuck this guy doesn’t have a lisp.

  7. april

    Bummer what is my dad doing I asked for Tuna helper not hamburger helper

  8. april

    Bummer what is my dad doing I asked for Tuna helper not hamburger helper โ— ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  9. DaPopster

    OMG, somebody done went and drained the gene pool again ….. :puke:

  10. NewsFlash: Stone Cold apologies and takes it back. He never meant to say that.

  11. Patrick

    Let’s see, Chicken Helper, Tuna Helper, Hamburger Helper. Hmm, no Gerbil Helper. Guess I’ll just lube that little jewel up with the Valvoline, slide him up the ol’ poop chute, and slip into a Depends. Woo hoo, we gonna partee tonight, I guarantee you what!

  12. Fruf

    Valvoline,Depends ,Hamburger Helper (lower bowel attack flavor)
    Why? Cause Stone Cold said so
    Hair cut from Weed Wacker

  13. chainstay

    Stone Cold said to bulk up I need to eat Hamburger Helper but use motor oil instead of water when I cook it. But why did he tell me I would need these other things?

  14. junkman

    is that a toilet beard on the back of his head?

  15. Dave

    Caption: Jethro was disappointed at the continued lack of possumhelper at his local wal-mart.

  16. Definitely a toilet beard, to the use of the intestablishment. He is to carry on with a carton container in hand of the Flesh Tastier Noodle, not to the pool. Urine can be found in a fluffy package when you push on the incontinent container plastic. :wtf:

  17. :wtf: ๐Ÿ˜ฎ โ“ ๐Ÿ˜• His hands are obviosly already full. If he knew he needed more things why didn’t he get a cart??

  18. I’ll be picked up by the police February 24th, 2010 to be put behind bars for GOOD!!

    How the hell does someone get volunteered for something like this?? I received a call letting me know that a friend of mine ratted me out as his partner in crime.
    I’m gonna make the best of it! Live it up in the meantime! From what I understand, the local sheriff’s department will be coming by on the 24th to take me in on a warrant.

    Until then, I am tasked with raising my bond amount for release on Good ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜› behavior. I’ve tried bribes and so far it hasn’t worked. I considered sexual favors but if you lived here you’d understand why I’d rather serve my time… :limp:

    The raised money will be donated for muscular dystrophy… it is legit. You can check it out here… I think.
    Anyone can help. Together we can make a difference. Even at a dollar a piece!
    Help Me Make Bail Please!!

  19. nuilogad

    is he also wearing spandex shorts?

  20. Fruf

    he can only hold 4 donuts

  21. Please excuse my foreign ignorance but what the hell is Hamburger Helper?
    I mean considering a hamburger by definition is one of the easiest dishes to prepare and consume, itโ€™s hard to see where any assistance would be required. From the look of the box, one can only assume that itโ€™s dogfood that didnโ€™t pass quality control and was recycled as a breakfast cereal for Atkins freaks.

    And as for our bespectacled, windowlicking friend with the monosyllabic wifebeater, well he is certainly living proof of the ancient Chinese proverb: โ€˜The hand cannot shave what the eye cannot see.โ€™

  22. junkman

    our abyssinian fire cat “nico” went down yesterday. very sad. but funny to watch the dog walkers in the neighborhood still cross to the other side of the street in case he might be in the bushes waiting for them to get too close. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  23. I’m so sorry for you loss Junkman… ๐Ÿ™

  24. Ah, Lung you are missing nothing. It’s simply some fake, pasta-like substance with a “gravy” that you mix together with hamburger meat so it all becomes one big sloppy, sodium-rich mess. Vile and possibly lethal given the proper dosage. :dead:

  25. Timm

    Rufus finally realizes that eating Hamburger Helper three times a day is why he needs the Depends.

    Junkman, You have my sympathy. Last April my furry little girl, Angel (cat), passed away a few weeks before her twentieth birthday.

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