Some influential bloggers have been wafting back and forth as to whether or not McCain said “horseshit” live during the debates. I am offering up some possibilities. Listen to the audio yourself and decide then leave your translation in the comments, puh-leeeze.

  1. Horschack
  2. Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego
  3. Horse Radish
  4. Whore’s tit
  5. Hoary Marmot
  6. Attention Whore
  7. Morse Code
  8. A horse is a horse, of course, of course
  9. Palin’s Lipstick
  10. What do you think McCain is actually saying?
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  1. Patrick

    Sounded like “horseshit” to me. What the fuck gives that potty mouthed bastard the right to talk like that! Silly sonofa bitch! 😛

  2. Don

    Who the fuck really cares, their all fullashit

  3. Bear

    Yep..It was horseshit and I agree with Patrick, but I would have used Retarded dumbfuck sonofa bitch instead of silly. McCain sucks!!

  4. drewz7046

    It ALL sounds like horseshit to me……..either choice we’re doomed 😥

  5. It wouldn’t play for me, so I’ll just say it’s “horseshit” because that’s all that ever comes out of his mouth.

  6. Drusky

    Maybe he was thinking of all his cars and said ‘FloorShift’

  7. Memphisbandman

    You know, wouldn’t it be refreshing to have a Pres. who actually calls it the way he sees it?

    But, it is “Course not…”

  8. I’d have to say it was Horshack. When you want the facts, you go to the one with all the answers. Ain’t that right, Mister Kott-aire?

  9. Either that or he was saying “full of shit” and was not referring to Obama but to his Depends.

  10. Lake Effect

    I too hope he said ‘horseshit’. I miss leaders who can say what they’re thinking. Everybody is so damn politically correct that it’s all horseshit.

    But I don’t think he did. I think he said, “Fo’ shizzle, boy … o’ no’ fo’ shizzle? Dat be the quizzle, my south-side Chi-town nizzle, cos I gots to go sizzle. Come robble my knobble, muslimle bioch.” ❗ :wtf:

  11. Lake Effect

    or “Bring it bitch! Shit is on!”

  12. You know what’s horseshit? The fact that I can’t seem to change my f-ing avatar! I need change! 👿

  13. Spud

    Who cares what they say, all politicians speak a language other than what the general population speaks. It has something to do with large retirement packages and benefits for life.

    I’d just like to add “Ah McCain, you’ve done it again!”

  14. Isn’t that what always comes out of a politician’s mouth anyway? 👿

  15. Horseshit by any other name would still smell like horseshit…

    (My humblest apologies to The Bard) 😛

  16. [quote comment=”427632″]You know what’s horseshit? The fact that I can’t seem to change my f-ing avatar! I need change! :evil:[/quote]
    Email me, Meagan

  17. junkman

    i think he said “stitchy mcyarnpants” didn’t he? :boxers:

  18. chainstay

    I think he said, “Ko’ ca Ti’SH.” I believe this is Klingon meaning Denebian Slime-Devel feces.

  19. chainstay

    OOps. Slime-DEVIL.

  20. He said “Zillagirls”, so he’s obviously smarter than he looks. Too bad we couldn’t say the same for his running mate.

  21. Politics blows. It’s all horseshit (no offense to horses). Anything said by anyone can and will be spun towards whoever chooses to interpret it. It’s is just like any statistic. If you look at it from the precise angle that tells you what you want to hear you are right no matter what.

    Great example is the Obama quote about putting lipstick on a pig. It got spun as anti-female using the pig as an equal to a woman when the whole meaning is that you can dress it up but it doesn’t change what it is. Spin doctors are the reason we have no idea what is really being said &/or promised.

  22. freckleface

    As a former radio journalist, my finely tuned ear definitely picks up a load of “horse shit” from the little martian man…. 😉

  23. i bet he said “i just shit myself. again.”

  24. healypig

    ratshit, batshit, musty old twat, 69 assholes tied in a knot. horeseshit, bullshit, they’re all full of shit. i dont trust either one :puke:

  25. EfromAus

    How much through the video is the alleged swearing?
    Mostly sounds like crap to me, but still can’t find it.

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