25 thoughts on “Bring it, bitch! Shit is on!

  1. This is a deer doing his best impression of a retard… Jane I swear they go like this “Dee Duh Dee”

  2. Link of the Day…I have to go into people’s houses in my job. I went to an apartment once on a cold snowy day several years ago and rang…she called out a window, “Come on in, I’ll be down in a second.” I stepped in out of the cold, and the place (maybe 10-15 year old bldg.) looked about 75% on the way to the one in the link. It stunk of tobacco, rotten food, cat piss, garbage, and mold. You couldn’t see the carpet except for a path thru the room. Countertops, sinks were buried. There were ants on the walls & yellowed ceiling. Butts crushed out on the carpet. I stood in the doorway in shock for a minute or two, and then she came down the steps…in a nursing outfit! She was probably in her early-mid 30s and reeked of perfume & hairspray, and told me she had to go to work at the hospital, to go ahead and do my job and lock up when done (to protect the contents I s’pose). I stood in disbelief until she drove away…then I called my boss, described the situation, told him I was out of there, and raced away. Now whenever I see a doctor or nurse, I always wonder what their house looks like…I wouldn’t want her to touch me no matter how many times she washed her hands.

  3. :puke:OMG- I want to wretch. How could anyone live like that? It just makes my skin crawl. There are some SERIOUS psychological problems going on there…(shudder)

  4. :puke: My mister is an Apartment Maintenance manager for the place we live at and it would be his job to clean up all that if a resident did that here. That is his major nightmare…..someone being a complete fucking pig like that. I usually try to keep an eye out for shit like that so maybe he and his maintenance cohorts can avoid it getting that bad. Nasty! :puke:

  5. Holy Hell. How does someone live like that. I don’t even want to even venture a guess as to wtf is covering the bathroom floor. How the hell did the person taking the pictures get that deep into the apartment without losing the contents of their stomach. I have pity for any poor soul that has to deal with any situation like that. People can be slobs but that goes above and beyond anything I’ve ever seen – even in my college days. How does someone justify that situation.

  6. Link of the Day- Why, that’s not so bad and it’s not their fault. It’s just that the plumbing backed up. AND THE LANDFILL!

  7. please show this to the “super nannies” see which one of them takes their life first. :puke: :puke: :puke: :dead: as a medic i’ve also had to enter places like that (almost – coz this one takes the crown) and i have felt an evil presence each time. i kid you not, this stuff doesn’t come from a free spirit. WHAT! notice how the tubes in the bath room are clean? :puke: :puke: :puke: :dead:

  8. “Dude, i got the Doe!” “me too! wait, you got the doh? or doe?” “who cares dude, either way is soooo rad! dude!”

  9. OK i just noticed they lok female… so never mind. the link of the day has fried my brains and rendered me impotent as far as wise cracks go :puke: 👿 👿

  10. Far out in the hinterland, the Macerena is still a popular dance with the woodland creatures.

    “AYE… Macerena!!!”

    “Macerena” by Los Doe Rio

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