31 thoughts on “The love that dare not speak its name

  1. :wang: Phallus at both ends :wang:

    The Zilla-girls must be jealous.

    Damn :wang: s
    Sorry girls, the Viagra took a while to kick in. The good news is I’m hard for the next 4 hours.

  2. Who knew bears were so well hung that they could make hippo bitch scream? I always figured that’s why they were so angry-teeny weenies. That and being unable to jerk off due to probability of ripping said weenie to shreds with those claws. :wtf:

  3. Hattie the Hippo is forced to grin and bear it, while Betty the Bracheosaur watches in disbelief as her man “hits it” in the woods.

  4. I actually saw this in front of a hotel in Sandusky, Ohio …I figured it just meant they were “pet-friendly”. πŸ˜†

  5. [Comment ID #346168 will appear here]

    Oh Flash, it’s miscegenation and refers to different races, not species interbreeding, but I must say that your avatar suggests you’re “loaded for bear”. πŸ˜›

  6. “Uhhh, I was just helping that hippo over the fire hydrant officer…”


    California burns while Smokey the Bear plays the hippo…

  7. [Comment ID #346284 will appear here]

    Oh absolutely I’m loaded for bear, babe! I figured I was probably misspelling that
    word, but as I’ve expostulated before in these missives, I’m sorta lazy. I borrowed
    that avatar of David to see if anyone would notice. :kiss: :thong: :wang: :wtf: :wang:

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