Fill in the blanks

  1. The children ________ in the playground.
  2. Ms. Bromley loves to ________.

19 thoughts on “Complete this sentence #25

  1. The children love to laugh at the teacher on the playground. Mr’s Bromley loves to cut her own hair with hedge trimmers.

  2. 1. The children love to set fire to Ms Bromley in the playground.

    2. Ms. Bromley loves to amuse the children.


  3. The children plan to overthrow the school in the playground.

    Ms. Bromley loves to dress like a boho dyke.

  4. 🙄

    The children plot to overthrow the school adminstration in the playground. Ms. Bromley loves to dress and fix her hair each morning without turning on the lights.

  5. The children love to laugh at Eugene and his Shagbutt in the playground.

    Ms. Bromley loves to surf the goat porn sites on her planning hour.

  6. 😈
    1. The children are relieved to be out in the playground.
    2. Ms Bromley loves to spam her fashion tips to all her other fashion conscious girlfriends

  7. Doesn’t the exercise imply that it should be the ‘same’ verb expression in each sentence?
    Such as:

    ‘chase the girls’
    ‘dive between the bushes’
    ‘participate in self-emancipating role playing exercises’
    ‘pump iron’
    ‘carry firearms’

    They all work in both cases.

  8. The children attempt to climb the perimeter fences in the playground. Ms Bromley loves to shop at hot topic with all of the other third grade teachers at Fashion Victim Elementary.

  9. The Children talk about how they don’t know who their daddy’s are and how mom is a crack whore on the playground.
    Ms. Bromley loves fantasizing about spanking her little hoodlums until the finally learn to shut up and listen.

  10. Thanks to the new Whitehouse bill recently passed by Congress, the age limit of recruitment has been substantially lowered. Here are a few happy grunts getting basic training from Staff Sergeant Bromley before being shipped off to Iraq.

    No child left behind……on American soil.

  11. The children plot to destroy the “bush” in the playground so they don’t have to be the next victims in “little” hitlers war! 👿

    Ms. Bromley loves to teach the children about how evil the “bush” really is in the playground.

  12. The children are digging a tunnel in the playground in an effort to escape the evil dictator Ms. Bromley who will soon make national news for molesting both the boys and girls in her class during all day sessions of group sex, but will have the charges dismissed when it is learned that it was approved by the local curch.

    Ms. Bromley loves to go to her job as an Elvis impersonator at the all girls club downtown.

  13. The children like to don leather in the playground. Mrs. Bromley likes to say, “I have been a very,very bad girl; would you like to play ‘principal?'”

  14. The chidren try to escape when there in the playground.
    Ms.”ter” bromley likes to give wardrobe tips and fabulous make-overs after recess.

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