Captiontime #226

Captiontime #226


  1. madamadams


  2. tina

    I said, ” Don’t my balls look youthful?!” answer me, manpig!

  3. Infernos

    Auditions for the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Fargo, North Dakota

  4. cbatdux

    I’m SIIIIINGING in the rain……

  5. Chris S.

    I TOLD you to keep your filthy hands off my black slingback pumps!

  6. Dude! I told you! You can’t borrow my red leather skirt again!

  7. ZenReaper

    Dad?! 😳

  8. So he’s the one who stole my riding crop! And my lingerie! 👿

  9. [Comment ID #258201 will appear here]

    And your sofa. Bastid!

  10. Flash Gordon

    OMG! They’ve killed Kenny!
    You bastards! :dead: 🙁 :wtf: 😕

  11. That’ll teach you to wear droopy blue jeans. Pull ’em up, man. Show some pride!

  12. DaPopster

    Another Nazi fetish scenario goes wrong ………….. :limp:

  13. During rough retail times Victoria Secret is test marketing to a new clientele. :limp:

  14. stevo

    :wtf: I’m confused sorry I am just confused

  15. Through another transporter mishap, both Checov & Mr. Sulu are caught in the time warp again.

  16. janeeto63

    “Bitch, I told you for $10.00 you can look but you CAN NOT touch! Prepare for the whip!”

    Is this what you see from the street, or is it their backyard? Is that blue line for their laundry? Dave, swing by when the weather warms up to see what other fun delicates they have (Meagan, perhaps you can find more of your former things-although I’m not sure you’d want them back).

  17. Gee Dave, you didn’t even have to go inside your Starbucks to get a picture this time.

  18. Drusky

    Just another fresh piece of meat outside Mistress Darla’s office… 😛

  19. Lake Effect

    Mom??? :puke:

  20. It takes a real man to wear his best lingerie out in the snow! :limp:

  21. Lake Effect

    Boy, this brings back a lot of bad memories of those Christmas mornings with the family. :puke: “You want presents like the rest of the kids?! I’ll give ya a frikkin’ present…!”

  22. Lake Effect

    Did I say ‘bad’ memories?…I meant wonderful memories! 😐

  23. J

    All I can say is DAMN!(in a loud confused voice)

  24. jen

    [Comment ID #258192 will appear here]

    dont you ever play dress up on me again when im in a drunk sleep!!!!!!!!

  25. Bruce Willis was concerned about the direction the new Die Hard movie was taking, but nevertheless conducted himself as a professional.

  26. TimM

    Don’t you hate it when lovers quarrel?

  27. Tina beans

    you sure got a pretty mouth……. :wang:

  28. nikki

    [Comment ID #258194 will appear here] they are youthful i swear!!!

  29. Meshie

    I am going to my happy place :wtf:

  30. “It rubs the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose.”

  31. Dragonhose

    If I catch you with my brother again, this pipe is going up your ass sideways you bitch!

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