Caption Time #272

Caption Time #272


  1. Fruf

    who the hell goes to these parties?
    red neck convetion?

  2. Russ

    That’s one hell of a Bender.

  3. D

    ooooooooooo where have all the pretty people gone!!!

  4. Patrick

    Rednecks? No, rednecks go to Dukes of Hazzards reunion shows. Rednecks go to Jimmy Houston autograph sessions. Rednecks go to Larry the Cable Guy concerts.
    That’s a nerd roundup for sure. The king of the nerds?- Tim Duncan, NBA superstar. I read this morning he likes D&D so much he had a wizard tattooed on himself. What a doofus!
    Russ, like the Bender reference- spot on mate!

  5. It must be old Bender. He’s got his left turn signal on.

  6. chainstay

    That may be one hell of a Bender but that ain’t no Leela. If it is she has really let herself go.
    I am not sure, but Bender looks a little afraid.

  7. GloryHoleBot parties it up while inflatable Annie works her magic

  8. DaPopster

    Good Lord!! There’s just sooooo much wrong with that picture. Further proving my theory that the gene pool is fast turning into a wading pool. :wtf:

  9. wantwit

    that hole in front of his mouth isn’t for his beer.

  10. cbatdux

    Mr. Samsonite 2110 returns from the future to protect his great grandma from being impregnated by… oh shit, too late.

  11. ReV.JellYBaby

    So you agree to go…..not too keen, but the person that asked, USED to work with you!

    Accountancy may be fun, but alas…………party off! :troll:

    Friendship is a bond that lasts forever..until “Daft Punk” do one better OR your ex-mate become an accountant or a lawyer or an estate agent or joins a cult.

    Peace Out 😉


    P.s accountantcy is noble..just remember to sign off your existing mates and invoice the rest!

  12. [quote comment=”626875″]GloryHoleBot parties it up while inflatable Annie works her magic[/quote]

    Hey Paradoxical Pablo, I represent that remark! 😛

  13. junkman

    is she giving birth to a sideways KISS boot? who wants a cheese geyser enema like the cracker commercial in the sutra thing? is that a pigeon in your pants or are you just happy to see me? i guess no one would have noticed if he was smuggling budgies! 🙄

  14. I go away for a few days and I miss so much! I wanna party with a robot!

  15. Chris S.

    Awesome-O thinks party…lame. White trash chick….lame. Awesome-O dying of shame.

  16. That’s not Bender! That’s PROMO the Robot from Rocketship 7 gettin’ jiggy…

    also, Kinda Sutra does not like Canada… you can see it on YouTube, however.

  17. Drusky

    Sleezebot 2000 wants to defrag your hard drive and not in a nice way, either… :limp:

  18. Bigwavdave

    Re: the link – Two extra peckers in his pants? Astryd? AnnieB? Anyone?

  19. Spud


  20. lobo de luna

    Sadly enough, I think I remember going to that party ❓

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