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  • Fruf

    who the hell goes to these parties?
    red neck convetion?

  • Russ

    That’s one hell of a Bender.

  • D

    ooooooooooo where have all the pretty people gone!!!

  • Patrick

    Rednecks? No, rednecks go to Dukes of Hazzards reunion shows. Rednecks go to Jimmy Houston autograph sessions. Rednecks go to Larry the Cable Guy concerts.
    That’s a nerd roundup for sure. The king of the nerds?- Tim Duncan, NBA superstar. I read this morning he likes D&D so much he had a wizard tattooed on himself. What a doofus!
    Russ, like the Bender reference- spot on mate!

  • StevieC

    It must be old Bender. He’s got his left turn signal on.

  • chainstay

    That may be one hell of a Bender but that ain’t no Leela. If it is she has really let herself go.
    I am not sure, but Bender looks a little afraid.

  • pablo

    GloryHoleBot parties it up while inflatable Annie works her magic

  • DaPopster

    Good Lord!! There’s just sooooo much wrong with that picture. Further proving my theory that the gene pool is fast turning into a wading pool. :wtf:

  • wantwit

    that hole in front of his mouth isn’t for his beer.

  • cbatdux

    Mr. Samsonite 2110 returns from the future to protect his great grandma from being impregnated by… oh shit, too late.

  • Lung the Younger

    Wow, a Zippo lighter and glory hole in one.
    What WILL they think of next?

  • ReV.JellYBaby

    So you agree to go…..not too keen, but the person that asked, USED to work with you!

    Accountancy may be fun, but alas…………party off! :troll:

    Friendship is a bond that lasts forever..until “Daft Punk” do one better OR your ex-mate become an accountant or a lawyer or an estate agent or joins a cult.

    Peace Out 😉


    P.s accountantcy is noble..just remember to sign off your existing mates and invoice the rest!

  • AnnieB

    [quote comment=”626875″]GloryHoleBot parties it up while inflatable Annie works her magic[/quote]

    Hey Paradoxical Pablo, I represent that remark! 😛

  • junkman

    is she giving birth to a sideways KISS boot? who wants a cheese geyser enema like the cracker commercial in the sutra thing? is that a pigeon in your pants or are you just happy to see me? i guess no one would have noticed if he was smuggling budgies! 🙄

  • Meagan

    I go away for a few days and I miss so much! I wanna party with a robot!

  • Chris S.

    Awesome-O thinks party…lame. White trash chick….lame. Awesome-O dying of shame.

  • rust

    That’s not Bender! That’s PROMO the Robot from Rocketship 7 gettin’ jiggy…

    also, Kinda Sutra does not like Canada… you can see it on YouTube, however.

  • Drusky

    Sleezebot 2000 wants to defrag your hard drive and not in a nice way, either… :limp:

  • Bigwavdave

    Re: the link – Two extra peckers in his pants? Astryd? AnnieB? Anyone?

  • Spud


  • lobo de luna

    Sadly enough, I think I remember going to that party ❓

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