Caption Time #139

Caption Time #139

Image via Larfus
(Yeah, I know I was supposed to draw another cartoon, but I have a bad migraine. Tomorrow, I promise!)

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  1. Nunu

    Ok, when tutu’s get to be that big, I think we need to re-classify them as ‘four-fours’ :wtf:

    …And the cop looks like she’s just watched that video

  2. Yeah, yeah, the Marmite Squeezy drawing program is demented. But I prefer the TuxPaint drawing program — the ‘Nuh Nuh Nuh-ah’ when you click is so very comforting. The stamps enhance the program a lot, and the tools are fun to play with. OK, TuxPaint claims to be a ‘kids drawing program’, and I can’t see producing Web graphics, but still the thing is fun.

    Cherie and Lisa, Stranded Again.

    Cherie and Lisa, riding the #12 bus toward work, were stranded today when the bus driver and passengers forced them to leave the bus in the intersection of 4th Street and Central Avenue. This was not a regular stop. Cherie had attracted the attention of the other passengers with a series of monumental moments of flatulence, both loud and long. Her sister, Lisa, didn’t help — she kept making gagging sounds, screaming about opening the windows (they don’t open on city buses, for security reasons). The distraction got so loud and annoying that the driver stopped the bus immediately and invited the ladies to continue their travels any way but on that bus. While the driver agreed he couldn’t call the cops on the ladies for farting, he pointed out that he could report them for making a stink, for disturbing the other passengers with sounds and anti-social behavior, and for acting in a reckless and unsafe manner.

    Cherie and Lisa, stranded. At least that wasn’t ‘wet t-shirt’ night at the club.

  3. Every time someone commits a traffic violation in Manhattan, an Angel of Harlem loses her wings.

  4. Da Popster

    I’m with the cop, kinda open mouthed wha ?? :limp: :puke:

  5. Anna

    This is one of the few reasons I will become a lesbian soon.

  6. Spud

    “You sho ma butt don’t look big in this?”


  7. Craig

    That’s a very bad double mint commercial.

  8. Patrick

    Those are tutus. Those are at least four fours!! Big enough to cause a traffic jam. If someone told them :”haul ass” it would take at least two trips!

  9. Patrick

    aren’t tutus. Jeez, blew the line.

  10. Those girls don’t look like Tutus Patrick. In fact they don’t look Rwandan at all.

  11. Zilla the Younger

    Something strange happened to Loquisha’s backside on the way to the Franzella stunt double competition…

  12. janice

    man they look like they swallowed a cow and a half :puke: :puke:

  13. Cynical Villain

    ummmm yeah….ok. I don’t even think I can even try to come up with something for this. But all I got to say is….that is just WRONG!!!!!!!! :dead:

  14. Lisa J

    Ok, after THAT pic, I now have a migraine, a BAD one

  15. Bjorn Freeh

    New Disney characters Tweedle-Yeek and Tweedle-Yuk.

  16. Corinne

    All three strippers were dressed up and ready for the bachelor party…

    On the way to the televised show, Janet’s sister saw the potential for another ‘wardrobe malfuncion’. Quick thinking on her part prevented the on-sight execution of her sister by the FCCs new armed guards. The leotard was pinned back into place. America’s children were safe for another evening.

  17. phud

    We wre only doing the bunny-hop and we lost the others

  18. phud

    We wre only doing the bunny-hop and we lost the others

  19. mikeme

    Looks like they both have a BIG ASS problem!!! 😈 :limp: :limp:

  20. JeannieBug

    Baby got back!

  21. ducatisti

    We were only doing the bunny-hop and we lost the others
    ThatÒ€ℒs a very bad double mint commercial.

    Seriously funny stuff!

    All I can think of is if these were the best lookin’ gals they could find to lead the parade, what did the rest of the participants look like???

  22. Drusky

    The stars of ‘Sister, Sister’ on the set of the new movie ‘Running Fast and Smoking Crack’ 😈

  23. cbatdux

    [Comment ID #78023 will be quoted here]

    More like tweedle-yak.

  24. Shonequah and Jasmine really wanted to try out for the Dallas Cheerleading squad this year, but were unfortunately held up when Jasmine’s skirt came loose during rush hour traffic. :wtf:

    Oh, and every woman wants to do what Little Mary Sunshine did at least once in her lifetime. It’s true.

  25. Kangaroo

    I TOLD you we should have left the all you can eat buffet two hours ago……

  26. Driver

    Is that cop reaching for her gun ?… I hope that cop is reaching for her gun !

  27. Spud

    I gotta say there’s been some very funny responses the past few days to the varied and sundy topics.

    Hard to pick the best.


  28. Lounge Puppy

    The song they were marching to is
    Hump de Hump de Bump Bump, and man, were they rocking’ it!

  29. jennifer

    too many bad thoughts at once my brain is going to explode!!! :wtf:

  30. Drusky

    [Comment ID #78044 will be quoted here]
    Didn’t you mean harpoon gun?


  31. Drusky

    TiMonda and LaShonda always seemed to get more attention then any of the other Siamese twins… 😈

  32. mesmereyes

    these boots were made for walkin…Sheniqua and Latifa were some of the LESS popular Jessica Simpson impersonaters out there :wtf:

  33. Timm

    Towanda and Vernetta were disappointed to find that they were the only participants in the “Overweight Black Lesbian Parade”

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