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  • janeeto

    The jolly green giant suddenly felt very inadequate.

  • janeeto

    Doctor, this isn’t going to suffice as a replacement.

    It looks like a right zucchini. I need a left zucchini.

    But where can I find a shoe to fit it?

    You know what they say, big hands, big feet, big zucchini, big John Deere…..

  • jACK

    One of the zilla girls shopping for toys, er…I mean veggies??

  • pablo

    What are we supposed to comment on? The strangely gigantic vegetable or the complete lack of tan & fashion sense of the foot owner?

  • Chris S.

    Dave, didn’t your mom warn you that if you kept playing with it that it would turn green and fall off? Lucky that didn’t break your foot…

  • Nicolette

    Billy Joe Jim Johnson Bob decides to take his zucchinni bowling to impress the girls.

    “Hey baby, if you like this veggie, wait till ya see what I got in my pants!”

    He went home alone…….. :puke:

  • DaPopster

    So much for the foot to size theory ………….. :wtf:

  • StevieC

    You know what they say about a guy with a big zucchini ….

  • Chris S.

    More things Dave’s cat dragged into the tub: Laminate flooring, giant zucchini, Dave’s severed leg… “I duz steroidz!”

  • Nina

    Finally Dave admits that he has oddly miniature feet in comparison to his big “zuchini”….. 😳

  • Memphisbandman

    That’s why Neo didn’t choose the green pill!

  • Meagan

    Proof that foot size has nothing to do with the size of your zucchini. 😈 :wang:

  • Flash Gordon

    [Comment ID #305484 will appear here]

    That could just as easily be a giant cucumber. Either way it makes a
    brobdignagion trouser snake. 😎 😛 ❗ :wang: :wtf:

  • Elle

    Cucumber? I hardly know her…

  • Chris S.

    [Comment ID #305762 will appear here]

    What the heck is a “brobdiganglionchacallit”? (No I don’t feel like looking it up.)

  • chainstay

    After the party, Larry Boy had the strange feeling that he had been violated.

  • Lake Effect

    [Comment ID #305762 will appear here]

    Heh heh. He said “brobdignagion.”

  • StevieC

    [Comment ID #306590 will appear here]

    I once emailed a friend about meeting a celeb and asked if she knew who he was. Her response : Don’t make me google it

  • StevieC

    [Comment ID #305762 will appear here]

    Flash, not to be insegredious, but I do believe you meant to say brobdingnagian.

  • Lung the Younger

    Definition: To have your mobility hindered by a large cucumber growing out of your instep.

    Word: Encumbered.

  • Flash Gordon

    [Comment ID #306731 will appear here]

    You’re absolutely right. I was too lazy to look it up and AnnieB wasn’t around to
    spell it for me. It’s from Robinson Crusoe by Lilly Putians. 🙄 😛 😕 :wtf: 😈

  • Spud

    [Comment ID #306733 will appear here]
    That’s some kind of funny right there monsieur Lung, well played sir! 😀

  • StevieC

    [Comment ID #306733 will appear here]

    Now if he could only find a girl afflicted with pussyfoot.

  • Chris S.

    Flash… Stevie…. put the thesauruses down…. and slowly back away….


  • Timm

    [Comment ID #305762 will appear here]

    Is that a cucumber in your pants, or are you just glad to see me?

  • Drusky

    StevieC was proud of his massive zucchini but hated the nightmares about it that woke him up, never quite remembering what they were except something about ‘ex-girlfriends and salad shooters…’ 😈

  • Drusky

    Must be a Red Soxs fan proudly showing off the ‘Green Monster’…

  • Yankeerose32

    [Comment ID #305476 will appear here]

    The foot size theory went out the window a long time ago. A man’s hands can tell a girl more about what he’s got swinging. 😛

  • Jessica L.

    Flash that word is actually after a country named Brobdingnag in Gullivers Travels, where everything was enormous. I am a nerd, I know these wierd things!! I couldn’t even begin to think of anything to comment on that picture, but brobdingnagian is immense; enormous. 😛 :mrgreen:

  • out2kyl

    Thats right. All the way

  • Penguin Pete

    After fully inserting the zucchini, be careful when standing up so it doesn’t fall out. If it does, try using less lube.

  • Astryd

    Ouch!…Ok…I’ll try…

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