32 thoughts on “Captiontime #233

  1. Doctor, this isn’t going to suffice as a replacement.

    It looks like a right zucchini. I need a left zucchini.

    But where can I find a shoe to fit it?

    You know what they say, big hands, big feet, big zucchini, big John Deere…..

  2. What are we supposed to comment on? The strangely gigantic vegetable or the complete lack of tan & fashion sense of the foot owner?

  3. Dave, didn’t your mom warn you that if you kept playing with it that it would turn green and fall off? Lucky that didn’t break your foot…

  4. Billy Joe Jim Johnson Bob decides to take his zucchinni bowling to impress the girls.

    “Hey baby, if you like this veggie, wait till ya see what I got in my pants!”

    He went home alone…….. :puke:

  5. More things Dave’s cat dragged into the tub: Laminate flooring, giant zucchini, Dave’s severed leg… “I duz steroidz!”

  6. Finally Dave admits that he has oddly miniature feet in comparison to his big “zuchini”….. 😳

  7. [Comment ID #305484 will appear here]

    That could just as easily be a giant cucumber. Either way it makes a
    brobdignagion trouser snake. 😎 😛 ❗ :wang: :wtf:

  8. [Comment ID #305762 will appear here]

    What the heck is a “brobdiganglionchacallit”? (No I don’t feel like looking it up.)

  9. [Comment ID #306590 will appear here]

    I once emailed a friend about meeting a celeb and asked if she knew who he was. Her response : Don’t make me google it

  10. [Comment ID #306731 will appear here]

    You’re absolutely right. I was too lazy to look it up and AnnieB wasn’t around to
    spell it for me. It’s from Robinson Crusoe by Lilly Putians. 🙄 😛 😕 :wtf: 😈

  11. [Comment ID #306733 will appear here]
    That’s some kind of funny right there monsieur Lung, well played sir! 😀

  12. [Comment ID #305762 will appear here]

    Is that a cucumber in your pants, or are you just glad to see me?

  13. StevieC was proud of his massive zucchini but hated the nightmares about it that woke him up, never quite remembering what they were except something about ‘ex-girlfriends and salad shooters…’ 😈

  14. [Comment ID #305476 will appear here]

    The foot size theory went out the window a long time ago. A man’s hands can tell a girl more about what he’s got swinging. 😛

  15. Flash that word is actually after a country named Brobdingnag in Gullivers Travels, where everything was enormous. I am a nerd, I know these wierd things!! I couldn’t even begin to think of anything to comment on that picture, but brobdingnagian is immense; enormous. 😛 :mrgreen:

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