6 thoughts on “Caption Time #282

  1. Dibs on firsties! Okay, this is why white middle-aged women should not be allowed to marry.

    You know darned well one of those ‘hefty honies’ hooked a fella and this is proof of their ineptitude in holding a bachelorette party. “Oh hey, I know. Let’s get a stripper”! “Yeah, yeah, and let’s make it a black one”. “Oooh, cool, and how about if we made it a midget?” “OMG, this is going to be the best party ever”!

    And now she’s gonna marry, and bring forth more white trash, such is the pity.

  2. Having enjoyed the Jack in the Box’s ‘Mini Sirloin Burger’ commercials, the ladies just had to have a mini cowboy for the party. Thank goodness for the Gary Coleman talent agency!

  3. Black, topless, armed midget man bandit poses with white-looking round girls, in front of fireplace!!

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