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  • Patrick

    Dibs on firsties! Okay, this is why white middle-aged women should not be allowed to marry.

    You know darned well one of those ‘hefty honies’ hooked a fella and this is proof of their ineptitude in holding a bachelorette party. “Oh hey, I know. Let’s get a stripper”! “Yeah, yeah, and let’s make it a black one”. “Oooh, cool, and how about if we made it a midget?” “OMG, this is going to be the best party ever”!

    And now she’s gonna marry, and bring forth more white trash, such is the pity.

  • fruf

    Where do they put the bills? a toy gun and and two porkers….is this a swine flu joke?

  • Drusky

    Having enjoyed the Jack in the Box’s ‘Mini Sirloin Burger’ commercials, the ladies just had to have a mini cowboy for the party. Thank goodness for the Gary Coleman talent agency!

  • Cobe

    “Mavis Look! It’s a Mr T mini-me and he is a tripod.”

  • Sammy

    Black, topless, armed midget man bandit poses with white-looking round girls, in front of fireplace!!

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