Additional flushes

Additional flushes

That this is necessary scares me.

BTW, I nixed the Rate Everything widget. I know a lot of you use it, but it wreaks havoc on some browsers and slows the site down terribly. If I find a better star rating widget for WordPress, I will try it out. Suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Bjorn Freeh

    So, Dave, how many times did you have to hit the button to get rid of the rating widget?

  2. Shit & shrimp
    Crap & crustasions (or crabs or crawdads)
    Poop & prawns
    Logs & lobster

    And the winner is

    Cleveland steamed clams

  3. StevieC

    When it was installed, that button was originally white. 🙁

  4. If I remember my Bible correctly, Jesus claims that the only law of the old testament that still applied as of the day he began preaching – was the 10 commandments. The rest were overcome by God’s love.

    So the God Hates Shrimp guys quoting scripture? They cannot be Christian, they cannot believe in the word of Christ.

    I wonder if they avoid pork, keep two sets of dinner ware and cookware, one for milk foods and one for non-mild foods. And run adulterers through with javelins and stone the blasphemer. I mean, once you delve into the Old Testament, there is *no* margin for error. If they bring home a war bride, and the bride doesn’t get along with their earlier brides, they *have* to divorce the war bride.

    Besides, I bet the entire Shrimp thing rolls up and blows away when the Union gets its cut.

  5. patrick

    Holy Crap, where did they drag up such a crew of slugs as those at KIDK! I knew they were corn fed in Iowa but I didn’t know it was irradiated. Blehhhh!

  6. dougieace

    that could come in handy if you were snacking on packing peanuts

  7. junkman

    think i’ll just piss my pants thanks.

  8. Spud

    Being a plumber, I’m sorry, but I’ve got to throw the kybosh on this.

    The thing is a ‘sensor’ flush unit, it only lets out one flush per customer, you want more? well push the bloody button then, just don’t stand there looking at it wondering what to do.

    I know, I’m a wet flush lately.

    Flush Valves

  9. Lake Effect

    I always thought that little red light was the sensor for the arse-cam. And regarding the little button, what do you push it WITH? If you’re in that much ‘distress’ it’s hard to get your foot up above all that plumbing. I think I’d just shuffle my foot under the next stall and wiggle my fingers under the partition and ask the next guy over to reach under and pu shit oops push it.

  10. Chris S

    I guess that little button is a bit inconspicuous there so many people might not even notice it. Then again most people don’t know enough to do an extra flush when needed on a standard handle flush toilet. Maybe they could just wave at the sensor until it flushes again. I can just picture some guy with his pants around his ankles shuffling toward the toilet, away from the toilet, toward the toilet, away from the toilet…

    Did I mention that I think people are stupid?

  11. :wtf:If your pf small stature, like me, then the damn thing flushes while you’re still on it. Most plumbers install that thing too high so when a short person stis down, it no longer registers a person and flushes! (or maybe it’s just a universal plumbers joke on the short….I don’t know.) ither way, I hate that “wet ass” feeling. 👿


  13. Spud

    Heh, toilet huma, it’s so not in your face.

  14. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #204939 will be quoted here]

    As usual, Spud hits the nail on the head. 😛

  15. I guess I must be the devil because I love shrimp! 😈

  16. Myra

    I know I’ve been in some public bathrooms when an extra flush by the next person would have been deeply appreciated. Some people’s poop should be registered as a deadly weapon – toxic nerve gas! 😡

  17. junkman

    “Whatsoever hath no fins nor scales in the waters, that shall be an abomination unto you.” this may explain esther williams.
    religious zealot logic: gays are sodomites. sodomites are an abomination. shellfish are an abomination. therefore all shrimp are butt-fucking sinners.
    you will see no fudge packing giant clams at the pearly gates.
    back when the fins and scales crawled out of the water for the first time, why couldn’t a little dinosaur have eaten the bad batch of eggs that have since developed into the chemically imbalanced strain of fundamentalist retards we have today. probably would have left a bad taste in his mouth even then. :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke:

  18. Drusky

    That extra flush button would be so much more funny and useful if it controlled the toilet 1-2 stalls down from you… 😈

  19. Drusky

    [Comment ID #204982 will be quoted here]
    Kinda like those autoflushers at the urinals. They will trigger while you’re still standing there and splash water down the front of your pants so you can walk out with ‘those wet spots’ for all to see. That or look like you’re trying to hump the COLD air hand dryer (which is either set 5-7 feet or 3-6 inches offthe floor) while trying (unsuccessfully) to dry the pants…


  20. Flash Gordon

    [Comment ID #205071 will be quoted here]

    WHAT? That would mean no Republican Party today!!
    On second thought, great idea!!

    😈 🙂 👿 😕 :wtf: :boob:

  21. Flash Gordon

    Afterthought: about the additional flush button,
    I just don’t give a shit, do you, AnnieB? :kiss: :wtf:

  22. StevieC

    [Comment ID #205091 will be quoted here]

    Are you shittin’ us? You’re full of shit saying you don’t give a shit. I know you’ve taken a shit and in this give and take world, if you take a shit then you must give a shit.

    Sorry for being such a shit disturber. I’ll take that additional flush now, thank you very much.

    PS: Dave, your :java: tastes like shit.

  23. MRDOUG

    Wow you people actually flush toliets? WTF is with that do you avoid looking into the bowl as well? Affraid to see what came out? Clearly you are not proud of what you have done. Were you would leave it for all to see and be proud of a job well done!

  24. junkman

    [Comment ID #205100 will be quoted here] this must be the republican party philosophy flash was alluding to.

  25. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #205091 will be quoted here]

    You’re shitting me, right? 😛 :kiss: :wtf:

  26. Drusky

    [Comment ID #205093 will be quoted here]

    You let so much shit loose in that post, I felt the need to pour some Pepto Bismal on my monitor to help you regain some control… 😈

    B.T.W. What do you mean by “Dave’s :java:”? If it wasn’t for Starbucks, Dave’d go insane having to learn how to program his Mr. Coffee… :mrgreen:

  27. I’ve had to use these damn things a time or two and this thought was always in the back of my mind, What if it malfunctions and spits instead of swallows? :puke:

    Man the shit really hit the fan here today 😛

  28. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #205619 will be quoted here]

    Shit happens, so flow with it.

    Quick, hit the button!! Maybe this shit will stop!


  29. StevieC

    [Comment ID #205618 will be quoted here]

    I didn’t mean anything by it. I was just being a shit disturber.

  30. Chris S

    Well this topic went to shit fast…

  31. TimM

    So I’m going down the comments, planning on posting “Well this thread went to shit” when I see Chris S’s comment and said “Aw Shit!” (he beat me to it)

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