10 Words Men Never Use

  1. Merriment
  2. Cherish
  3. Giddy
  4. Scrumptious
  5. Sparkly
  6. Vag
  7. Toodles
  8. Precious
  9. Pocketbook
  10. Slacks

What words would you add to this list?

32 Replies to “10 Words Men Never Use”

  1. I’d have to ask my woman/love-interest/soon-to-be-wife what words aren’t used by men. Surely there is something!

    “You missed that last exit”

  2. man bag
    man boobs
    stripes and checks don’t go together
    golly gee
    denim pants
    mammary glands

  3. Hold me
    Love me
    Oh, that is so precious!
    I’m sorry (sincerely)
    Do I look pretty
    That contrast does not go well
    This is you hue honey
    Ooooh let me hold it!!

  4. peachy
    does my dick look small in these pants
    dippity doo
    no thanks i’ve had enough blowjobs this week
    sex in the cityish

  5. On second thought, dungarees might be acceptable at times. However, pantaloons will not work in any situation.

    Steve I don’t know how many times I have wanted to say that but won’t for fear of making the woman I am with feel inadequate.

  6. Moisturizer (sp?)

    The words that are pronounced “keesh” and “Poe Pouree” but I don’t know how to spell them ’cause I never use ’em.

  7. P.S. – Oops! Astryd already said “Quish” – or should it be “quiche” or somethin’ else.

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