42 thoughts on “What?

  1. Two responses –

    1. WTF? where is it?

    2. Mah daddy’s jest over there an he’s a fixing to load his shot gun…

  2. [quote comment=”426786″]Carrot Top’s younger brother, Nubbin[/quote]

    I was thinking the same thing except his name was Tater Bottom.

  3. ” imagine my suprise too, when i took off my pants and saw it there… explained so much -the missing boobs, the hairy face, the need to scratch my ass…” :limp: 😈

  4. Chicks dig me you can”t (hardly) blame them. They’re drinking, I’m drunk. Wanna get laid by Sasquach?
    P.S. I will leave my wife if either of these ladies are single

  5. Whadda ya mean you won’t help me pull ’em up??? :boxers:

    You babes like to fool around?

    No? Howzbout ya hold still while I fool around?

  6. [quote comment=”426818″][quote comment=”426810″]He’s got quite a bush.[/quote]
    yes…….i do believe that is jenna :!:[/quote]

    πŸ˜† πŸ˜€ :kiss:

  7. “Who is the lucky birthday girl? I’m the ‘entertainment’ for tonight! What? Yes I am too a Chippendale dancer!! Can’t you tell?”

  8. [quote comment=”426820″]tomsparks trying too hard to get a little action[/quote]
    [quote comment=”426829″]devilsfan hiding his small penis[/quote]

    Me thinks that someone keeps changing their name so they will not get a verbal beat down (again) from the kind folks here at Davezilla.

  9. Why is the naked guy the one who looks shocked?

    “Velma and Daphne see a side of Shaggy they’d hoped never to see.”

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