Watch out ladies… the Man is in town


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  1. Mandy

    Oh baby. He is such a stud muffin. All he’s missing is the sock garters and we would be talking perfection in man. :dead:

  2. Mandy

    Btw, that video! Almost peed myself. WTF??? :wtf:

  3. Spud

    I see nothing wrong with this picture, the fact that it could be my twin has nothing to do with it.



  4. Ace

    That is disco?! Yeah, I call that drunk.
    Especially that step where you cross one leg in front of the other, that’s the trying-to-walk-while-drunk step.
    I’m a superb disco dancer.

    The Man’s shorts are a bit short.

    Mmm… Rocky Road

  5. New city road signs display shapes of nearby pedestrians.

  6. Ace

    [Comment ID #59163 will be quoted here]


  7. Drusky

    Yes, but are his whites white?

    Fred was quite upset that while his great grandmother got to work farmers at biker rallies, he could only work corners in contruction zones 😈

    Maybe it’s just me but does that ‘road narrows’ sign above him outline his studly body like the Alfred Hitchcock outline from the tv show intro? Even sadder, Am I too old because I remember ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents…’??? 😕

  8. Drusky

    [Comment ID #59163 will be quoted here]
    Nice one, Kenn! Snuck that one in while I was typing the same thing…

  9. [Comment ID #59163 will be quoted here]

    I was smiling to myself thinking wouldn’t it be funny if he turned around and his leg was wonky then I scrolled down and read your comment, I missed the fact it was already the shape of his belly… Nice one..

  10. minansi

    Can I get this guy’s number? I want to ask him to go disco dancing!!! :wtf:

  11. minansi

    Can I get this guy’s number?…..wanna ask him to go disco dancing!! :wtf:

  12. Anna

    I’m in luuuuuuuuuuuv

  13. Then suddenly one morning, after a long night of watching the traffic lights change color, Earl came to the realization that urban development had made his position as the village idiot obsolete. Time to move on.

  14. I have always wondered where white men learn to dance…. now I know. The only thing missing is the biting of the lower lip. :wtf:

  15. bhamm

    Imagine someone like Leonard Nimoy or Kelsey Grammer narrating this…

    “Suddenly, Joe stops. And looks around. Where are all of his trees that he used to climb? Where is the creek that he and Andy would go fishing in on a hot summer day? Where is the beehive that he threw rocks at?
    Alas, it is all gone. All that is left is Joe, memories… and no pants.”

  16. Sweet1

    Finally, I can learn to do the Hustle Finland style. But does the guy in the picture come with the lesson? The white shoes on the dance teacher would go great with the black dress socks. :puke: :wtf:

  17. Bjorn Freeh

    Bob the Builder realizes that, no, this isn’t just his recurring dream. “Ffffew,” he thinks, “at least I wore the boxers.”

  18. STEBE

    when i walk around downtown in my underwear you won’t catch me wearing a toque. what was he thinking? oh wait… there’s a thought balloon.

    is this what started the whole disco craze? i knew that it must have had powerful beginnings. i like when abe lincoln busts a 5 second move at about 3:15 into the vid. :geek:

  19. paul

    I’ve learned 2 things today

    1. Disco is Finish for Epileptic
    2. The police have a new weapon to remove the hookers from the streets.

  20. Angela

    Hold me back!!!!!!! :wtf:

  21. britt

    anyone else notice that that hot disco man tries to dance with everyone BUT his own partner? :limp:

  22. cronewynd

    OMG… Disco dancing in Finlandia… it’s just WRONG.

  23. [Comment ID #59269 will be quoted here]

    That is a good one 🙂

  24. Cherish

    Oh good god… This is a perfect example illustrating the #1 reason I won’t dance… any kind of dance…

    It looks dumb. 😐

  25. Paige

    Didnt the woman in the video look like she was bored out of her mind?

  26. Zinta

    I’m seriously disturbed. How can you people make fun of this poor man. Ok… I look just like him and haven’t been laid in years… at least I don’t dress like that. Sometimes I wish I was in Finland disco dancing the night away. I gues us fat men are better off dead.

  27. Cherish

    hey now paige… they were all dancing pretty laid back… and I can understand, I mean, we wouldn’t want the aging youth of the 70’s to fall off their high heels and break a hip now would we? 😀

  28. Cereal

    Ace has got to be the funniest and most overlooked writer on here…bravo to you!

  29. Ace

    [Comment ID #59495 will be quoted here]

    Ha! Thanks doll!

  30. Cereal

    [Comment ID #59502 will be quoted here]

    See what did I say…Ace is uber funny…thinks me a doll…ha-ha-ha! Actually I look like a hefer.

  31. cronewynd

    It isn’t the guy’s size… it’s the white shirt, white shorts, the black stocking hat, and the black boots/socks/mukluks. And the sign above him, which eerily mirrors his basic shape.

    He’d look better in workout wear, as though he were working out, which would indicate some care about his appearance.

  32. Spud

    Spandex would probably do him a world of good, yes, green & yellow spandex, preferably with sparkles and perhaps some soft deerskin boots up to the knees.

  33. Bjorn Freeh

    North of Detroit is the little unincorporated village of Disco (part of Shelby Township, now). There is actually a Disco Elementary School there.

    No Finns, though.

  34. tj

    i hadn’t planned to see ANY disco dancing videos this year … but if you insist.

  35. I think that sign means he “goes both ways.”

  36. Meagan

    This is what Canadian men wear in winter. :limp: :wtf:

  37. The real Paul

    I have watched the dance video like 5 times now, it’s oddly intriguing and the music is so hypnotic.

    [Comment ID #59307 will be quoted here]
    I see I posted already, that is really weird. WHO TOOK MY AVATAR AND IS POSING AS ME?


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