Putting the ass back in class

Putting the ass back in class

Image via Mandy

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  1. Now we know where cocaine comes from…

  2. Ace

    Another crack addict!
    I woud have dared the girl who is bent over the fart.

  3. Spud

    She could be applying a tattoo… maybe… well… maybe not…


  4. Anna

    For some people thát would be called a braindrain.

  5. bhamm

    Ah, what a beautiful topic with which to make my return!

    – “Girls Gone Coke”
    – Becky (the one in grey) decided to keep her values and NOT strip to get through college. She found other ways.
    – Amy (the one with the dollar shoved in her nose) mistook her friends advice to “snort a lot of crack”
    – The act of snorting it off her back wasn’t the hard part for Becky. It was when they cut it up with the razor blades.
    – This picture got sent to Amy’s mother with the note “Thanks for the money, mom! I put it to good use!”

  6. rizz

    brings a whole new meaning to the term “ass crack”.

  7. Mandy

    For the record, these are not girlfriends of mine. :puke:

  8. Patrick

    “Crack addict”, “panty line”, “snort a lot of crack”-ahahahahaha! Oh, I think I just peed myself a bit.
    That picture depicts the differences between men and women. If a guy wanted to do that it would cost him $60 plus the coke!
    I gotta get me one of those Virgin Mary toasters. The opportunity to freak out Fundamentalists in the neighborhood-priceless! 😛

  9. Craig

    Nothing like a nose full of dingelberries!

  10. …but one did have to admire the thoroughness and dedication of the judges at the finals of the 2006 World Skidmark Championships…..

  11. Da Popster

    Getting high on crack ? Too easy ? Yeh, I thought so too. :wtf:

  12. Paige

    I think I was at that party!! All I remember was people eating Allah ice cream and then doing all kinds of crazy things. 😀

  13. Beaner

    So, is this like a special ed class that they are in? They probably had to have a permission slip signed for this activity. I am amusing myself w/ the thought of “tattoo girl” jumping or farting. 😳

  14. :thong: Sweet…


    All of the good lines have been snort… er… taken.

  15. cynical villain

    This is your brain….this is your brain in crack.


    This is your brain after sniffin crack out the ass….


    Any questions?

    Remember kids: CRACK IS WACK!!!!!!!

  16. scamper95

    All doller girl needs now is a good fart and a spark, and she can smoke some crack.

  17. dougieace

    thank you mandy,thank you so much,really,thank you.i mean it,

  18. Francesca

    “Dude, that line left a shitty taste in my mouth. I wonder why…” 🙄

  19. mikeme

    Can I have Your chapstick when you are done? :kiss:

  20. mikeme

    Forget the Virgin Mary toasters, I want to get one of those John the Baptist shower curtains! 8) 8) 8)

  21. Driver

    [Comment ID #58828 will be quoted here]

    If it were two guys doing this it would cost the snorter alot more than cash and coke :wtf:

  22. mikeB

    [Comment ID #58827 will be quoted here]

    If it was Mandy, the pants would be down, the ass facing the camera and a guy snorting coke off the booty. :wang:

  23. LovlyBrown1

    She’s givin her the ole, DId I 4get To Wash My Drawers check.

  24. cbatdux

    [Comment ID #58827 will be quoted here]

    Mandy, can I be your girlfriend?

  25. Drusky

    “Gee, Lois, Your panties do smell spring fresh. How do you do it? Nice soap? Fabric softener? Wearing Tights and a cape while washing them?” 😆
    Tara shows off her new invention, the ‘Scratch ‘n’ Sniff Tattoo’ shaped like a donkey. Yep, It smells like ass… 😈

  26. Drusky

    Didn’t you ever wonder how the mules that swollow balloons of cocaine before going thru customs get the cocaine back out? 😆
    “From the makers of Pez Dispensers, The limited addition ‘Girls Gone Wild’ model” 😈

  27. I’m just wondering how the line was laid out, since it’s usually done with a razor blade… :wtf:

  28. Meagan

    [Comment ID #59162 will be quoted here]

    LMAO!!! Good one!


  29. Meagan

    Forget the Virgin Mary Toaster and Jesus Pan. I’d love to freak out my Catholic mom with a picture of Satan in my omelet. Now that’s what I call “Deviled Eggs!” 😈

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