Not my bumpersticker

Pity the midget

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  1. Bjorn Freeh

    Would that be Mr. T’s MG?

  2. Driver

    They need more cows in Hanoi . ❓
    They need more cows in Hanoi . ❓

  3. Lisa

    Starving people will eat anything. Lets send them the guy who owns the bumper sticker, all the hate mongers and some cookbooks featuring long pig.

  4. I would rather they ate the midgets than the dogs. :dead:

  5. Zinta

    Come on that Hanoi dog thing is some sick Sh!$. I wonder why we should pity the midget… many of them qualify for disability pay.

  6. Patrick

    The voice of dissension: their ‘civilization’ has been around a lot longer than ours. And I’m sure there are cultures that would flip over some of the things we eat- cows, pig’s feet, etc. I’m not qualified to critique. And if you think about all the starving and/or homeless, all the dogs and cats that roam around starving because irresponsible owners fail to neuter, spay and maintain their pets you could come to the conclusion we’re wasting a valuable resource.

    I vote we change ‘repeat day’ to Groundhog Day. I vote we change ‘repeat day’ to Groundhog Day. I am having the wierdest dream!

  7. Spud

    Pity the midget who sees this sticker as they’re aboot to be run over…


  8. Ron

    Have you read the new Hanoi cookbook? It’s title is “101 Ways to Wok Your Dog.” :puke:

  9. Bjorn Freeh

    Dave, is that your reflection in the bumper? Are you the one wearing the white slacks and fashionable white bucks (ala Pat Boone)? White belt, too?

    Heh-heh-heh. 😛

  10. dougieace

    i think i may just throw a couple dogs on the grill this evening mmmmmm

  11. Why pity midgets? You don’t see them being cooked and stacked assholes out like those poor dogs in Hanoi, do you?!! Which, by the way, I found curiously arousing!!! 😀

  12. H. R. Gerrard

    So, that is the way Dave goes about “Putting on the Dog!”
    And that bumper sticker is an ad campaign from a group that is looking for a cure for dwarfism called Operation Short Stop!
    Like Dave, I am one sick Pup!

  13. Spud

    [Comment ID #59722 will be quoted here]
    or Boss Hog…


  14. Flash Gordon

    I can’t comment on the bumper sticker because I’m still hurling over
    the boiled dogs. Dam, I thought roasted possum was bad enough!
    :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke: :limp: 😕

  15. Tina Marie

    I couldn’t get over the old “That’s a pet!” reflex. I know it’s their culture, but EW. :puke:

  16. Drusky

    Is ‘Pity the Midget’ kinda like the line ‘Beware the Dwarf’ from the movie Foul Play? The reflection reminds me of Truman Capote’s Suit from ‘Murder By Death’…

    As for eating dog meat, it’s hard for us to wrap our heads around the idea because of the practice of keeping them as pet/trusted companions, not food.
    Remember the big debacle about some restaurants here selling meat that may have contained Horse?

  17. A horse is a course, of course, of course? :dead:

  18. Cherish

    Have any of you guys actually tried dog? me either, so I think we should all STFU about it.

    For real though, I have a Korean friend who when she comes over my house she squeezes my VLC (very large cat) and goes “mmmm tender!”… And when she comments “dat cat ees so beeg” I’m sure we all know she’s thinking she could feed an entire village with my 25 pound cat… :wtf:

  19. Brent

    Actually, dog on a stick is pretty good. Add some rice and you have a meal.

  20. Timm

    I pity the guy who drives a Dodge Ram pickup to make up for his midget shwang(penis).
    (The Dodge Ram symbol is molded in the rubber tread above the sticker)

  21. Meagan

    To be politically correct, shouldn’t it read “pity the little people?”

  22. Timm

    I guess I’m sort of a hippocrit for my pick-up comment, Sometimes I wouldn’t mind having a pick-up truck.

  23. |nSan|ty

    Gawd… I have been away, and I just love coming back to Dave & friends Finds…. I bet they tell you… they all taste just like chicken. :wtf:

  24. junkman

    testing. testing.

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