Let’s prank someone

So I had this idea for a prank on a certain corporation recently. Download and print out this parody PDF. I think you’ll understand what you need to do. 😈 If not, discuss in the comments.

Buscardo Cafe


  1. junkman

    im at a loss. i think buscardo is a word like stedge it doesn’t exist anywhere. maybe like a criminals name that goes with stab? i don’t know……my head hurts. clue me in someone. i think i’m an ill-informed canadian. :dead:

  2. patrick

    AHAHAHAHAHA! I get it! I would love to print this and take it to my local but for two reasons: (1) corporate assholes don’t fuck around; and (2) I don’t think your loyal devotees would pay my bail.

  3. [Comment ID #281513 will appear here]

    It’s made up (AFAIK).

  4. Muahahahahahaha! Barrhaven Starbucks prepare to be pranked! 😈

  5. The podunk I live in doesn’t have a Bux, but if I get back to Orlando, their in trouble.

  6. Spud

    I bet if you put that sign up, somebody would probably order one, a cafe that is. :java:

  7. I’m in………I’ve got three Starbucks here……I think I’m gonna have to visit…..LOL…….genius Dave, pure genius

  8. [Comment ID #281733 will appear here]

    If this prank does well, we will hit Tim Horton’s Second Cup, Timothy’s, Caribou, Seattle’s Best, Peet’s and any other major chain that could use an interesting day.

  9. Lake Effect

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    geez…That guy is a genius! A demented genius, but a genius. And now I’m totally jonesin’ for a big Bacon Churner!

  10. patrick

    Re: video of the day- Everyone just take your Ritalin and calm down. I’m sure everything will be okay. BTW I bailed before the end of the Onion ‘news’ story. ADHD rulez! I think, wait, no, oh look at the pretty flowers, what was the question? Can I go now?

  11. [Comment ID #282033 will appear here]

    The Bacon Churner is a total winner, isn’t it? I just wish he had figured out how to keep the cooked bacon soft, because it just doesn’t look right with the bacon bits on top. The butter needs to be wrapped, as in photo #1, but the comforting bands of bacon-y goodness should be COOKED!

  12. [Comment ID #281745 will appear here]

    There are tons of Tim Horton’s in my neighbourhood. I might have to get my friends in on that one. 😈

  13. [Comment ID #282607 will appear here]

    There are tons of Tim Horton’s in every Canadian neighbourhood. On the Tim’s website there use to be a trip planner that allowed you to find if the Tim’s that were along your route. From the airport in Moncton, NB to the city’s coliseum there were 22 Tim’s “along the way”. The distance was under 12 miles.

  14. Chris S.

    I’m actually quite ignorant when it comes to coffee and coffee houses but I get the joke here. Nice one Dave. :java: I wonder what other coffee-drink names can be victimized for our evil benefit… there have to be several names that can be sightly altered to fool people and be hilarious at the same time. Crapaccino is the first thing I think of but that might be too obvious. How about a Light Chocolate Mocca Latino? A double decaf expresso? Meh, I just got done with work so I can’t think of much… love this prank though. 😈

  15. Peaches

    Yep….I’m headed over to my local “STABBUCKS” before this offer expires…..I would feel so damn stedged if I missed this! 😆

  16. jer99

    ok – I’ve been a lurker for 2 years. Never came out of the closet, Hell, I cant even figure out how to do a great picture.
    But I digress…..
    What the ***** is the joke? Someone take an older guy, who only stops at the local Speedway for the coffee of the day, through this…

  17. [Comment ID #282684 will appear here]

    1. Make up a fake flavor.
    2. Put up fake posters for it.
    3. Watch people order it.
    4. Enjoy the ensuing confusion as hundreds of Starbucks across the planet suddenly deal with a drink they’ve never heard of.
  18. chainstay

    Sort of reminds me of the guy who put a sign outside his auto shop that said, “NEW, just in, 17 inch, chrome Henway’s!” Of course, someone would come in and ask, what’s a Henway?” “About two pounds.”

  19. Jay Laverdure

    At one or more times in my life, I thought it would be wickedly awesome to prank the
    high-priced coffee purveyors of the world-

    but then I heard about one of the highest-priced and most sought-after coffees in the world:
    Coffee beans that have passed through the digestive tract of a cat-like mammalian
    and out its ASSHOLE(!)-

    and I realized that coffee “culture” was self-pranking…

  20. Jay Laverdure

    Take the bacon strips- wrap them around a piece of meat the exact same size and shape of the butter- bake until done- let cool until room temperature- slide in the butter.
    Voila! One Homer Simpson extravaganza!!!

  21. Lake Effect

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    Start cookin’ – I’m on my way over…

  22. Chris

    Actually, if you change the “buscardo” to “buscando” the literal translation would be “Whitey [vanilla] looking for coffee” which, if you’re a whitey doin’ the asking, is reflexive. Or recursive. Or something.

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