The Three R’s of School: Reading, wRiting and eRections

The Three R's of School: Reading, wRiting and eRections

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  1. Thought going through the man’s head at the moment the photo was taken, “Oh crap, this is going to make the internet.”

  2. Is that a slide rule in your pocket or are you just excited to teach trigonometry?

  3. Woozle

    He’s actually thinking “Oh God, I hope my stomach hides it.”

  4. And back from the crypt comes... HOBBIT!

    Well…THe girl in the pink striped shirt seems interested!

  5. you’ve got to feel sorry for the guy. not only is he a balding, middle-aged fat man with a timex and ill-fitting dockers who spends his workday being mocked by fourteen-year-olds, but his boner is now king of the internet.

    no, no, wait.

    you don’t have to feel sorry for him. because homie’s getting a boner from something in a fucking EIGHTH-GRADE CLASS.


  6. Margaret

    From Jen magazine’s prom section~~’modest is the hottest!!’

  7. Margaret

    I think the teacher’s name is Mr. Wood.

  8. this is why skinny people developed the moo-moo.

  9. oh, and you know the girl in the green top is smirking because she’s in on the secret!

  10. Anna

    Well, if I have to choose … I’d rather choose this guy than Bush, who has the bulge on his back.
    Yes, no taste, I know.

  11. Spud

    I reckon it’s a setup, somebody photo-shopped it. 💡

  12. ReV.JeLLyBaBy

    “Mr.Smith had always preferred the “hands on” approach with regards to teaching Sex Education…….the local Parent Teacher Association however, did not.”


  13. ReV.JeLLyBaBy

    ?????? 😕

    Mr.Smith had always preferred the “hands on” approach to teaching sex education….the local Parents.Teacher.Association however, did not.

  14. ReV.JeLLyBaBy

    “Now unzip me Mikey…..thats it…theres a good boy. Now use those mouth muscles like I showed you……Hmmmm….Oh GOD…Yessss!”


    School Governor accused of skipping background checks for substitute teachers.

  15. ReV.JeLLyBaBy

    Dave can you delete comment #14?

    Oh and this one as well…..


  16. ReV.JeLLyBaBy

    Now comment 13 has gone weird, but it was fixed a few seconds ago……

    Ooh Err


  17. It’s too early in the morning to be looking at uglies. :java:

  18. Ah, that’s right. Nikki prefers to look at the :wang:s of balding teachers after brunch. 😛

  19. Frisko

    I personally am GLAD to be female, I don’t have to worry about having a :wang:, with a mind of it’s own.


  20. Actually, I’d rather be looking at :wang: of John Crichton.

  21. ReV.JeLLyBaBy



  22. You’re right about that, Frisko. Having cold weather look on your shirt is infinitely less embarassing than seeing morning wood in clas.

  23. Esther

    Nothing to see here, move along…:limp:

    Nikki, I am also pro-Crichton penis.:wang::smile:

  24. JD

    As a future educator myself, this picture is truly disturbing.:wtf:

  25. Cheap Date


    He always used to say, “GEEZ, I LOVE NUMBERS!!”


    Green sweater girl looks INTERESTED! EW!

  26. Rotten

    How semaphoric men are!

    But, please not there.

    Sumbuddy shoot that guy.

  27. Lou Zha

    This….uhhh….person sorta reminds me of Blaster from Mad Max; Beyond Thunderdome. You know, the fat half of Master/Blaster who gets shot by Aunties crossbow while in the dome with Max. Maybe someone ought to shoot this fat guy w/crossbow b4 he molests?:dead:

  28. You guys are so cynical.

    I think it’s great to finally see a teacher who really gets excited by the chance to make an impression on today’s youth.

  29. That guy looks like he needs some of that Holy Magic Mormon Underwear.

  30. Frisko

    I did not see that Magic underware offered….do send the link. I personally am going to ask “granny’ a few questions. Just to get her take on a few confusing bits.

    laughing her ass off


  31. jen

    Smudge tool, total photoshop job… The crease in in the ‘tent” is too uneven, they “free handed” it. hehehe.:wang::wang::wang:

  32. slick

    holy photoshop, boner boy!:limp:

  33. Actually …

    I do have something. I was just too busy last night to post it. 😀

    That guy reminds me of Mr. G, the band teacher.

    You see, in 5th grade, my best friend (and current guest blogger) Kelly and I went to the same middle school. We hung out with this girl that we didn’t even like … her name was Brooke. I don’t even know why we hung out with her except that she lived in the same neighbourhood as most of the rest of the girls.

    But I digress.

    Anyway, I wasn’t in band because all my friends were and I had to be different. Yes, I was a rebel even then. But anyway, all the rest of my friends were in band, and one day there was giggling hysteria coming from all the girls coming out of band class.


    “WTF is going on?” I asked my 5th grade giddy friends.

    “Mr. G popped a :wang: in class!

    Tee hee hee … you can imagine that I joined right in with the giggling fits of the 5th grade girls.

    Oh, but that’s not the best part. 💡

    His daughter, Brooke G. didn’t know and so we told her “Dude, Brooke … YOUR *DAD* POPPED A :wang: IN CLASS!!”

    Brooke was silent.

    Finally she spoke.

    “What’s a :wang: ?” said Brooke.


    *cue even more hysterical giggling by a group of 5th grade girls*

    So I think it was I who finally spoke. (This was years ago in 5th grade, throw me a frickin’ boner, here, folks. It sounds like something I would say, anyway.)

    “Well, gee, Brooke, I don’t know … why don’t you GO ASK YOUR DAD?! 😛

    And so …

    she did.


    This has been yet another wild and whacky true story brought to you by none other than The Motor City Bad Kitty. :kiss:

    … and remember folks:

    “ELECT :boobs:, NOT BOOBS!”


  34. mikeB

    I know I come off as kinda crazy sometimes, but

    Kinda? 😛

  35. And back from the crypt comes... HOBBIT!

    Oh. My. gawd. Margaret. My elementary computer teacher was named Mr. Woods.

    He always had a boner.

    Scary: we were in 5th grade.

  36. Thank you, Dave, for fixing that for me… it just doesn’t have the same effect, though, even with the visuals.

    How come I’ve been able to say T-EYE-T-S here before and also B-OOH-Bs and now I can’t though?

    Damn, I’m starting to feel like I have to spell everything out now … like I’m around a little kid.

    “No, Mr. President, there WERE NEVER ANY DUBYA-EMM-DEES in Iraq. Get the hell over it and just ADMIT IT, you idiot.”


  37. Oh, and btw … it wasn’t until I was discussing this later with Dave that I remembered at the same middle school, we had a substitute teacher that substituted a lot and his name was …

    Mr. Bonar :wang:

    Yeah, like said with a French accent.

    I shit you not, folks. Go ask Kelly, she’s been blogging on my site recently. Just drop her a comment and ask her if she remembers him. He was actually pretty hot. (Or, at least I thought so …)


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