Detroit News? Time to train your telemarketers some manners

At least one of the telemarketers, excuse me, consumer solutions experts that works for the Detroit News is a rude asshole. SOME BACKGROUND In June, a kid came by selling short-term (60-day) subscriptions that would help him through college. We decided to help him out and paid him by check so that the paper would […]

More People We Can Safely Dislike, #25

Jodi Arias supporters Twilight fans. Fuck all of you. Vampires don’t sparkle. People who change their profile photo to reflect the latest meme, social cause or trend with no clue why other than their friends are all doing it, too. [DISCLAIMER: This one is probably only a Michigan thing] Drivers who get into the Michigan […]

Your Bass Speakers are AMAZING!

Via Oliver Chesler

Cat Carrier

More People We Can Safely Dislike #23: Travel Edition

Oh my readers, I have not abandoned you. I am working myself to death slowly. I’ve been in 5 states in four days. Anyway, all this travel got me hating on folks again, so here’s my travel edition of more people we can safely dislike. UPDATE: No idea how comments got turned off! They are […]

More people we can safely dislike #20

Kids that dropped out of school because, “My teachah’s ignernt.” Clowns. Always clowns. Douchebags that tell their girlfriends they can’t hang out with their guy friends, but they of course can continue to hang out with their ex-girlfriends. People with shit taste in films who insist that despite the critics, despite what my friends have […]

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