Something about this image disturbs me

Something about this image disturbs me

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  1. Mandy

    Aw Dave. They’re just playing doctor. What girl doesn’t like to tweak a boy’s :boobs: now and then? :kiss:

  2. Pinky

    Come, now! Stop living in the past! Older women and younger men isn’t taboo anymore!

  3. dave

    Oh captain, your shirt was ripped when the enterprise was attacked by the toddlerians.

    No time to worry about that, one more direct hit from that regress-o-ray and we’ll be nothing but a twinkle in our parents’ eyes.

  4. tinamarie

    Isn’t this more of the “Macrophilic” shit like they had on that CLAWS site? (Look it up in wikipedia if you don’t know what it means.)

    Dave, you’re starting to repeat yourself. Shame, shame, and shit like that. 🙄

  5. Ilsa

    It’s the expression on the girl’s face. Totally creepy.

  6. EvilSimon

    …Hmmm… there’s good eating on this one. Now if only I can get him into my easybake oven…


  7. Anna

    At least they’re learning how to cook. They might have had a wall full of fake take-out flyers and a plastic phone …

  8. Dave, you’re starting to repeat yourself.
    I am? This is a new photo.

  9. That belt is great. I need one of those for collecting sake. *cough* 🙄

    Timmy has no clue that he’s going to be missing a little something when she gets done.

    BTW, his name always has to be Timmy.

    P.S. Welcome back Dave. You weren’t gone long, but I still felt like that needed to be said.:grin:

  10. This is proof positive that we need to start teaching sex education to pre-schoolers!


  11. Dad says you’re never too young for a nipple piercing.

  12. Voice off screen says, “OK. Slowly remove his shirt. That’s good. That’s good. Work it.” 😈

  13. tinamarie

    In content Dave, in content. I know it’s a new picture, but the macrophilic content–that’s a repeat from the Labor Day post.

    I was trying to be funny Dave. Rough weekend? Never mind, you already explained that, didn’t you?

  14. It’s obvious that she’s fitting him with a wire for undercover work. He’ll be infiltrating the Easy Bake mafia by posing as sous chef, code name: Cookie.

  15. Dave,

    Because you have a very popular blog, I’ve been your faithful blogger but today, if you don’t mind, may I post a very important plea?

    To all bloggers who read this post, please donate ANYTHING for the Katrina victims – blood, blankets, toys, food, anything. We are in serious need for those basic neccessities to comfort and nourish those in need. I am doing okay with what I grabbed before Katrina but there are SCORES of others who fared far less than I so please donate.

    I am currently in Baton Rouge and won’t be able to go home (New Orleans) for a good long time. I have no idea about my house because my area has no access due to high waters so I cannot go back to assess nor salvage my belongings. Right now, my main focus is day-to-day living.

    To experience this disaster is a nightmare and I am just waiting to wake up and see that it is all a dream. Even though I crack under the pressure and stress of it all, I find myself holding up and forging on. There is this amazing strength in me that I have no idea where it came from and I am going to use that strength to keep me going and work my way back home to the city that I love so much.

    Dave, your humor is amazing and I do not want to put a damper on your blog….keep up the humor because we ALL need it!! Thank you so much for letting me use your blog to post my plea!

  16. Nicholle

    It’s the look on her face that’s disturbing, almost looks like she’s saying ‘yeah, you know he wants it! And even if he doesn’t, what are you going to do about it?!’:oops:

  17. MIKEL

    Whats the big deal? I got my first piece of ass when I was three.:wang:

  18. Spud

    Nipple gripples start very early…

  19. The most disturbing thing is the purple plastic thing. How tacky!

  20. dK

    I don’t get it.

    dK from West Virginia.

  21. ganicutie

    Beware the Children of the Corn.

  22. Candy

    I don’t know about yu people. It takes some sick minds to find anything “disturbing about this picture. They aren’t even old enough to know wtf you are saying about it. Obviously, you don’t know a thing about little ones.

  23. In the words of the infamous Sergeant Hulka:

    “Lighten up, Francis.”

  24. darlin

    what’s wrong with little ones playing?:roll:

  25. Bib

    These posts are starting to suck

  26. bb

    sexual jokes about a picture of a couple of toddlers are pathetic. Fucking losers.

  27. bb

    Your blog has been getting worse for a while, but this tops it. Only a moron would put an innocent picture of two cute little kids out there and wait for the low-lifes that follow you to make nasty comments. Mandy, Nikki, Used Hack,Spud, Mikel….you all are a bunch of punk-ass losers. Whats even worse is…..your stupid comments arent even funny.


  28. Spud

    obviously that lad has never been nipple grippled…


  29. Mister BB: take a frikkin’ downer.

    Obviously this is a couple of kids playing “STAR TREK”, and your Mr. Sprock is giving Tushy Yar the Vulcan Neck Pinch© while she retaliates with the “Sexy Data Tango”

    Only a geek would get it.

  30. I’m having a hard time with the fashion violations, but it doesn’t offend me and it’s my birthday! 😈

  31. wayne


  32. I love comments from the uneducated. Let’s break this down line by line, shall we?

    Your blog has been getting worse for a while,

    On what standards do you base that? Is there an official blog standards book for material?

    but this tops it. Only a moron would put an innocent picture of two cute little kids out there and wait for the low-lifes that follow you to make nasty comments.
    How does posting a picture of a child with a weird grimace in any way make me a moron? I just thought the kid on the left was creepy. So sue me.

    Mandy, Nikki, Used Hack,Spud, Mikel….you all are a bunch of punk-ass losers. Whats even worse is…..your stupid comments arent even funny.
    There should be a space between the comma after Hack and Spud. Four periods are never used as an ellipsis. You mean “Mikel…” Unless that fourth period was meant to signify the end of a sentence, in which case “you” should be capitalized. “What’s” is missing it’s apostrophe, and in that same sentence, you end with “is”. That is a grammatical nightmare. That means “is” appears twice in that sentence (“What’s” is “what is”) English is surely your third language. Another misused ellipsis after “is”. It shouldn’t even be an ellipsis; rather a semicolon “Aren’t” needs an apostrophe.

    Hm, that’s at least eight typos in three sentences. And you call me a moron?

    Charming. By the way, there should be a comma after FOREVER. Please refrain from insulting myself or my reader’s intelligence until you can write properly and prove that you are, in fact, more intelligent. Doubtful. 👿

  33. kirbster

    Dave, you are a lover.:limp::wtf:

  34. Zillicious, did you ever know that you’re my hero?

  35. That’s just a still shot from the Mary Kay Letourneau early years biography.

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