Note to Self, No. 5,804

The next time you feel chilly, check to see if you are wearing a shirt. If yes, proceed to 1. If not, proceed to 2. If neither, proceed to 3.

  1. If you are wearing a shirt and still chilly, the balcony door is open or the cat is plotting world domination.
  2. If you are not wearing a shirt, it is laying on the ironing board. Still.
  3. I don’t know. Why am I still chilly?
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  1. Spud

    4. Check to see if it’s snowing
    5. Check to see if girlfriend has ripped off the blankets


  2. JFLY

    6. Check to see if you are wearing PANTS
    7. If yes, check to see if FLY is open…LOL

    And throughout that entire video I was just dying to do what that idiot did… 😈

  3. That fellow in the video reacted pretty calmly for having his hopes and dreams smashed. He didn’t even say “Aw shucks!” :wtf:

  4. Bachelor Logic 101 : Professor Zilla.

    Next week’s lecture ‘Why isn’t the remote control where I left it?’

  5. Spud

    Note: Real Men don’t feel the cold.


  6. Amanda B.

    Try having hot flashes, then U won’t get cold. 😳

  7. mitch

    The video is just a metaphor for life. As to the cold….check and make sure that there is not a soulless Republican standing near you. They can suck the warmth, and humanity, out of any room.

  8. frisko

    I second Mitch and Amanda.

  9. cody

    i find that when i am cold, i am often naked. or i may be outside and have forgotten to build my survival fire after crashing on a deserted artic island in the artic and have not yet killed a little animal for a giant bearskin rug and it’s sunday chicken dinner at it’s mother’s house. or i might be wearing my invisible shirt given to me by the same brand that gave the emporer his clothes. i find that shirt unbelievably thin and may cause others to stare at me like i’m not wearing anything. actually a lot of people have been staring lately. i think i’m gonna go find a sweat shirt. 😆

  10. Patrick

    What? You mean you’ve never walked outside to get the mail or the newspaper and asked yourself, “Am I wearing pants”? Am I the only one?

    Who DIDN’T see the tower demolition coming? Just one more piece of evidence that those on the other side of ‘the fourth wall’ are mindless twits!

  11. Lace Valentine

    Stop drinking the drinks with ice if you’re cold, at the mall, and because you’re a girl you’re wearing skimpy things and your feet are in flip flops. When you fix these things, and you’re still cold, get back to me. I’ll loan you my heating blanket and make you a cup of hot tea.

  12. Marcus

    Since I live in a tropical climate. If you are cold with a shirt on:

    1. Change temp on the aircon because maid set it on sub-zero.
    2. Try to remember what you had for lunch.
    3. Take two aspirin and call me in the morning.

    Here is something extra.

    George W. Bush to Brazilian President “Do you have blacks, too?”
    Hmmm…. duh!! :wtf:

  13. Steph

    Once again, Mitch, you are correct.

  14. Marcus

    [Comment ID #20939 will be quoted here]

    Part 2 to the lecture series will be “What’s this funking button do? Oh shit!”


  15. Here, Dave, have a nice cuppa green tea, a chenille blankie, and lots of warm vibes from your insane readers.

  16. Jay Jay

    Interesting …. smiley’s…

  17. Vicki

    It means you don’t have enough alcohol in your system…………(or the cat is plotting)

  18. Wendy

    Dave, could be that someone opened a window and didn’t let anyone know…

    As for the video, I love it when someone else’s luck goes to shit besides mine….besides, he had way too much time on his hands if it only took 2 weekends to build…he needs a life! 😡

  19. feelin’ Chile? why just take a quick 14 hour flight via LAN down to Santiago and then take a bus to the coast, maybe here to Valparaíso. You can wear any shirt you want! Or not…

  20. Master Solace

    Did the guy just storm off!?!?! If I were him, I would’ve beat the old man’s ass and made him eat all the Jenga pieces!!!!!! 😈

  21. starhealer

    if you are still cold go get your wife she might help 😈
    any way thats what my old man dose when he is cold

    the vido was funny and that is the reson i didn’t go to colige it didnt do him any good

  22. family jules

    On the tower of Pisa link, first of all did he say the Guiness Book of World Records was coming next WEEK to evaluate it? Two words, my friend…..ELMER’S GLUE!!!

  23. Bjorn Freeh

    That Benny Stove dude will never get a job as a Disney animator… he’s got Mickey’s ears all wrong.

  24. MandyLocke

    I like the new quote thingie better! :kiss:

  25. Kitty

    But I’m not plotting anything…yet.

  26. Ace

    1. Are you ooutside? Go inside.
    2. You might be naked while looking for something to snack on in the fridge. If so just grab the string cheese and get the hell away from there.
    3. Might you be in Alaska? If so there nothing you can do.
    4. Put a sweater on.

  27. starbugmama

    check to make sure your snothead teeanger didn’t leave the door open on her way out to avoid doing any cleaning!

  28. John K

    Next time your feeling chilly
    You might not be wearing a shirt or pants
    Your heat shut off.
    Your AC is on Super Cool.
    Your got stuck in the walk-in freezer or put there on purpose.
    Your nipples are probably cold .
    Being a man your nuts are blue and chinking together like ice cubes (assuming you actually had balls to begin with)
    Being a women your pussy is frozen open and you have now have a wind tunnel down under.
    You are chilled to the bone but not yet dead because you still feel chilly.

  29. |nSan|ty

    You live in Northern Michigan. :java: the arctic circle of the US

  30. Jane

    Or ure American.

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