It could happen #2

It could happen #2


  1. Spud

    Baboon Waites is kinda cool and John Goodman is the heat miser.


  2. Bigwavdave

    Once again, this proves there are folks out there with way too much time on their hands. Deano for instance.

    Mandy, may I have another cup of tea?

  3. sledge

    Out of the six faces, the baboon looks the straightest

  4. Actually, John Goodman + the Heat Miser = John Madden. Tell me I’m wrong… I’m not!

  5. Mandy

    [Comment ID #81348 will be quoted here]


  6. junkman

    could it happen? could the avenging narwhal play set be purchased with a gored plastic jesus action figure as shown instead of the plastic seals? i would not be particular if the tusk were to pierce existing holes in the side or hands. please santa.

  7. Instructions as follows:
    Look closely at Baboon Waits
    and sing a rendition of one of his songs.
    In a deep southern voice. (Georgia or Texas.)
    “Swing low sweet chariot” 😛

  8. [Comment ID #81348 will be quoted here]

    There are people with way too much time on their hands; us! Or, is it just me?!

  9. pablo

    Maybe it’s just me but Heat Miser + John Goodman = Ronald Reagan?

    And Tom Waits really looks like the piano has been drinking!!

  10. I’m glad you specified the middle photo was a baboon. For a moment I thought it was Michael Jackson. Oops.

  11. Are there any difference btw. monkeys and people? 🙂

  12. [Comment ID #81351 will be quoted here]

    Like an ad for Ace Hardware, yes, that painfully would be John Madden’s contents….complete with athlete’s foot….

    In honor of Madden…someone give me a big BOOM….


  13. Is it just me, or does the Babboon Waits look like a REALLY stoned Will Ferrell….

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