Here to rock you

Here to rock you

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  1. Anna

    Yes, we know we’re sexy :boobs::boobs:…. that’s why we had this picture taken.

    (I’ve always been a fan of those lickable shoes)

  2. Spud

    Aunty Jean & a few friends get ready for another big night out.

    I wonder what they sing…

  3. Dave, I’m beginning to doubt your committment to Sparkle Motion.

  4. “One of these things is not like the other, one of these things does not belong…”

  5. bob

    MOM! what are you doing?

  6. I didn’t know Poligrip had a dance team.

  7. Mandy

    The Happy Hands Club in 20 years

  8. Ugh. I actually love the Facts of Life. Forgive me, Mrs. Garrett. I know not what I speak. 🙁

  9. Dawn

    love the dresses :hurl:

  10. cody

    yah hey, that scared me at first.

  11. My eyes FINALLY came back to me after those caricatures, and then that link…..:hurl:

  12. evilqueen

    As for that link…… I have discovered a very frightening correlation between the size a guys :wang: and the size of his fat ass gut! :limp:

    I am left to wonder if it’s a genetic link between obesity and small penis size or if the fat just swallows it up. Further testing will be required on this matter.

  13. Craig

    I don’t like the way the one positioned lower left is pointing her fingers at me. “Bang, bang” yourself, bitch!!!

  14. Craig

    Oh wait, what’s that red stuff on that ladies arm? Is that blood? Sorry for previous comment, Ma’am. You all look verrrry nice:dead:

  15. Santana

    bang bang cha cha cha! love the shooter pose…:wtf:

  16. Mandy

    Right with ya evilqueen.

    Fat boys are not in the meat packing industry. :limp:

    Tall skinny men mmmmmmmmmm have the biggest danglers. :wang:

  17. Bad Bitch

    Mandy I’d have to disagree…they may have the longest,but not the biggest.:wang:

  18. tinamarie

    Fat has nothing to do with it. That man is just seriously deficient in the schlong department. Considering how fat and under-dicked he is, don’t you get the impression that his “Mistress” is standing just outside picture range, snarling “Smile you stupid, swine! Now the whole world will see your little worthless dick and your big fat gut! Now get on your knees and worship me!”

    That’s got to be it, because nobody in their right mind gets naked for the camera unless they have something to be proud of. It ain’t his body, it ain’t his car, it sure as hell ain’t his dick…

    I’m voting for the dominatrix theory for that picture.

  19. tinamarie

    Okay. Second thoughts. My mother once told me (in preparation for marriage) that a man’s penis might look small, but that they can double in size when they get hard.

    So maybe our under-dicked friend isn’t so small after all. I mean, if he got hard, he could have as much as, oh, I don’t know…

    Hold me back Fran, I just might jump right on it. 🙄


    The girls from the secretarial pool at the local GOODRICH TIRE franchise have gotten together to perform their special karaoke blend of music. They specialize in favourites like Tom Jones’ “She’s a Lady” and “Sex Bomb”, and contemporary rap tunes including “Move Bitch” and “Gangsta Lovin”

    Norma Jean Kropotnik, blonde-bombshell leader of the quartet they call “The Spare Tires”, says they have repeatedly packed “BOB’s BEEF ‘n’ BEER” at Ronald Reagan Highway and I-75 every Thursday night for the last four months.

    The three remaining members of the group, Felicia Fanshawe, Reba McIntosh and Mary Louise Saramponia expressed their desire to meet husbands so they can leave the drudgery of working at GOODRICH behind. Norma Jean is already married to Bob (of “BOB’s BEEF ‘n’ BEER”) with two lovely children expressed her hope that any marriage proposals would have no negative impact on their music.

    Bob Kropotnik told our reporter that his wife has always wanted to sing, and that after he bought a new DVD player with the Karaoke feature, Norma Jean’s wish was filled. Asked about his favourite artist, he said he liked “Ludacris” a lot, but by far, it had to be P. Diddy.

  21. I’m thinkin’ Shooter McGavin’s mother is in the front.

    Also, that last nekkid guy is looking mighty shiny. Maybe he waxed himself up before the shot?

  22. Mikel

    I would bang all of um’

  23. frisko

    It is A ‘Zilla girl relative photo.

    running away

    I liked Mrs. Garret too.

  24. Lace Valentine

    Coquette quartet?


  25. lets see a small car = a small:limp: is that what daves trying to have us figure out with that link?

  26. Stephanie

    Slipknot’s new masks are way scarier than their old ones.

  27. Ace

    Something about those women scare me to my soul like nothing I’ve ever felt before, especially the one with the spirit fingers- she’s looking at me like she want to stab me with her eyes. And those smiles… those smiles…

  28. Ace

    Maybe our naked German friends would like to join these lovely ladies on tour as their back up dancers/singers and for a slightly different kind of fun, nothing crazy just daily oily orgies.

  29. Christall

    I’m thinking this photo was more of a Charlie’s Angels reunion photo opt. for the part 3 of the Angels.

  30. Birdie

    Whew…I can recognize a Sweet Adelines Quartet ANYWHERE!!

  31. baby betty

    the pointy fingers lady has a mldget face and the one next to her is hanging 10. surfs up!!

  32. eh

    I won’t comment on the kleiner schwanzen, but I’d do the broad back left.

  33. killer-shrews-?

    all these guys should be waring :undies: cuz they all didnt have enough for the :thong: they were all :limp: even if they were all :wang: we would still need to zoom the picture X / 100 power, to see Where’s The Beef??

  34. killer-shrews-?

    Hay? It’s the Tammy Fae,Baker’s, fan club !!!

  35. Marcus

    Okay, they look like the ladies from my hometown. One Cowgirl, one surfer (as someone already wrote) and the two in the back are going to slap them for making such silly poses. Maybe, the are a stripper review for men over 100. As for the men and their cars…. the cars all suck. :hurl:

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