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Trash free

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  1. And while you’re at it, keep the living out of your living room. 😈

  2. Yes, yes, and bed out of the bedroom…

    I’m fascinated by the music video “Night of Fire” — it appears to be a harem wearing ’80s style clothing, cowboy boots, and corsages. And, and, … is that marching unit choreography?!

  3. [Comment ID #37908 will be quoted here]

    Bed out of the bedroom? depends on what you mean…I kinda like that idea sometimes…probably different subject material… 😈

  4. JFLY

    Singing Sumo? The only fire I envision is the one started by the chafing of his thighs. And to think we laughed at William Hung…

  5. “The only fire I envision is the one started by the chafing of his thighs” I was thinking the samething. :wtf:

  6. Ace

    I can’t get that video out of my head! It’s hypnotic! Is there any way we can get a translation on what that guy is saying? I’m sure he’s got some pearls of wisdom to impart.

    I can keep the living out of the living room but I’m going to have to change some things around. I’m going to have to live in the bathroom -aside from the time I already spend in there- bathe in the kitchen and kitch in bedroom -hot and steamy!- and do the bedroom things in the living room/coffee table. But there is a huge problem: how am I going to watch TV if I’m living in the bathroom? The bathroom is a great place to sit but I’ll be too far from my glorious love, my precious, my TV!

  7. Becky

    That video…….I ah.ah…….I’m blinded…can’t type…..that guy’s hairy legs……fat gut……..ack… :puke: :dead:

  8. Marcus

    When I was a student, we threw the trash out the window because we were too tire and lazy to take it to the street. This is bad from the third floor. Two questions… why are there trash can in the room and what do the cleaners do. Clean my ass?

    Ok, I agree with JFLY.. His thighs are going to ignite a very big fire. Someone please shoot the director and the actors. Maybe they could make a real night of fire by taking a flamer thrower to the cast. One more thing no one in the video would be allowed to stay at the Harbor Point because they are all trashy.

  9. mitch

    Can we keep White out of the White House (not a bad idea)?

  10. mitch

    The video was about acid reflux disease, right? It also sparked the best acid flash-back I’ve had since 1981. Thanks Dave.

  11. Mandy

    Keep the trash out? That means my sister-in-law is banned.

    That guy in the video is the hawtest man ever. :wang:

  12. Spud

    Trash Rooms = Premptive strike.


  13. bhamm

    I just picture some guy sitting outside the door, curled up in the fetal position, clutching a four-week old bag of garbage muttering… “No Trash in the Trash Room… But where does it go? If it doesn’t go in the Trash Room, where can I put it? It must go in the Trash Room, that’s why it’s a Trash Room, but the sign says ‘No Trash’…(etc.)”

    Poor Guy.

  14. Marcus

    What about white trash or trailer park trash? Would these people be banned from the trash room? No, trash rooms must be trash free… Oh god where do I put my trash? :wtf:

  15. Dang, all the good comments are taken already… 🙄

  16. Driver

    Comment [ 59 ] , 3/27/06

    JFLY , thats what I’m talkin bout , and the rest of ya to.
    humor is my mental medicine and you guys beat hell out of the corner drug store, keep refillin my scrip. OK off to work next dose PM.

  17. Craig

    I hope the shit can still go in the shitter, otherwise the maid is going to have a hell of a time cleaning out the sink! :puke:

  18. Peaches

    I liked the music video…… he related to William Hung?
    I couldn’t stop with the one video, so I watched a few. Check out the “Iraq War News”……..that was hilarious!!

    Gotta go now…….thinking of something that I can put on a stick.

  19. Patrick

    “No Trash in the Trash Room”? Wherever will the Arkansawyers go shopping?

    [Comment ID #37992 will be quoted here]
    “And now with their hit video ‘Night of Fire’, Japan’s version of Bananarama and some fat bastard in gold lame'” Aaaaaaaah! Sorry, my Howard Dean scream imitation is a little rusty.

  20. Beaner

    Maybe the guy from the video lives in the building, you could take the trash to him, he’s like a human incinerator! That’s hot. 😈

  21. tenderflower

    That video! I think I’m going to be sick.

    That was disgusting on several levels. 😕

  22. Randy

    Advertisement for Harbor Point:
    “Are you worried about getting a trashy room? Well not to worry. The rooms here are immaculately clean; even the trash rooms are trash free. Confused? We do not allow trash that does not fit down the trash chutes. We have provided 19, yes 19, strategically located dumpsters for our trashy quests and tennants who generate oversized trash. So, move in without that nagging worry of unwanted trash constipating the trash chutes.”

  23. MrDoug

    Honi? Related to Yani?
    Good god hairy armpits AND matching purple and pink cowboy boots what else can one ask for. Where can I get some of those?

    Now 19 trash bins. 19? How much trash are the fine people of Harbor Point producing, can they not just use the Harbor?

    What is next? No games in the game room? No showering in the shower? No thongs and paperclips on the welcome mat?

  24. “Best Music Video Ever?”…the girls very kinda cute and spunky…but I think I may need that “Night of Fire” to burn out the images of their sumo…uh…partner out of my head…I think I’m 10% blind now…good god…I had an image of a cheerleader in my head(don’t ask, I won’t tell)…and now I have this image of a sumo in a cape & a speedo destroying all the happy images…thank you very much…I may think twice about clicking on a link that says “Best” something “Ever”…now I think I may need to wash my eyes out…

  25. “the girls very kinda cute and spunky”…shit…now that video is making me talk in Engrish…damn sumo…

  26. And for some strange reason, I think the girls in the video remind me of the “Wanna Fanta” Girls that terrorize the television with their real annoying commercials…oh no…now I’ve got that song stuck in my head…I have to stop thinking…

    [Comment ID #38029 will be quoted here]

    yeah…the “Iraq War News” video was pretty funny…and definitely not as disturbing as the sumo…

    And Something on a Stick Day…sounds good but does it matter which stick you put it on… :wang:

  27. cbatdux

    I don’t know – the video made me think “Jim Jones and his flock do Yokohama”

    Do we have to take the kitsch out of the kitchen?

    And what can we take out of the foyer?

    And did Mitch and Fran survive that flare-up ‘tween JFLY and Mandy? Are they still together?

  28. Peaches

    [Comment ID #38132 will be quoted here]

    You’re giving me some ideas…….

  29. Why would I rent a trash room when there are 19 perfectly free dumpsters to choose from?? Waste not, want not, people!!

  30. [Comment ID #38029 will be quoted here]

    I watched more of the videos, too, last night — for nearly an hour, even. (Loved the Iraq War News, too.) I saw more of the HINOI Team (that would be the four girls) and that chubby guy who apparently is a wrestler/comedian who joined them for some of their songs. There’s another guy/girl who performs with them, too. And I say guy/girl because it looks like a guy in drag.

    They’re cute, but I still can’t get over their marching unit or drill team like choreography. Having been on a dance team or two, I can’t help but think their dancing is so junior high school, lol.

  31. Marcus

    [Comment ID #38214 will be quoted here]

    Yeah, we could sit in the trash bins, drink tequila, smoke some wacky weed, and play with the trash. I am King of the World. 😈

  32. Driver

    I just got home from work and watched the video ,
    Ouch , but I must confess I could not stop it , I had to see the whole thing . the question that keeps going through my mind is WHY is he in a speedo but the girls are NOT in thongs, WHY OH WHY ? But it is funny S^%$$T .

  33. Driver

    OOPs I said thong.

  34. Susanne

    no washing in the washroom, laundrying in the laundry room, no dishes in the dishwasher, and please…. no clothes in the closet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💡

  35. Bjorn Freeh

    If I wrap the trash with something festive, attach a bow and a gift card to Harbor Point Cleaners, will they take THEIR trash?

    This place sounds more like Harbor Grudge Cleaners to me.

  36. starheler

    i am reading this at work my boss came in while the vido was on said he was todly turnd off (i work in a porn shop) with is sooooooooo sad oh well gota go :limp:

  37. [Comment ID #38134 will be quoted here]

    Yes, we’re still together! 🙂
    Funny, I don’t remember seeing a wedding present from you though. 😛
    I know. You’re just waiting to see if we pass the four month mark and THEN you’ll send it. 😀

  38. [Comment ID #38230 will be quoted here]

    Yes…yes you did…but as my avatar shows…I’m still an ASSMwah ha ha haaaa!!!…oh sorry…

  39. OOPs…I said ass…and here’s a fun symbol… :thong:…I feel really bad now… 😈

  40. charlie

    I shudder to think of what must be surrendered if one is caught in the ballroom… :wtf:

  41. Paige

    omg! I will have that stupid song stuck in my head all day!!!! The pyrotechnics are sooooo cheesy in that video. I once worked at a Chinese restaurant and they played Chinese karaoke all day on the tvs. By the time I left there, I could sing some of the songs by heart. I didnt know what the hell I was saying, but it sounded cool! 😛

  42. I’ve seen that video before, and I laughed my cute buns off! 😀

    I think that spoofs are great!

  43. damn, I took all of the credibility out of my comment #41…I finally decided it was time to bring in the new Punisher Skull…now I feel sorta funny…

  44. hey I’ve got one that is true…there usually isn’t a board in a boardroom…

  45. [Comment ID #38360 will be quoted here]

    thank you very much…now I must clean up the stray Pepsi…because it just sprayed out from my mouth…all over my computer desk & monitor…that not the first time either…I need to start swallowing my drink BEFORE I scroll down on here…you never know what you can find on this site…funny shit, man…

  46. |nSan|ty

    I think I have been scarred for life over that video….and really glad I skipped learning foriegn language in HS. 😕 But then again, he could come in handy for BBQ’s, in bad weather, indoor ‘smores anytime. I think I will go now and move all the furniture in my house to a different room, couch in the bathroom, recliner in the kitchen, you get the idea.

  47. Jen

    You know what they say:
    “It makes too much sense to make sense, sometimes!”
    That sign reminds me of a sign I used to see riding the bus on the way to school. It read:
    “Wanted: Clean dirt.” Huh?? It took me a while to figure out what that was. Even after I figured it out, I still did not grasp the concept of why you would word it that way. Only in Indiana, I guess. 😕

  48. [Comment ID #38899 will be quoted here]

    Indiana…?…where at in the Dead-end of America…oops…that wasn’t nice…I live in Indiana, too…yup, still true… 😈

  49. Goth Princess

    Ok, so we can just throw it everywhere else :wtf:

  50. brianne

    ooooook :wtf: let me take a deeep breath and see if i understand this ummmmm………………. yea throw ur trash everywhere else NO trash watsoever in the trash rooms and a few more NOs

    1) NO bed in your bedrooms!
    2) NO eating in the diningroom!
    3) NO working in the office!
    4) NO playing with yourself!

    sorry just had to throw that last one in there!!!! 😈 😈 😀 😀

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