When _______s are outlawed, only outlaws will have _______.

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77 thoughts on “Complete this Sentence, #31

  1. When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns…
    (that WAS lame…gotta do better)

    When cameras are outlawed, only outlaws will have cameras…
    (damn, shameless Zilla reference, must repeat to self…Dave will never be an outlaw, Dave will never be an outlaw…….one more time)

    Got it…
    When thongs are outlawed, only outlaws will have thongs…

    Couldn’t help it…thought I’d beat anyone else to it…

    Don’t beat me…I swear it will never happen again 😈 :thong:

  2. When dildo’s are outlawed………..women will still have them they will just have to go back to calling us husbands in public. Oh I feel like such a tool I mean toy….. oh who am I kidding I dont care what she calls me as long as I’m gettin some.

  3. [Comment ID #38368 will be quoted here]

    Oh, Beth, you are fantastic.

    I’ve got nothing that could top that. Wow. :java: Congratulations!

  4. If the words have to match:

    When pets are outlawed, only outlaws will have pets
    When bad haircuts are outlawed, only outlaws will have bad haircuts
    When computers are outlawed, only outlaws will have computers

    If they don’t have to match:

    When deodorant is outlawed, only outlaws will have B.O.
    When Taco Bell is outlawed, only outlaws will have gas.
    When pornography is banned, only outlaws will have :wang:

  5. mitch thats just so sad that you believe anyone with different opinions than you must be fatherless. I myself have 3 children with the same woman( my wife of 23 years) and they like me are republicans. So we are just going to out breed you. Therefore if you want to win any more elections you better get humpin.

  6. Bob chill……..geez here we go again….Your kids may grow up and think diffrently….mine did:)

  7. When toasters are outlawed, only outlaws will have toasters.

    Unfair advantage, I worked at C-E too. Is that sign still there? And wasn’t it microwave popcorn that caused the evacuations? Oh well. Let’s hear it for passive aggression.

  8. When ideas are outlawed, only outlaws will have ideas.
    When patents are outlawed, only outlaws will have patents.

  9. When watches are outlawed, only outlaws will know what time it is.

    When diet Coke is outlawed, the rest of us will drink Pepsi. 😀

  10. When late 80s sitcoms are outlawed, only outlaws will have bootleg copies of that episode of A Diffierent World where Denise’s date dons a pig nose since she’s ordered to wear one as punishment for littering in the dorms per Jaleesa’s dorm room monitor campaign.

  11. [Comment ID #38371 will be quoted here]

    You know, something even better than porn is real live girls… and they’ll still be around!

  12. When _______s are outlawed, only outlaws will have _______.

    (Sorry, Dave… I guess I drew a blank.)

  13. when war is outlawed only bush will be an outlaw :wtf: :wtf:
    when religion is outlawed only outlaws will go to heaven
    when tv is outlawed only outlaws will be brainwashed
    when sex is outlawed only outlaws will reproduce.

  14. [Comment ID #38375 will be quoted here]

    Peace and love Bob. Peace and love. There is hope for you yet. Don’t give up.

  15. When the right to privacy, abortions, disssent, free thought, religious choice, affordable health care or free speech is outlawed, only the REAL outlaws will have privacy, abortions, dissent, thought, choice, health care or free speech.

    My father was a senior citizen living on military retirement and Social Sercurity, and he was a life-long Republican. So Bob, watch your kids watching you grow old without anyone keeping their promises to you, and see them change their ideas from yours to their own. Living proof, man, living proof.

    As Mitch says, peace and love, man.

  16. jules thank your father for his service to our country and the only retirement im counting on is the one im preparing for myself. and i agree, peace and love to you and mitch and especally becky 😛

  17. [Comment ID #38316 will be quoted here]

    LOL Anna…can we start a petition?

    When houseslippers are outlawed, only outlaws will shop at WalMart.

    When dumb blondes are outlawed, only outlaws will wonder if “Chicken of the Sea” is tuna or chicken.

    When beer is outlawed, the residents of Wisconsin will sober up and realize that they really ARE cheeseheads.

    When buttcracks are outlawed, only outlaws will become plumbers or pop stars.

    When fastfood is outlawed, only outlaws will have paper crowns, heart disease, and Sponge Bob action figures.

    When rap is outlawed, I’ll be one happy camper…

  18. When Mandys Buns are outlawed, only outlaws will have them as there wallpaper.

    Sorry about that…no not really…. :kiss:

    When :boob:s are outlawed, only outlaws will have . :wang:

  19. When thought is outlawed, just about everybody here will be in jail. Not me, tho…I plan to keep my fool mouth shut.

  20. When human rights are outlawed the poor will have to become outlaws to survive. Eat the rich!
    Pass the gray Poupon, please! 👿

  21. When laws are outlawed, only outlaws will have no purpose in life.
    boy! give that one a think through, it made more sense before i wrote it!!!

  22. When Myspaces are outlawed, only outlaws will have Myspaces. They won’t be cool outlaws, though. They’ll be stupid.

  23. [Comment ID #38632 will be quoted here]

    If they were to outlaw masks, I would have to just give up my wrestling career entirely……well as long as they don’t outlaw leather I’ll be okay…

  24. When our freedoms are outlawed, only republicans will have freedom.

    (OOOOH! Timmmy gets political.)

  25. Beth said:

    When blowjobs are outlawed, only outlaws will have herpes.

    When blowjobs are outlawed, only outlaws will get ahead


    When blowjobs are outlawed, only outlaws will be left to wallow.

  26. Anita Mann-Bradley

    Hopefully this is a wee bit better…..yes win some lose some on the attempts..


  27. When Medicare is outlawed and hospitals can’t bilk it–hospitals and doctors will really have to rethink their fee structures.

  28. When freedom WAS outlawed, only the government has freedom. whether your a D or on R… doesnt really matter, you still cant do what ya want, they outlaw the fun stuff, and reserve it for there ‘elite’ selves to do, because they have more $ and power than you ever will. :wtf:

  29. When driving while talking on your cell phone is outlawed, only outlaws will have car accidents, and higher insurance rates. 😛

  30. I’m sure you’d love to have pants outlawed, if this happens then I’ll be in jail, sorry

  31. [Comment ID #38429 will be quoted here]

    watch it JFLY, i’m from Wisconsin, i drink, and yes i am a cheesehead 😡

  32. when inlaws’ outlaws are outlawed only outlaws will have inlaws’ outlaws

    when insain people are outlawed there wont be any outlaws.

    when bush is outlawed everyone else will be happy 🙂 :kiss: 🙂

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