I have no more GMail invitations left for the any readers who’d like them. Please include your real email address if you want one.

44 thoughts on “Sick of Hotmail?

  1. Did I make it with my above post? I sure hope so I have been craving gmail for months…..thanks Dave you are the source of all truth and knowledge……well at least your site is cool!!!!

  2. It figures. Usually I am right on top of the thing, and today I don’t bother to even check in, and I miss out AGAIN. Cripes.

  3. Hi Dave. I could really use a google account to alleviate my current mail headaches.

    merci beaucoup if you are able, c’est la guerre if you are not.

  4. FYI รขโ‚ฌโ€ You know people sell invites on ebay for around a buck…… so if you get left out there is still a chance to get one…..

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