Garlic buns

Garlic buns

Astute readers will notice that today’s photo is actually a souped-up version of the much-beloved “bootylicious” photo that randomly appears on this site’s masthead. Why a clove of garlic? Read on…

Yesterday a young woman walked past me with a rather odd thing planted on the seat of her pants. A drawing of a clove of garlic. Not something one sees every day. Google searches for the same turned up fruitless. I got to wondering what on earth a clove of garlic on the backside of a woman’s pants could stand for.

  1. “My ass smells like pesto.”
  2. “It’s my school mascot. We are the Cloves! Mighty, mighty cloves and weeee stink!”
  3. “I have a fetish that your family will not approve of.”
  4. “My glutes are so toned, I can crush garlic between my cheeks.”
  5. “I don’t do anal with vampires.”

What is your interpretation?

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  1. 6. If you see this after the sun goes down, you’re well hung.

    Wait…that didn’t make any sense, did it?

  2. JFLY

    1. Italian air-freshener
    2. crack kills…
    3. Bam!!!

  3. Spud

    “Stand clear!”

    “I have gas”

    “Does my bum look big with this?”


  4. Steve

    Vampires enter from the rear!

  5. Spud

    Yesterday a young penguin walked past me with a clove of garlic on its bum…

    So the penguin throws out the garlic and tells the midget prostitute, “See? It’s just like riding a bike!”

  6. Mandy

    This post is making me hungry. 😛

  7. frisko

    I think she shopped at the “slightly Irregular” clothing outlet store. Thats why she got the great outfit for .99 cents.

  8. I am so sorry, but garlic gives me big time gas. That doesn’t mean I don’t looove it.

  9. tinamarie

    “I’m spicy!” (Only makes sense if you have seen the commercials.)

    p.s. for us Italians, garlic is a good thing. Maybe she is looking for a guy who has onions, green pepper, or basil drawn on his crotch?

  10. I am going with answer #5. She is against anal sex with vampires that wear moosepants while dressed as evil ninja clowns. But, maybe I am reading too much into it. :java:

  11. Actually… now that I look at it… it doesn’t look like garlic. It looks more like a sperm…

    She likes sperm on her bum. :undies:

  12. I wonder how the bum would feel about that. I think he’d prefer cash over swimmers.

  13. DK

    It’s clearly an invitation that says,
    “Hey babe, wanna sample my scampi?” 🙄

  14. Serious comment (believe it or not):

    I have read in women’s self-help, natural remedy articles that a clove of garlic up your #%$@ is a treatment for a yeast infection.

    Sorry, can’t tell you first hand about it’s effectiveness.

  15. Now for a NOT serious comment (believe it or not):

    “I had garlic for lunch. My breath reeks and I don’t give a shit about it. Oh, wait a second – let me check my butt. I DID give a shit about it!”


    “I had garlic for lunch, and if you don’t like my breath, kiss my ass!”

  16. dakota1970

    It was probably a picture of an onion. Onion is slang for Booty.

  17. Molly

    “Vampires Beware! I can kill the lot of you with one well directed poot.”

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