When I die, one of my proudest accomplishments in life will have been knowing I was the only person on Flickr with a photo tagged as Moosepants.


  1. Kirk

    Does this mean you are full of bull? 😛

    Note: a male moose is called a bull and a female moose is called a cow.

  2. I <3 moosepants. Pure genius, Natalie.:smile:

  3. Spud

    Moosepants are the prefered clothing of midget devil clowns.


  4. Definition of Moosepants? – A noise you don’t want to hear five inches behind your left ear when you’re out hunting in the woods.

  5. mikeB

    Why I’m wearing a pair right now and I look quite dapper. :mrgreen:

  6. JFLY

    Yes, but were condoms used in the making of moosepants, as they are in the making saris in India? 😕

    (see yesterday’s link by kirk)

  7. Mandy

    Moosepants sounds like they would make your ass look fat. 😐

  8. Spud

    or loose … :boxers:

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