English Teacher Pickup Lines

  1. Care to split my infinitive?
  2. What’s an antonym for virginity?
  3. That’s quite a dangling modifier you’ve got there.
  4. I love the way you misuse the subjunctive, you naughty little minx.
  5. You always know how to find the predicate in my clause.
  6. Let me be the first to complement your subject.
  7. Show me your direct object and I’ll show you mine.
  8. You can take my infinitive object; with or without actors!
  9. Tell me all about your past progressive.
  10. You certainly know how to use other tenses in conjunction with simple tenses.

17 thoughts on “English Teacher Pickup Lines

  1. Okay, use condoms, but if it doesn’t work, try being a parent, apply your open hand to the butt with some amount of force, repeat as needed….! duh!! 🙄

  2. 12. Baby, you put the ‘syn’ in syntax.
    13. Today we going to do the present perfect continuous. I’m present. You’re perfect. Shall we continue?
    14. Get Off. Twenty-three prepositions in a one-night stand.
    15. Hey, I’m into the third-person plural too! Why, do you have a friend who could join us?
    16. My last girlfriend didn’t look good using diphthongs, but then, she didn’t have your nice rounded vowels.
    17. You’re a bit touch and go on the practical test, although you flew the oral.

  3. sporting wood? or is that a gerund in your pants?
    my genitive and your genitive in movement paradox for hours baby.
    i would love to turn you on with my pronomial substitution if you want it.
    a little declension in your parasitic gap might allow for better postpositionality!

    put that kid in a haunted house and give alot of brandied fruit.

  4. 1. Come home with me, I majored in English CLit.
    2. If I told you I was a cunning linguist, would you be able to hold up your end…of the conversation?

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