Dick Pharmacy

Image via Kirk Stump, “These signs are from a recently closed pharmacy in Des Moines, IA. Just thought you would find them amusing.”

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  1. :limp: Is this where all the limp ones go to get their Cialis, Viagra, and Enzyte? I’ll be sure to pass along the information. OOPS! The guy who sent the picture said the place was closed. Sorry fellas! :limp: :wtf:

  2. Why is my comment awaiting moderation? When did we start getting monitored around here? Is some guy going to be coming over with an ankle bracelet later today? :wtf:

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    Hey, there weren’t any showing until I put my comment in :wtf:

  4. [Comment ID #241805 will appear here]

    I’ll be over later with some handcuffs – the kind with the fur wrappers. They’re called “cuff muffs” and I know you’ll enjoy them. Might need the pharmacy by the time we’re through. :wang: 😈

  5. (Haha) When I posted, Nicolette’s wasn’t there. That’s why I said “first” which I never do unless I have something else to say.

    I thought maybe the “moderation” was because of my d-word.

  6. Damn, I could have used a Dick Pharmacy when I got that dose of gonorrhea as result of a wild weekend in Juarez.
    Aaaah, the memories, Maria. AAAAAH, THE PAIN WHEN I PEE! 😈

  7. Uh…… Dave? Something strange is afoot at the Circle K! Why are we being moderated?? We have always been able to be our dirrrrty, foul mouthed selves before. Are you going soft on us, and if so, can you get to the Dick Pharmacy to fix it?? πŸ˜›

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    😈 The comments I made were plenty naughty! I thought that was why they were being moderated! :dead:

  9. Maybe the guy who owned the pharmacy died. That’d make him a limp dick… :limp:

    Nicolette, maybe it’s saying YOU should be taken in moderation… πŸ˜€

  10. My uncle’s a pharmacist.

    I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep from laughing when I see him now. πŸ˜›

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    Careful! One of my comments was being moderated a couple weeks ago and I
    got a visit from Homeland Insecurity. πŸ˜• 😳 ❗ :wtf:

  12. This from the Des Moines Register (paraphrased)

    Mr. DICK sold his pharmacy in 1969 to Mr. WANGerin. Closing was not due to a lack of business but rather reimbursements had not been enough to run a profitable business.

    Evidently these two dickheads didn’t know dick about running a dick pharmacy.

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    Again, form imitates life. At first it’s stiff and later ends up limp and smelly…

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    I’ll be glad to try to turn you back on, babe. :kiss: :wang: :thong:

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    Sorry, Annie. Now I kinda feel bad. Strangely a little proud of myself, but still bad…

  16. [Comment ID #242635 will appear here]

    You’re a complex guy Drusky …

    Try again Flash …

    How’s a girl supposed to “function” around here with all these disturbing images floating around in her head?

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    Work me in, squeeze me in, it’s sounding better and better :wang: :wang:

  18. I don’t know why everybody thinks this is funny. You’re all a bunch of preverts.


    Mr. Richard Pharmacy.

  19. First? Who cares who comes first as long as we all do!!

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    Me Too! Me Too!

    [Comment ID #241832 will appear here]
    I told you! You get what you pay for!

  20. I used to work at the Dick Pharmacy :limp: . It consisted of a dimly lit hallway, one way in one way out, with windows along one side. In each window was a room…a setup…a stage each with it’s own complementing and yielding girl. I don’t thing we have to go into detail… πŸ˜› Next to each window hung a box of wetnaps. The last window was mine…the last resort so–to-speak. sigh Good times…
    What can I say?…No more broke dicks :wang: …I’m out of a job… πŸ™ 😈

  21. [Comment ID #244060 will appear here]

    Somewhere over at StevieC’s house, a monitor just exploded… πŸ˜€

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