Complete this Sentence, #33

Yo’ Mama’s so _______, that when she _______, she really _______.

Guest author, Marcus.

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  1. Yo’ mama’s so addicted, that when she cracks up, she really cracks up.

    (Get it? Crack cocaine. Ahh damnit, I’ve probably ruined the joke by explaining it).

  2. Spud

    Yo’ Mama’s so fat, that when she farts, she really blows a plug.

  3. family jules

    Yo mamma’s so Republican, when she hands out all her jobs to her unqualified cronies, makes up intelligence reports to justify going to war against the wishes of the entire rest of the world, ignores the dissolving economy, disregards the fact that no one will join the military on a drunken bet anymore, calls the growing lack of support unpatriotic, then plans to prevent a nuclear attack by launching a nuclear attack, she really really doesn’t care that she sucks at her office because her day job as an oil baron raping the people at $3+ a gallon is what pays the rent at her Texas ranch.

    And despite what my mother used to tell me, ignorance is NOT bliss.

  4. Driver

    Yo’ mama’s so sluty , that when she bangs , she really bangs , she bangs she bangs she bangs… oh uh sorry I just had a William Hung flashback .
    The sad part is I don’t even watch that stupid shit .

  5. Marcus

    1. Yo mama is so fat, that when she walks down the street, her ass claps.
    2. Yo mama is so ugly, that when she gave birth to you, she was referred to a vet.

    Oh my god…. I am having flash backs. Bad ones of Bob Ross. Darkness overwhelming. Please help…. I don’t want to paint a mountain. I want to paint people. No velvet paintings of Elvis pleassse. No crying clowns…. arghhhh. He is cheesemeister with a bad afro. :troll:

    Hope you all enjoy the suggested activity today and thanks Dave. I have a lot more suggestions. 😆 😀

  6. Spud

    Yo’ Mama’s so nasty, that when she smiles, she really makes babies cry.

  7. Marcus

    Hey guys!!! If you follow the link to Bob’s Page click on the quiz link. I cracked up. Esp. question # 4 😀 :mrgreen:

  8. [Comment ID #45400 will be quoted here]

    Question #4 on that quiz was good, but I couldn’t find the answer I had for it on the list… 😈

  9. Yo’ Mama’s so stupid, that when she met Bob Ross, she really thought it was Richard Simmons with facial hair… 😀

  10. Marcus

    [Comment ID #45403 will be quoted here]

    Come on ladies shake your butt!! Sweatin to the Oldies 2.

  11. lucygoosy2004

    Yo mamas so into Bob Ross, that when she was painting a happy little tree, she thought she was painting a happy little mountain.I know, that sucked!!! I really miss watching that show. And that Justin Wilson cooking show.I guarantee!!!

  12. starsfan

    The Bonus meet BobRoss at the bottom of the link was a bit scary. Isn’t he dead? 🙄

  13. Driver

    Yo’ mamas so Walmart redneck , that when she goes to walmart , she realy stands out because she wears a tube top 2x ‘ s too small and daisy duke shorts,
    but she weighs 400 lbs. Theres a visual for ya .

  14. Meagan

    Yo’ mama’s so stinky, that when she showers, she comes out smelling worse than when she went in! Whoa, snap! 😛

  15. fifa

    WIFE: Why are you home so early?
    Husband: My boss told me to go to hell.

    your mammas so hairy she looks like a chia pet with a sweater on.
    your mammas so hairy she has afros on her nipples 😳

  16. [Comment ID #45485 will be quoted here]

    I think that would be something in the water, my dear……uh, that didn’t sound right, did it?

  17. Randy

    Yo’ Mama’s so stupid, that when she heard that someone got a blow job, she really thought they became employed.

  18. Flash Gordon

    We never heard of Bob Ross down here in north Georgia, but he
    looks like a Mexican! I have 7 living in my outhouse. 😕

  19. Patrick

    Bob Ross was as much PBS as Big Bird or Mr. Rogers. He was the epitome of 60’s stoner who figured out a way to manipulate the system and make a living. His ‘happy little trees’ were amazing.
    Yo mama is so fat that when she sits around the house, she really sits AROUND the house! (Ya gotta love the classics)! I got your ‘snap’ hanging -LOW! 😈

  20. Francesca

    yo mama is so dumb she went to a Clippers game for a haircut
    yo mama is so dumb when you told her it was chilly outside she grabbed a bowl and spoon

  21. John K

    Yo’ Mama’s so big that when she stands up she really looks like she is still sitting down.

  22. John K

    Yo’ Mama’s so dirty that when she leaves her home she really becomes a bio-hazard.

  23. Derek

    Yo mamma’s so FAT when she sits around the house, she Sits around the house.. ❗

  24. mikeB

    Yo mamma’s such a fine example of the expected social norm, that every night she has a healthy dinner ready for her children, and puts them to bed at a reasonable time.

  25. Driver

    Master Solace
    Glad to add to your nightmare stock … dream on pal dream on . 😈

  26. Jerm

    Yo mamma’s so unfunny that when she tells a joke, she really goes on too long, even to the point of explaining it a little bit, thus making something that had an outside chance at humor sound like a seminar on proper asset allocation.

    And remember to make your IRA contributions now…not in December!

  27. Kirk

    YO, YO, YO…..this question is a current MTV television show!

  28. Ace

    Yo’ mama’s so fat she got stuck in the air.
    Yo’ mama’s so old she farts dust.
    Yo’ mama’s so old when she sneezed she turned into a pile of dust.
    Yo’ mama’s so stupid she got run over by a parked car.
    Paris Hilton is so stupid she thought wal-mart was a place to buy walls.
    Yo’ mama’s so stupid she got locked in a grocery store and starved.
    Yo’ mama’s so stupid she took the pepsi challenge and failed.
    Yo’ mama’s so stupid she thought cheerios were donut seeds.

    It’s like I’m back on the playground.

  29. [Comment ID #45569 will be quoted here]

    I’ll get you back, I promise…just give me a little while…

  30. [Comment ID #45555 will be quoted here]

    I some lines of work, that really is the case… 😈

  31. Meagan

    [Comment ID #45550 will be quoted here]

    Just think of how a dog smells when it’s wet. Then multiply that by ten.


  32. Memphisbandman

    Hey…get off of my mother…I just got off of yours!

  33. Drusky

    The ‘Bob Ross Video Game’… You’d need a whole memory card just for his hair…
    You could jazz it up though, say, by trying something like ‘John Madden’s Bob Ross 2K6’ 😐

    Richard Simmons with facial hair… 😆 😆 😆

  34. [Comment ID #45794 will be quoted here]

    No thanks, I’ll pass…Driver’s still got me with the nightmare he gave me… :puke:

  35. Timmmy

    Yo’ Mama’s so fat, that small children and animals get caught in her gravitational pull and orbit around her.

    (maybe that was too geeky)

  36. Susan

    Your mama is so fat that she tripped over target, rolled over K-Mart and landed on Walmart… 😮

  37. kate

    Dve me being the total incompotent fool that i am i have just forggotten my password and have no clue as how to acces it. HELP ME PLEAS GOD.

  38. kate

    i have also apparently lost all ability to spell see what this stuff does to me

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