Chuck Norris

Conversation between any group of males in 1978 “Chuck Norris could beat anyone.” “No way could Chuck Norris beat Bruce Lee.” “Yeah, Bruce Lee ripped the heart from a live cow with one strike.” “And he drank blood.” “And no one to this day, knows how he died.” “Norris got him.”

New Scents for Yankee Candles

If Yankee Candles actually smelled like things from the Northern US, the candle scents would change up a bit. Brown Snowdrift Hoboken Hobo Leftover Pizza in the Fridge Warm IPA Overpriced, Overly-Sweet Cocktail that Looked Good in the Menu, But Wasn’t  Women’s’ Room After a Concert Crushed Black Fly Lacrosse Coach Middle-Eastern Man’s Cologne Air […]