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  • Jack

    Thats the worst case of crabs I have ever seen!

  • Spud

    Mummy! mummy, this costume’s to heavy! ……… mummy!

  • Lung the Younger

    Laura Gonzalez, winner of the 2008 Little Miss Three-Mile-Island Pageant.

  • Steve James

    Winner of the London Tube Station Fancy Dress challenge: King Crustacean (King’s Cross Station)

  • julesOdeNile

    don’t leave crabs untreated too long!

  • Meagan

    Yet another mean thing to tell a third grader: If you have sex and get crabs, you’ll turn into one. :wtf:

  • Brad K.

    Miss Pointer, If the shell is the crab’s house, then why are you mad I went potty?!

  • patrick

    “Do’oh, Spongebob, I think Crusty has been putting too much crab in his Crabby Patties”.

    “Yeah, yeah I know it just swallowed a kid. Shut up and help me get that big bastard into this pot. And then go get all the lemons you can find. We are gonna feast tonight”.

  • StevieC

    At her age, she’s still just a crab but by the time she hits high school, she’ll be a full blown bitch.

  • StevieC

    That crab is wearing the scariest hallowe’en mask that I’ve seen in a long time!

  • hoatzin

    Perhaps not comfortable, but suitable attire for any child visiting the Neverland Ranch

  • junkman


  • Monday

    “Jenny wasn’t in a very giving mood and was being quite shellfish that day”

  • Chris S.

    After repeatedly getting caught using boats and makeshift rafts, the Cubanez family decides to test out a slightly different method to sneak into the U.S…

  • Drusky

    For years, little Jenny’s shrink tried to get her to come out of her shell…

  • StevieC

    sniff yep, they all smell like that.

  • AnnieB

    [Comment ID #301166 will appear here]

    LOL! Good one, I almost spewed.. 😛

  • Flash Gordon

    I told you to stay out of the dumpster at Red Lobster, Selena! 😕 :wtf: 😳

  • janeeto

    Next week, on “Deadliest Catch”: The crew of the Northwestern pull their traps out of the Bering Strait and they all come back empty…except one! Sig Hansen: “Size DOES matter!

  • Elle

    The pediatrician described Elena’s condition as a forerunner of severe PMS.

  • echo

    I’m surprised no one went “OM NOM NOM NOM” yet

  • pablo

    Little Emily wasn’t too worried aboput how crabby she had become. Her concern started when her parents offered to draw her a bath. She knew it was trouble when the tub was full of melted butter.

  • S

    Why You Should Where A Condom

  • Chris S.

    [Comment ID #302975 will appear here]

    Hear, their, everywear! 😛

  • Nessa

    Despite her daughters cries to stop trick or treating for the night, the mother pushes her on, her secret agenda becoming known. MORE CHOCOLATE, I MUST HAVE MORE CHOCOLATE. :wtf:

  • Faith

    Can someone please hook me up with the Menedez boys?

  • tony

    Well guys, either way you’re screwed!!!

  • Penguin Pete

    gag, said Mr. Crab, “The next time I eat human, I’ll shell it first!”

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