Caption Time #85

Caption Time #85
[because I haven’t disturbed you enough lately]

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  1. (waits for someone to make bad pussy joke)

  2. Mandy

    or a hairy pussy joke. :dead:

  3. Da Popster

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, FLAShBACK !!!!! :hurl:

  4. polar bear

    so thats what happened to my ex.:razz:

  5. hippychick

    see what happens when you have inter-species sex? Like the rat wasn’t enough? Those silk sheets won’t last long…become confetti.
    Leatherface wasn’t bad enough? Now we have pussyface!

  6. tinamarie

    Today on Geraldo: Species reassignment surgery.

  7. them furries are getting real adventurous.

    (aiee mine eyes)

  8. Spud

    Now that’s what I’m talking aboot!




  9. cbatdux

    Dear Papa Doc I am sending you this here letter of thanks. My wife had left me and my nature wus all messed up and my sore-eye-usus wuz gettin purty bad. I called psychics and readers online. Nothing that they told me came to past. I called you on the phone and I was serprised to get you. You told me what a loser I wuz and what I should buy and use. I must tell you that I am happy that I paid $89.95 for your 4-page pamflet and I follered your ritual. I am now working on prosperity (the toilet meditation gave me such a release!) I have a new found faith in God. Thank God for you Papa Doc. D.Z. Michigan.

  10. Spud

    $100 fine
    go to your room!

    funny sermon though, almost rustic.


  11. mitch

    :lol:Hey guys, party at Doctor Moreau’s house!!!!:wang:

  12. Steve

    Here kitty, kitty, kitty ……

  13. Spud

    I could also say, nothing a bag wouldn’t fix, but that just wouldn’t be right.


  14. Nicholle

    Isn’t that Cheetarah from the Thundercats?


  15. Marcus

    The ideal woman for ‘real’ cat lovers 😳

    Papadoc has me in his power. All hail Papadoc. Master of Elluga, Prince of Hot Air, King Krud (Crud), Emir of Bull, and Bearer of Cat Shit from the Cat Lady on the bed.

  16. Craig

    Ditch the granny panties cheetara.

  17. Lace Valentine

    Tony the Tiger just got a boner. :wang:

  18. Coley

    Now the guys will know how uncomfortable whisker burn is :limp: :wtf:

  19. bo

    :undies::thong:The New IPEX feline bra and panty from Victoria Secrets Bo

  20. underdog

    damn im in love nice tats :wang:
    wooooooo hoooooooo i want

  21. jules

    “My pussy has spots, doctor!”

  22. HippyGuy

    Dirctor: Ok, honey. Now go get comfortable and we’ll start filming.

    Mrs. Tiger: Hows this?

    Director: GRRRREAT!!!

  23. Braenwen

    Victoria’s Secret: She’s a real animal in bed

  24. I just hope she spits, and doesn’t swallow. Just in case she bites.

  25. Link via David, warning, loud, annoying MIDI

    Thank God for missing plugins.

    Papa Doc… wasn’t he the guy who got kicked out of Haiti? I’m glad to see he found productive employment…


  26. Mandy

    but ….. Dave? I thought you hated furries! :limp:

  27. tina

    :boobs: damn and i thought i was a wild cat, she got me beat.:thong::wtf:

  28. The idea of hairballs takes on an entirely new meaning.:dead:

  29. Now there’s a cougar if I ever saw one.

  30. Gaby

    y’all are weird! I don’t get it! I guess you must be stupid or something to get it, cuz i’m not stupid and i don’t get it.:razz:

  31. Nobody’s ugly after 2:00 A.M.

  32. Stephanie

    I think that Jocelyn Wildenstein went one step farther in her plastic surgery obsession.

  33. Steve

    And to think, all along I’ve been warned about dating cougars! 🙄

  34. “It’s a Sliger [slut/tiger], bred for its skills in sex-magic. It’s my favorite animal.”

    And some other joke related to a killer bass that I’m having trouble articulating right now.

  35. Sheila

    :boobs:this chick is Hot! This is so KooL!:undies::smile::wtf:

  36. With some beer goggles on she wouldn’t look too bad I suppose.

  37. charlie

    I think I finally understand where Ted was coming from with “Cat Scratch Fever.”

  38. Paige

    Again, the argument against inter-species marriage. Whats with the animals, Dave?:limp:

  39. Duker

    …I’ll give you your tongue bath after you empty the litterbox, OK?

  40. tigerlily

    When I said I loved the movie Cat People I did not know you would take me literally! sheesh!:roll:

  41. jayray

    To tina the wildcat: i dont like cats but i love pussy, thanks for the mental:undies::boobs::boobs:

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