Caption Time #45

Caption Time #45

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  1. Bowler

    The birds may have stolen my pants, but I have their HOUSE.

  2. If he didn’t remove the eggs from that birdhouse nest first I swear I’ll call PETA.

  3. Lace Valentine

    The last years of Harry Nilsson…

  4. Well, if y’all think I wuz gonna pay for an inflatable doll tu be delivud all the way out here, y’all can think agin. So, I dun built one for m’self.

  5. When Penelope told Wilfred that she wanted a make over for the garden, he thought he knew what a gazebo was. He now knew, just from her expression, that he had got it wrong again.

  6. Anna

    Nobody has mentioned the delectable legs … 🙁 … they are worth mentioning (herewith).

  7. When the postman showed up in the garden to deliver a package, something was slightly odd in the pattern of his shirt…

  8. Spud

    That could almost pass for a photo of ….. ummm…… nevermind.


  9. George

    “…and ‘ere’s our Geordie, standing right proud an all on is birthdee…”

    “Go on Geordie …. smile!….”

  10. Rolf was finally forced to prove to his friends that he had actually lost his virginity at the age of 35 by ‘sticking his :wang: in a birds box”

  11. The man is a genius for his new invention.
    Portable Glory Holes.

  12. I thought the legs looked pretty good too, Anna.

  13. Cheap Date

    What’s the big deal, he needed a house to place his wood pecker.:grin:

  14. Mandy

    You said “wood” :wang:

  15. frisko

    He was so hard up for a job, that Bubba took a position at the Johnsons farm as a scarecrow. What you are seeing is his combination ID photo, and employee of the month photo. Well done, Bubba!

  16. mikeB

    “Allows me tah intruhdoooce the BubbaCo Backyard Vaccuum. So strong, it strips the leaves offen mah trees. Heck, it done eat mah pants clean offen me!”

  17. Julie

    if he read the Cat Translation Dictionary, he’d know that the cats stole his pants and ate the birds! 😀


    Any questions?

  19. mf

    looks like daniel baldwin…

  20. Cheap Date

    LOOK, I see TWO BLUE BALLS!!!!!! 😆

  21. Kirk

    I first saw this picture when 3 people had left comments. I couldn’t think of anything cute to say and look 21 cute comments later and I still can’t think of anything.:sad:

  22. Lace Valentine

    Moxie–that was extremely funny, and so wrong.

    By the way, I saw on your site you stated you had acid reflux problems. I posted in your comments section about how Blue Green algae can help you with this and you probably won’t need prescribed meds like Prilosec.

    I had severe problems with acid reflux for a number of years until I discovered by luck how the algae fixed everything, to the point I can even indulge in coffee and onions without acidic side effects. Hope this helps…

  23. TinaMarie

    Moxie, you rock! LOL

    Cletus was very proud of his new invention. Not only could he satisfy his urges,:wang: but the sheep no longer ran when they saw him coming(so to speak…):wtf:

  24. George

    Pounds to pennies he’s a Pommie Rust.

    Then again I’ve been known to be wrong.


  25. Eric

    “Hey, who turned my caber pole into a birdhouse, and what wiseguy stole my kilt?!”

  26. I never really thought about matching underwear with socks before. Is that a new trend?

  27. Spud

    It’s a bloke thing Nikki


  28. enfanta

    Don’t most farmers use sheep?

  29. Steppenwolf

    Bubba heads for the ER after his unfortunate experiment knowing next time he needs to find an unoccupied birdhouse.

  30. ScottL

    I certainly am happy that I won’t be getting the “bird’s eye view” should he get excited.:wtf:

  31. Lends a new meaning to, “The early bird gets the worm.”

  32. Once again the girls of Davezilla get to look at a half naked man. We male readers are left out in the cold without a decent :boobs::boobs: photo. The world is filled with injustice.

  33. Well Merth, if the “girls of Davezilla” wish to send in more photos, I will gladly post them. :mrgreen:

  34. “Sweet. A big box of shaving gel!”

  35. mikeB

    Trying to find a reason not to like this picture, but it’s damn funny.

  36. Katie

    My God… I think that’s my ex-husband! The restraining order IS working!

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