34 thoughts on “Caption Time #258

  1. that’s about as fake as my former girlfriend
    air coming out of her mouth is coming from her brain
    so much for the bitterness…. looks like an adult entertainment doll with teeth

  2. I wouldn’t let my equipment get anywhere near that set of bodatious choppers!
    :limp: 😈 🙂 :wtf:

  3. [quote comment=”511529″]I’d do ‘er. Come to think of it, I already did!

    Oh wait… that was the coug that was here last week. Sorry. :limp:[/quote]
    Rusty, Rusty… My hair is auburn… didn’t you notice? 🙁

  4. Y’know, technically, it’s a suck job, not a blow job. I mean like my first girlfriend said many many years ago “What am I supposed to do, blow on it?” :limp: 😳

  5. [quote comment=”511620″]First question – what is it?
    Second – Are the teeth removable?

    I think I’ll leave now…

    ➡ ➡ :arrow:[/quote]
    And, can’t we turn the pump around so that when you plug it/her in, air goes in her mouth, as in suction is created? Seems much more practical. “Blow job” is a misnomer unless she’s like BigWaveDave’s girl and doing it wrong.

  6. perhaps this is what happens to the girls from the “not a member” club when they drink too many pints o’ splooge on the settee by the window. we know it cures acne but it seems to make the facial features a tad pasty. 😕

  7. Facebook of Genesis!!!! Freakin’ hilarious!!! yeah, I sent it to my Facebook homies. I hope I don’t offend those of the Catholic faith.

  8. I love the ‘fail’ vids. I needed these laughs. I took the day off from work. Too much crap, no support, no help. F ’em.

  9. sad and spooky as it sounds, this is a prominent feature in the casino where i work … i have no idea why. it actually DOES have a plug-in so the skirt WILL blow itself up and around a la Some Like It Hot…
    [quote comment=”513122″]Lee, I have to know… where you wearing any pants when you posted this?


    @ Rebekca… LOL! Good call!


    well, with all the cameras around, we’ll just assume there were pants involved. somewhere.

  10. omg that had to hurt. i don’t think that he knows who it is that he’s waving to thanks to that dam tree that came out of nowhere, i guess the trees are fighting back they must be mad at all those tree huggers leaving them hanging 😛 😯 😈

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