18 thoughts on “Caption Time #246

  1. In this rare archival photo we see Tarzan’s distant cousin Sven of the Polar Bears at the time of his abduction in 1932. When reached for comment a family spokesperson simply stated, “This kind of thing happens to our family all the time. You only hear about Tarzan though because apes are so cute and human-like and thats what the public likes. Nobody mentions Sven here… or Jerry of the Koalas… or Myrtle of the House Cats. Our family has been through a lot and it’s just not fair that Tarzan got the only movie deal.”

  2. Yukon Cornelius’ deep seated hatred of the Bumble started loooonnnggg before they came together again in “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer”…

  3. “Here’s the story, of a lonely bumble, who was sure he would never get any lunch”

    “Here’s the story of a little baby who sitting on a bench”

    “Until one day when the Bumble met the baby, and that’s the way the baby became his lunch”

    “The Bumble’s lunch, the Bumble’s lunch, that’s the way the baby became the Bumble’s lunch!”

  4. “So I sayz to the bitch ‘Hey! This kid don’t look nothin like me!’ and she tells me ‘Oh yeah?! Where do you think he got that hair on his head? That doesn’t look like your hair?’ Now what am I supposed to say to that? I’ll tell you what I say to that: I want a DNA test, that’s what!”

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