Caption time #15

Caption Time #15

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  1. Mandy

    Boy briefs are soooooo fucking sexy. Usually. But not today. Nope. 😡

  2. See what you ladies get when you keep bugging me for pics of scantily-clad men? 😛

  3. No, wait. Let me guess. Is this the birth of Venus?

  4. Spud

    All Hail Skidman!

  5. Bobby Peru

    Panty Boy to the Rescue!

  6. Hmmmm, for some reason Fatboy Slim popped into my head. :wtf:

  7. So did Chumbawumba. (Did I spell that right?)

  8. cheez

    The National Enema-Holding Convention….. and the winner……

  9. Margaret

    I bet the guy in white uses the most soap!!

  10. Esther

    I guess we should have specified scantily-clad men that don’t make you want to cry when you see ’em.:???:

    Is there a penis icon in the works, Dave? Perhaps a hot dog in a bun?:lol:

  11. Dave

    I am soooo fucking gay!!!:idea:

  12. ReV.JeLLyBaBY


    I’ll say one thing for you mate. You really showed that you’re a man that listens to his female audience.

    The ladies wanted more man hunk and you gave it to them.

    What better display of manliness than the “Moldovian Men’s Olympic Swimming Team.”

    I ask you ladies…………are you not entertained?

    Hmmmm no reply……

    Too busy drooling no doubt.


  13. ReV.JeLLyBaBY


    Seriously Dave..they are a bit poo aren’t they?

    I look better than that in a thong and thats without the rigorous buffness training these guys have obviously undertaken!


  14. Patrick

    The Japanese Bikini team begins practice for this week’s big event: The Karaoke Finals in Melvidale, Michigan…come on Dave, laugh!

  15. They’re going to do their rendition of “In the Navy” by the Village People…

  16. See, Esther? Two flavors! So to speak.
    :limp: and :wang:

  17. Well, at least you didn’t put up a pic of ME in a Speedo. That would have caused severe psychological scarring of your faithful readers.

  18. ReV.JeLLyBaBY


    I find the penises offensive!


    I would have been more symbolic.

    Maybe George Bush’s face instead?

  19. A JeLLyBaBY icon? I guess we have two devils and no “opposing view”. Then I’ll have to add a star of David, a pentacle, a vévé, political icons … when will it end?

  20. Mandy

    I find the penises delic-:oops: erm, thanks for the icons Dave! :kiss:

  21. Holy Chao! How could I forget? Fnord.

    Wow, Mandy. Wow.

  22. Frisko

    Yea we got wizzer pictures, happy and sad! 7 am again I get to be the first girl to play with the penises on Davezilla. Here goes…….:wang::limp::wang::limp::wang::limp::wang::limp::boobs::limp::wang:

  23. Frisko

    One of those dudes is wearing purple jelly shoes. They must be singing old Broadway show tunes preparing for their syncronized swim preformance. I wonder who they are the opening act for?


  24. Frisko

    Does the link accept donations, are they tax deductable, and where is the drop off location?
    just kidding

  25. Steppenwolf

    Frisco, I think you meant to say…
    :limp: :limp: :limp: :boobs: :boobs: :kiss: :wang:

  26. Frisko

    Nah, I was just teasing.


  27. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    :wang: = before

    :limp: = after

    The above diagram indicates the two stages of man, when cornered by and ugly woman.


  28. The Kyoto All Male Musical Appreciation Society finishes their rendition of “I’m Going to Wash That Man Right Of My Hair” to rousing silence.

  29. Spud


  30. Spud

    It had to be done… 😀

  31. You know spud, I was thinking the same thing. :boobs::wang::boobs:

  32. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    Porn Icons?

    :boobs::boobs: :limp::kiss:

    :wang: OOH YEAH BABY!

  33. Elektra

    “I’m queen of the world, bow down to your master”

  34. Cheap Date

    Guy in the middle: “I’M HERE, I’M QUEER, GET USED TO IT!!”

    Guy to the left of gay boy: “hehehe, dang, that water must have been COLD!!!”

  35. Man in middle: “Your laughing now, but the roof is caving in I tell ya!”

  36. Cheap Date

    :limp: Hey, why does the sad one have no balls??? :wtf:

  37. Steppenwolf

    The guy on the left looks like he’s going to hurl.
    The guy behind ‘big boy’ is thinking “nice ass’…boing! :wang:

  38. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    Could we get a “PIMP” icon Dave?

    Pretty please!

    Go On…You’ll be gaining.

  39. Cheap Date

    I’m SERIOUS! What happened to limpy’s balls? :limp:

  40. cheez

    :limp: –> It’s like lickin’ a candy cane!!!!!

  41. Margaret

    Maybe the:limp:is sad BECAUSE he has no balls!!

  42. It looks like someone pulled a Lorena Bobbit on him. I should redraw that one. :wtf:

  43. Esther


    Me likey.:limp::kiss::wang:

    Thanks, Dave 😈

  44. Photo caption: “The 2008 Japanese Olympic swim team.”

    Random observation: the “sad” penis is longer.

  45. Cheap Date

    :limp: It looks like a confused shrimp! 😛

    Dang, now I’m HUNGRY!!! 😆

  46. This just isn’t right, with a little proper placing we could have cartoon porn on Davezilla.

    The :geek: was bored one day so he went out to get a :java:. While at the coffee shop he met a girl with nice :boobs::boobs:.

    They went back to the :geek: place to fool around a little. But the :geek: was :limp:, so she started to :kiss: the :geek: and then she :wang::grin:. But he couldn’t handle it and started spewing :java: on her :boobs::boobs:.

  47. I see Nikki has already got the measuring tape out. 😛

  48. Frisko

    What a fun day at Davezilla!


  49. Esther

    Kismet, you forgot to finish your story:

    …But he couldn’t handle it and started spewing :java: on her :boobs::boobs:.

    He then tried to lick the :java: off of her :boobs::boobs:, which only made her :roll:. The mood was ruined, so she told him to take his sad :limp: and come back when he could :wang: and make her :cool:.

  50. Steppenwolf

    …but he then got angry and tried to force himself on her so when she had his :wang: in her mouth she bit his balls off! :limp:

  51. Margaret

    …Then he decided to try out to be one of the Fruit of the Loom guys.:mrgreen:

  52. Esther

    He definitely wouldn’t be cast as the ‘set of grapes’ guy. ❗

  53. Incredible how hairless that body is, except for the pits.

  54. “See how Master Atlas holds up the ceiling with his bare hands!”

  55. In fairness, you should put up a left-pointing icon. Then I might be able to spell my name in penises.

  56. Thank you all for helping to finish my story. 😆

  57. Woozle

    Stunning. If I were gay and blind, I’d want the lot.

  58. Maybe the white briefs are kind of like the yellow jersey…

  59. Bobby Peru

    “You make me feel like a natural wooooooomannnn”

  60. Shawn


    “I met Marmalade down at old Moulin Rouge . . .”

  61. Dave too

    CINCINNATI — Team captain Dao Tsu Chang channels energy from teamates to hold a miniature fluorescent light fixture aloft at the International Levitation Competition.

  62. Anonymous


  63. Wang Chun


  64. not in love

    It’s Captian Underpants to the Rescue!!! 😎

  65. verago

    a form of dance? i dunno…

  66. It wasn’t until Ito unfurled his husky frame for everyone to see that the other lads realized their man-boobs were no match for his.

  67. Tara

    1. “I have entitled my next interpretive dance ‘Chen: Man-Boy Discovers Himself and Then Discovers He’s Gay.'”

    2. “Suplies!”

    3. “And you shall cover your nipples in deference TO YOUR LEADER! Mwa-ha-ha!”

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