Keeping abreast of my readers #2

My. Leave for Canada for a week and my readers get restless. As well as dress-less. More photo submissions from my lovely readers.

Update: We have a male submission. Um, enjoy.


Esther boobs

Esther booty

Mandy (again!)

Mandy thong

Mattis (Merth)


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  1. Moose

    I love this site. :wang:

  2. Kenn

    Wow, Mandy. Shake that fascist groove thong! :wtf:

  3. Esther

    Nice curves, Mandy!:cool:

    Is that a Vickie’s thong I spot?:kiss:

  4. TinaMarie

    Okay. Why is it when you show :boobs::boobs: it’s all hot chicks and that, but when you show men sporting :wang: all we get are fat, balding scary dudes?

    I want my beefcake! I want some boy buns! (Specifically, tight boy buns!) Equal rights for horny chicks!:twisted:

    If my demands are not met, I just might have to go Republican. I hear they have horny, muscle bound dudes in that party.

    Oh…never mind. That’s just Arnold.

  5. Frisko

    All the Davezilla girls are nice…thats a given.
    What about some equal boy pics too.

  6. Anonymous

    LOOK!! I see a whale tale!

  7. mikeB

    I want my beefcake! I want some boy buns!
    I on the other hand, am all for Davezilla readers with no bush.

  8. Esther

    I wouldn’t mind some nice male tail. πŸ˜€

  9. ReV.JeLLyBaBy

    I remember the good olÒ€ℒ days when Davezilla contained a healthy balance of tomfoolery AND monkeyshines. As a growing man, these were all the nutrients I needed to stay on top of the game, maintain a glossy coat and a shiny nose. πŸ˜•

    Sadly, I predict that in the near future, tomfoolery, maybe even skylarking, will be extinct on Davezilla which will soon become Ò€œMandylandÒ€ involving endless banter of sexual conquests and of course a portfolio of Ò€œOh God IÒ€ℒm so WONDERFULÒ€ type antics. :limp:

    All that we will be left with is a group of pubescent men Ò€œshiningÒ€ their monkeys. πŸ™

  10. Anna

    That scalding sermon by the Rev (thank you father) sure stopped me from sending in my extremely nude pictures.

  11. Anna

    What ‘s up with “you can see my tits, ass and underwear, but not my face” ???????
    I have to say that I’d rather talk to faces than to tits etc.


    I’m just about to go to bed and I think to myself, “Self, you haven’t been to Dave’s in a few days, you might want to go over there and see what’s going on…”

    Whoah. :wtf:

    Needless to say … I’ll be havin’ some sweet dreams tonight!!

    Hoo! As if I haven’t done enough schvitzing lately …

  13. … oh, and um … if I’d have known earlier that there was a call for *cough* submissions *cough* …

    … shit, you guys, don’t make me get competitive and have to bust out my Catwoman suit!

    (Catwoman doesn’t do submissions, anyway… more like dominations…)

    I’m rather enjoying the view from here. (Plus my :boobs::boobs: are enjoying their retirement and time off from not winning the presidential race. Boca here we come!)

    More Esther! More Mandy!

    More! More! More! More! More! More! More! More! More! More!More! More! More! More! More!More! More! More! More! More!More! More! More! More! More!More! More! More! More! More!More! More! More! More! More!More! More! More! More! More!More! More! More! More! More!More! More! More! More! More!

  14. An Interested Party

    These people want tits, bum, etc cos they ain’t getting any. You poor poor sex starved people.

  15. Spud

    I just to echo Kismet …
    Good God! :wtf:

    Esther is hot hot hot …. yeahhhh babbby!

    Mandy is hot hot hot hot …… ohhhh mammmmaa!

    Oh and I learned a new word tonight – schvitzing

    Who said the world is a dull place?


  16. Lace Valentine

    πŸ’‘ You know nature can be a little redundant. It’s funny how a pair of tits can really echo a woman’s ass, and how her mouth echoes her,

    uh– uh– her mind.

  17. allen

    oh my how nice:wtf:

  18. Spud

    Never has a thong looked quite so right… πŸ’‘

  19. ReV.JeLLyBaBy

    Dear Shohreh,

    Although your plight is no doubt a worthy one…

    It may be just me, but I don’t petition for the release of anyone without hearing all the facts. Iran can govern it’s land without my interference and just WHO are we actually freeing here? Or for what reason were they imprisoned?

    If the state has no regard for the law or human rights….erm….How would a petition help?


  20. ReV.JeLLyBaBy

    Thanks Nikki!

    I was starting to feel like a hermit with my opinions recently.


  21. Sadly, I predict that in the near future, tomfoolery, maybe even skylarking, will be extinct on Davezilla

    Happy to disappoint you, ReV. That will never happen. I came home from a restful vacation with Natalie to 822 emails, among which were four photographs from readers (one is NSFW).

    I will, however, post photos of readers, as it’s always nice to put a pair of breasts face to the comments.

  22. Anonymous

    I am glad that Natalie has enough class to keep her stuff for Dave’s eyes only.

  23. That's So Yesterday

    I am glad that Natalie has enough class to keep her stuff for Dave’s eyes only.

  24. Apologies for the intermittent service this morning. Germans pretending to be Iranian have been DOSing the server. 😑

  25. ReV.JeLLyBaBy

    Well I must say that I’m pleased to be disappointed Dave, keep up the good work.

    As for Persian bloggers, well its about time we pulled the rug out from under them.

    Germans pretending to be Persian bloggers?

    Well after losing two world wars and one world cup…who can say?


  26. The IP addresses are German, despite the pleas. I suspect they are up to something. They might be blogging from Germany, but I doubt it.

    A disproportional amount of comment spam comes from Germany. And Texas. Why does that not surprise me?

  27. Esther

    Goodness! Lots of comments, hmm, where do I start?

    tian– Uh, no. I’m all gloriously woman, all the time. Love it, not changing it.:kiss:

    ReV – Don’t worry, I don’t think the monkeyshines are going anywhere; a few pics of Mandy, Stacy, you, and me will not turn this site into Davezilla’s House of Bushless T&A.

    Anna – Damn, I bet those were some smokin’ pics of you, too. Also, I took a few pictures that included my face, but w/no makeup and lack of sleep, they weren’t that great, so it was just the body parts.

    Stacy/Spud – Thanks. πŸ™‚

    That’s So Yesterday – Yes, we’re all a bunch of stuff-showing heathens. Deal with it. 😈

  28. Nice balancing act,Esther…although the way the pictures are set up, she looks like a twisted Barbie doll.:eek:

  29. BillP

    A little lower please, Mandy. 😈

  30. Esther

    lol, Fran. Twisted, definitely, although I’m not sure Mattel makes Puerto Rican Barbie dolls, unless you count that pregnant, McDonalds-outfitted one.:eek:

    Thanks, Bobby. πŸ˜†

  31. Mimi

    Esther, you’re making me jealous.

  32. Cheap Date

    I see London, I see France, I see Mandy’s UNDERPANTS! Well, floss anyway! 😳

    Esther, nice rack. The shine on the butt HAS GOT to go, though.

  33. Mandy

    Someone peeking down my drawers again? 😳

  34. lurker

    Lets keep commenting and make Esthers’ boobs the #1 post!! :wang:

  35. Esther

    Cheap Date, thanks, and sorry about the shine, but there was no getting around it in those vinyl pants (even w/no flash).:oops:

    Mimi, here, split a chocolate-chip cookie with me. :kiss:

    Oh Mandy, where are you, chica?

  36. Esther

    Ahh, should have refreshed before I asked. Never mind.:neutral:

  37. Mandy

    Stacy: “More Mandy!”

    Exacty how much more? This could get scary. πŸ™„

  38. Mandy

    Right here, sista! :kiss:

  39. lurker

    Anyone else notice how conveneint is that the original post has 69 comments? nice planning on that one Mr. Zilla πŸ˜›

  40. Mimi

    Mimi, here, split a chocolate-chip cookie with me.
    You muffin! I’d rather split your bra size. If we split the difference, we’d each something to be proud of. πŸ™ :java:

  41. mikeB

    There’s obviously a lot of hostility and jealousy among the women here. The only solution is to have Dave sponsor an online mud wrestling competition. No holds barred.

    Or maybe we could just move on to another topic. πŸ˜›

  42. Tina Marie Because my male readers are all balding fat dudes, (Except the ReV).

    Frisko Be careful what you ask for. You might get it. πŸ˜›

    ReV This coming from the one male who DID supply a picture. πŸ™„

    Anna Ignore the ReV. Send them in. πŸ˜€

    Stacy No call for entries. They concock concocted this all by themselves. I support this type of behavior.

    lurker Yes, very conveneint?

  43. Esther

    Dave’s right, Stacy, and I had no idea that Mandy would be posing for us again (although I’m glad she did – rowrrr!). I threw mine in the mix, as there were a few requests (Mostly from Bobby.:wang::mrgreen:)

    Mimi, I could give you half, but I’m afaid that might not leave me w/much. lol Remember that a good bra does wonders for happy cleavage. 😈

  44. Choison

    Yikes I think I will use my adblock to get rid of that sweaty wrestler yuk guy. :limp::dead:

  45. Mandy

    Looking at those pink shorts all I can say is, “Merth? Where’s the girth?”

  46. Cheap Date


  47. Esther –

    Very nice – I think your choice of t-shirt leaves something to be desired, though. I suggest… none! Did I say that out loud?

  48. a humbled 36D

    No offense, but are those real? Cuz even a good bra isn’t going to make my 36Ds look that good.

  49. πŸ™‚ Ouch, Mandy. Very Ouch.

    “Things” have to be “tucked” to keep it a PG show. πŸ™„

    I would say next time I will send a “close up”… but, I still have nightmares after seeing the cycling team on here a few weeks ago. Sausage is best kept in the wrapper or preferably in a box. πŸ˜›

  50. Esther

    We have a new male emission? A submissive male? Huh?

    Ahhh, ok, I see. Nice six-pack there, Mr. Merth. :mrgreen:

  51. For the record:

    I wholeheartedly support Esther throwing hers in the mix with Mandy as much and as often as she pleases here (and elsewhere) on the web (and elsewhere) … please e-mail me privately, ladies, and I will send you my address in Michigan and we shall get together … you do know that I only live about an hour north of Dave, right?

    (Should there become an official site called “Davezilla’s House of Bushless T&A,” I do think we could make a profit, ladies…)

    :kiss: 😈

  52. (… and by the way… is anybody ELSE besides me having a HELL OF A TIME even scrolling down through all these comments? I don’t want to leave the top!)

    (Hee … tawk about a two-fold comment.)


  53. verago

    omg…muscular dude in a pink speedo-typer-thing, wearing pink kneepads…
    we’re in need of a gaydar, methinks…

  54. Cheap Date

    GEEZ, you guys are HARSH on MERTH! #50 poster!

    I think the pink does well to accentuate the TAN, HARD BOD!

  55. Stacy, click on the “Jump to the comment form” link and then back up a few. Much faster that way. 😈

  56. TinaMarie

    First off: Thank you Dave, for adding some beefcake to the site. I respect your readers, even if they are balding fat dudes, just because they are a funny bunch. And hey, if any of them can sprout a woody like that one teacher dude, wellÒ€¦as they say, all cats are grey in the dark, but serious wood is serious wood! :wang::kiss::wang:

    Second: What is it with these bodybuilder types that makes them wear pink speedos? I have yet to understand the manly-man-weightlifter connection and the pink panties connection. Perhaps all that testosterone gives them the urge to share some of their inner femme. :wtf: Only God knows.

    Third: When I said that I wanted beefcake, I should have added that I like my beefcake with brains. Any intelligent, normal males out there looking to show off their stuff? Muscle-bound boy-toys are fun enough to look at, but they donÒ€ℒt give me the urge to schvitz. :boobs::boobs:

    Oogle perhaps, but not schvitz.

  57. Spud

    I was having a great time until the pic of merth showed up :wtf:

    Lets keep it real πŸ˜€

    I have a suspicion that Mandy, Stacy & Esther would make a hell of a spread.


  58. Esther

    Oh my! 😳

    humbled 36D – Yes.

  59. Spud

    Makes me want to just bury my face in those puppies and go bbbbbbrrrrrrrbbbbbbb


  60. Jill

    Esther, you are always funny and what a lovely bod!
    Mandy makes me H&B too. πŸ˜†

  61. Frisko

    Thanks Dave for the beefcake. The women of Davezirra should unite to create a “Hot blogin’ babe” photo shoot. Let me know girls. Maybe Natalie could be our photographer, and all the Davezirra hunks could just wonder.
    Laughing MY ass off, lovingly,


    Stacy, I live in Michigan local too.

  62. Frisko

    I hope we get to 77 comments, and only 77 comments before todays post is done.

    tee hee


  63. Frisko

    I hope we get to 77 comments, and only 77 comments before todays post is done.

    tee hee


  64. Frisko

    I hope we get to 77 comments, and only 77 comments before todays post is done.

    tee hee :kiss:


  65. Choison

    Is this number 75??:wtf:

  66. Choison

    Is this number 75?? :wtf:

  67. Mandy

    Why 77, Frisko? Is that a magic number?

  68. Anon

    those are nice pictures

  69. Frisko, I know you’re a local, sweetheart! I traced your IP a long time ago. πŸ˜€

    (Did you not get my last e-mail with the secret password and stuff on it? If not, drop a comment on my site with your valid e-mail address so it will fall into my inbox and I’ll hook you up, k hon?)

    And yes, I’m all about the calendar idea. πŸ’‘

    (Just as long as I can be Miss January, ‘cuz I’m a Capricorn.) 😈

  70. Spud

    News Flash!

    Women of Davezilla Calender!

    Coming to a store near you!

    Only $29.95 + Sales tax

    Order early – Order Now! the first 25 callers receive our exclusive thong offer, that’s right, you heard it here first, dial now! don’t miss out!

    Dial – 1900 girlsofzilla*

    *Toll free if calling from the Bahamas

  71. Frisko

    I hope we get to 77 comments, and only 77 comments before todays post is done.

    tee hee :kiss:


  72. Esther

    Jill, thanks!

    Stacy, I’m sure you know then, that I am out here back West, and nowhere near y’all, unfortunately.

    Hmm, a calendar, eh? January is my birthday month, as well, but I could take December, no problem.

    Spud, your last comment made me do a spit take.
    :java: πŸ˜†

    Frisko, I’m also curious about the ’77’ connection.

  73. Of recent posts, yes, but I have some older posts with over 600 comments.

  74. Becky Murphy

    Esther and Mandy, you are both lovely.

  75. Thor

    Damn! Thanks ladies! Esther, Mandy, you guys are amazing! I will have to send in a photo for you to laugh at, I am one of those “natural body builder” types, but no pink speedo..

  76. Spud

    I have a “natural” body build.


  77. Esther, I don’t think anybody would complain if we both posed for the month of January … you know … to um … start off the new year right … ya know …

    “Double the pleasure, double the fun!”



  78. Frisko

    The posting malfunctioned, to crazy failure coding lines of Davezilla TMI. Sorry for all same posts. Do the math super geeks…..77 is 8 more than 69.

    running far away back to Stacys Lair

    No MCBK I didn’t get a memo.
    will do….

    We are all callendar girls. Now to the logistics and publication.

  79. mikeB

    I’ll second that request.

  80. Spud

    Me 3

  81. I am jealous of Davezilla’s ability to get intelligent women to pose suggestively.

  82. Do I have that ability? I thought intelligent women do whatever they want. πŸ˜›

  83. Esther

    Anna needs to get those photos to Dave, and pronto.:lol:

  84. mikeB

    Almost at 100!

  85. ReV.JeLLyBaBy



  86. Merth

    Wohoo… I think.

    Due to the popularity of this post, the month of November will be set aside for Ester and Mandy.


  87. facette

    Didn’t I give you a camera for just such things, Frisko ? :wang:

  88. verago

    this thing has 105 comments…has anyone noticed that that’s odd?
    I wonder why…???:boobs::boobs:

  89. ItÒ€ℒs not odd. We were all feeling the boob vibe yesterday.

    So to speak.b:razz:

  90. In all fairness (and to the disgust of many) I feel my pink trunks contributed to the tally. Mandy and Esther are famous.

    My appearance is more likely regarded as infamous.

  91. I’m sure you have many silent fans, Merth. Thanks for contributing. YouÒ€ℒre braver than I.

  92. Frisko

    You’re really brave to have posted your rash Dave. There was question of leg or arm. Remember?

  93. mikeB

    As a special holiday present, these women need to send us more pictures. 😈

  94. KraZed RaBid MoNkeY

    Nice Placky pants give that feeling of ecstasy just walking around πŸ˜›
    (:wang:For you and us:wang:, lol)

  95. Steve

    i’m lovin’ itΓ’β€žΒ’ :lol::smile:

  96. timothy

    Happy to see white girls Just a white boy in Puerto Marquez MX Were you can drink the water but dont eat the ice :wtf::wtf:

  97. mikeB

    Damn, Esther. That pic looks better every time I see it. I need a wallpaper of you for my PC.

  98. cutegirl

    yay for bewbs!

  99. Esther

    Wow, I think I’m fattered, uh, I mean, flattered. :oops:I’ll take your request into consideration, mikeB.

  100. Mandy

    I’ll third a nomination if it means more Esther. I’ve taken off as much as I’m ever going to. 😳

  101. Esther

    Oh my!

    Thanks to a heinous work schedule, and family Turkey Day celebration in Satan’s lair (a.k.a. Phoenix), the earliest I can get another picture to Zillaland will be over the weekend. No promises, but I’ll try. :kiss:

  102. mikeB

    You are so worth waiting for, Esther. :wang:

  103. copenvern

    Esther, i am in love with you.

  104. mikeB

    Me too. Mandy and Esther are both going to marry me.

  105. B. U.

    Esther is fucking hot!

  106. Mandy

    I may have a special Christmas picture, Dave. :boobs:

  107. Esther

    B.U., copenvern, mikeB, thankyaverrahmuch.:mrgreen:

    MikeB, I don’t think Mandy and I are ready for a Girls Gone Wild/Mormon wedding just yet. πŸ˜†

  108. not my real name

    how about just some more photos then? :wang:

  109. julie

    you have some sexy readers! rawr!

  110. I prefer Pamela Anderson’s big titties myself. :wang::wang: These icons r\u\l\e\! Need a pussy one

  111. Poofles

    How is it that I missed this? Wowza!!

  112. Mandy

    People are still commenting on this? πŸ™„

  113. I have one new picture from Mandy. We may be having another contest on New Years. :wang:

  114. Poofles

    Wakka chikka wakka chikka wakka chikka :wang::wang::wang:

  115. Esther

    Hmmm, I may be up for sending another picture. Now if I could just get a f**king day off from work, I might be able to take it.

    Sorry, a bit on the cranky side from lack of sleep.:-(

  116. Mandy

    I love Esther’s :boobs::boobs:

  117. Esther

    /looks on the ground, shuffles feet….

    Thanks, y’all.:oops:

    I’d better be careful. With all this praise, my :boobs::boobs: are thinking about getting their own talk show.

  118. We’d settle for a quick video at this point. πŸ˜€

  119. Spud

    or some stills with captions…

  120. mikeB

    Just anything with more Esther and more Mandy. Pleeeeze! Jonesing for new pix :limp:

  121. Big Chuck

    My first ever blog post and I did it on your site. cool.

  122. Horny lurker

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE show more Mandy and Esther! :wang:

  123. Mandy

    My you boys are starved for :boobs::boobs: There’s a whole Interweb full of em!

  124. Esther

    I was thinking the same thing, Mandy. Not to mention that I’m still trying to get over this throat viral infection thingy I’ve got. :dead: So sorry, guys/gals, no pics from me…for now.

  125. mikeB

    You know Esther, the best thing for a throat infection is something long and hard sliding in and out of it for a good half hour. :wang:

  126. Esther


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