When do we decide if someone is batshit crazy?

When do we decide if someone is batshit crazy?

I know. That term is politically incorrect. And I am not applying it to those with true mental illnesses. I’m talking about those times when eccentricity goes a wee bit over the top. And stays there.

You’ve doubtless met others who have decided to become eccentric, perhaps even the town eccentric, but it was clearly a conscious act on their part. Those people.

True eccentricity, I believe, is unconscious. The person may not know their actions are in fact, not in societal expectations. Those people are fantastic and bring color to life.

Back to being batshit crazy. There is a point where the self-made eccentric goes so far in trying to shock and get attention that they don’t see a way out and fall into some sort of never-ending spiral.

You look at these souls and think, “What sort of WalMart tornado hit him? That guy is wearing woman’s underwear and has nine mop buckets full of old Twinkies tied around his throat like some Puritan shaming ritual.”

I just want to know when does one reach the point of self-made eccentricity where they have no way out? This is them, and good luck getting a loan. Pro Tip: banks generally don’t accept Kazoo art as collateral.

As always, your comments are appreciated, and possibly suspect.