Annoying Words: Christmas 2004 Edition

  1. Protracted insurgency: No, it’s a war. Plain and simple.
  2. Deck: Yes, some sad hipsters still use this.
  3. Fab, faboo and fabs: [shudder]
  4. Calling white folk crackers. Please. The proper term is “pasty white cracker”.
  5. Misusing the word mod. Sorry, but painting your rocking chair is not “modding it”. Neither is putting a Ché Guevara patch on the army jacket you stole from your dad.
  6. Axe: It’s a tool, not a guitar.
  7. Baby Momma: What’s wrong with loser? Or irresponsible teenager?
  8. Being called hon or kiddo by someone 20 years younger than I am.
  9. Hair of the dog that bit me: I’ll stick with beer, thanks.
  10. Santa Clause: Since when are we spelling Claus with an “e”? I have seen four companies spell it that way this year.
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  1. Here is an example of the proper use of “deck”:

    “If I see any hipsters at the show tonight, I’m gonna deck ’em.”

  2. Poofles

    Agreed. Deck is so last decade

  3. But not all crackers are pasty and white. 🙄

  4. mikeB

    Oh yes, the tanning bed crackers. 🙄

  5. Mandy

    Having your boobs referred to as “funbags” on Davezilla is annoying. 👿

  6. Spud

    One persons boobs are another persons funbags…

  7. I think “funbags” is much better than “dirty pillows”
    Let us pray…
    I am so stuck in the last century.

  8. A friend of mine once said, “If I’m a cracker, then I’m a Ritz.”

  9. Mandy

    Hold your water, rust.

  10. mikeB

    My aunt said shizzle last week. The end is near. :dead:

  11. I’ve had friends say “WASSUP!” and “Allllll Righty-Then” recently.

    South Park was right, Iowa is several years behind.

  12. mikeB

    Time for new friends, Chad. 😛

  13. TinaMarie

    Anybody who can make a relevant reference to a movie that played when I was in college (oh God, was that 20 years ago?) is okay with me.

    You go, Rust!

  14. I concur with TinaMarie. Carrie was, and is, one of the greatest movies of the 70s.

  15. DAMMIT, zilla, it was a BRIAN DE PALMA movie. That farce where Sally Field holds up the sign in the sweatshop (showing her best points) :boobs::boobs: is from Norma Rae.

  16. I don’t care what age you are, very few people should be allowed to call me “hon”.

  17. Anna

    I thought they were talking about the blues Brothers”(‘let us pray’).

    Hey peoples what’s wrong with Iowa? I dig it, it’s fab.

  18. “Dirty pillows” was from Carrie. The psycho mother told Carrie to “cover up her dirty pillows” from men in one of the most over-acted scenes in motion picture history. Classic. More…

    If it appears in the Blues Bros. movie as well, they stole it. Carrie came out much earlier.

  19. simoon

    Being called “hon” by someone who is even fifteen years younger than me drives me a bit batty. Then again, being called “ma’am” by someone who is less than five years younger than me really bothers the bejeezus out of me.

    I mean… where do I fit in the age scheme of things? I’m stuck in the abyss of the mid-thirty-something zone. Lovely.

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