A hatred of Hummers

Picking up where a post from March, 2002 left off, Natalie and I decided to write new collective nouns for specific brands of automobiles.

  1. A hatred of Hummers
  2. An embarrassment of PT Cruisers
  3. A granola of Subarus
  4. A weeping of Saabs
  5. A tuning of Civics
  6. An ickle of Mini Coopers
  7. A swarm of VW Beetles
  8. A snobbery of BMWs
  9. An explosion of Pintos
  10. Please add your own suggestions
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Show 43 Comments


  1. Spud

    10. A Collective of Corvettes
    12. A Muster of Mustangs


  2. Anna

    A tribe of Trabants
    A school of Skoda’s
    A vulva of Volvo’s

  3. H.R. Gerrard

    How about an elation of EPVs?
    A jungle of Jaguars?
    A pontification of Porches?
    A swipe of Stingrays?
    A fuckload of Fords?

  4. H.R. Gerrard

    Anna, a Vulva of Volvos?!?
    Are they that tight around the curves?
    Or is it just that hard to get into one?
    And here I thought the rubbers were supposed to hit the road!
    What’s next, a Uterus of Yugos???

  5. A mafia of Black Sedans
    A recall of Corvettes
    An acne of Smart Cars
    A scrapyard of Trabants
    A whoop of Nascars
    A smorgasbord of Volvos
    A litter of Fiats

  6. Spud

    A menacing of Macks
    A quickening of Ferrari’s
    A gaggle of Datsuns

  7. H.R. Gerrard

    Hey, I forgot to add a chevron of Chevrolets.
    And a modicum of Mazdas.
    And a suit of Suzukis.
    And for you ‘Old Timers’ out there,
    a stupendous stampede of Studebakers!
    I’m done with this. I need a brake!

  8. phud

    An accord of accords…….a tryst of toyotas…..a compendium of commanders

  9. trans am man


  10. A realtor of cadillacs
    A junkyard of corvairs
    A choke of Chevy’s
    A load of trucks

  11. mikeB

    A crikey of Stingrays

  12. Chris

    a collection of chevy
    a homosexual ford
    a destroyed dodge
    a collected camaro :wang: 😈

  13. [Comment ID #79138 will be quoted here]


  14. junkman

    a bloat of bugattis
    a burden of bentleys
    a clutter of cadillacs
    a labour of lincolns
    a piddle of porsches
    a rut of rovers
    and a maul of mercedes
    welcome to oakville

  15. Flash Gordon

    A horde of Hudsons.
    A suck of Subarus.
    A clitorus of Cadillacs.
    A nest of Nashs.
    A flush of Franklins.
    😈 👿 :wtf: 🙄

  16. pablo

    A blur of Focuses
    A stampede of Mustangs
    A breezy evening of Windstars
    A rodeo of Broncos
    A constellation of Tauruses
    An eternity of Galaxies
    A breakout of Escapes
    A herd of Impalas
    A community of Suburbans
    A rainbow of Prisms
    A landslide of Avalanches
    A hemorrhoid of Blazers
    A daring group of Intrepids
    18 holes of Golfs
    A dung load of Beetles
    A darkening of Eclipses
    A ring of Diamontes
    A repetition of Echos
    A glow of Solaras
    A progeny of Scions
    A precursor of 4runners
    A round table of Avalons
    A scouting of Pathfinders (also use for Trailblazers)
    A minimum of Maximas
    A duty of Civics
    A singularity of Elements
    A gay pride of Villager people
    A microcosm of Minis
    An overflowing of Rios
    A punch drunk batch of Boxters
    A vintage if Cabriolets
    A positive group of Ions

  17. [Comment ID #79140 will be quoted here]

    Ack! That was one of our best ones. Sorry. 😳

  18. MrDoug

    A Prick of Porches
    A tribe of Tribants
    A trailer of Triumphs
    A Happening of Hybrids
    A Bowel Movement of BMW’s

  19. Gladia

    A mercy of Mercedes
    A landslide of Geos
    A Ship of Voyagers
    A ring of Saturns

    😛 🙄

  20. thatonechick

    an orgasm of lamborghines

  21. I LOVE this post. Pablo’s entries are particularly good. I may have to steal this for my site.

    I will do my 2 cars:

    A squeal of 300ZXs
    A consolidation of Rendezvous

  22. A bevy of BMWs
    A vastitude of VWs
    A sweep of Spirits

  23. Drusky

    A fleet of Suburbans
    A creamery of Camrys
    A subdivision of houses that Peterbuilt
    A school of Mako Sharks (a little corvette history…)
    A pack of Packards
    An appearance of Cameos
    An expedition of Hillclimbers (Maytag’s little car from the 1900’s)
    A battery of Zaps
    A dumpster of Yugos (yes, that’s what I said)
    A dab of Datsuns
    and A hustle of Harleys (or vaccuums, depending on where the dirtbag is mounted :twisted:)

  24. WCG

    A pretention of limos
    A whine of Windstars

  25. WCG

    Ooh, also:

    A superiority of cyclists

  26. optidad

    a family of saturns

  27. trans am man


  28. Sher

    Very happy right now the Brady Bunch did not have treadmills for their videos!

  29. Howie

    A KKK of K cars

  30. Jason

    a “g” spot of G6’s
    a freelance of freestyles
    a convoy of envoys
    a gang of silveradoes
    a blur of focus’s
    an offspring of sebring
    a climbing of mountaineers
    a mountain of vues
    a park of rangers
    a galaxy of odyssey
    a sign full of neon
    a slicing from Le sabre
    a cloud of stratus
    a ranch of durangoes
    a tribe of tributes
    wigwams full of cherokee’s
    peeps for jeeps
    and a chamber of Highlanders!!

  31. pablo

    [Comment ID #79136 will be quoted here]

    A coop of Thunder Chickens

  32. aj

    a smattering of kias

  33. An Aerie of Armadas
    A Bevy of Buicks
    A Colony of Chevies
    A Drove of Dodges
    An Erg of Expoditions
    A Flock of Fuegos
    A Gaggle of Ghias
    A Horde of Hondas
    An Isle of Infiniti
    A Jest of Jaguars
    A Kindle of Kia
    A Litter of Lexus
    A Murder of Montegos
    A Nursery of Nissan
    A Ostenation of Oldsmobiles
    A Parliment of Plytmoths
    A Quiver of Q45s
    A Romp of Rios
    A Sounder of Silverados
    A Tribe of Thunderbirds
    An Unkindness of Uplanders
    A V of Volvos
    A Wedge of W8s
    A Yoke of Yukons
    A Zeal of Z3s

  34. someone

    a chamber of Highlanders!!

    a There Can Be Only One Highlander

  35. thatonechick

    on a roll, aren’t we?

  36. thatonechick

    a junkyard of fords

  37. thatonechick


  38. thatonechick

    must i go on?
    anyone got anymore??

  39. KanDo

    [Comment ID #79317 will be quoted here]


  40. Lydia Hallard

    I love Pablo!!

    I was thinking a suggestion of Echoes.

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