Detroit News? Time to train your telemarketers some manners

At least one of the telemarketers, excuse me, consumer solutions experts that works for the Detroit News is a rude asshole. SOME BACKGROUND In June, a kid came by selling short-term (60-day) subscriptions that would help him through college. We decided to help him out and paid him by check so that the paper would […]

I will take up two parking spaces. Deal with it.

This post originally appeared on Medium Thoughts on parking etiquette from an utter douchebag. Fellow Driver, I know I took up two parking spaces leaving you circling the lot like a Perrigine Falcon whose prey has mysteriously escaped. I know you’re probably cursing my name and wishing it was legal to ram my Hummer H2 […]

More People We Can Safely Dislike, #8

Jodi Arias supporters Twilight fans. Fuck all of you. Vampires don’t sparkle. People who change their profile photo to reflect the latest meme, social cause or trend with no clue why other than their friends are all doing it, too. [DISCLAIMER: This one is probably only a Michigan thing] Drivers who get into the Michigan […]

People Who Need to Go Far, Far Away

People who hit their brakes inexplicably when nothing is in front of them and they aren’t speeding. People who use douchebag words like ‘braggadocious’ and ‘YOLO’ in everyday speech. The inventors of Powerpoint, Jeggings, Crocs and UGGs. The creators of ‘Call of the Wildman’, ‘Hillbilly Handfishing’ and other white trash train wrecks. Professionals who say, […]