14 Replies to “Scream until Daddy stops”

  1. You scream, we scream, we all scream for ice cream …… is this where it comes from ?

  2. This is so wrong. However, in a twisted way appropriate on so many other levels! 😈

  3. show me a gay bull and I will show you a Dairy Queen
    That way he’ll know you’re alive
    daddy, the gay bull and his intrepid daughter dilly Q……….

  4. why for does sideways capitol g be on where is sposed to be my little monkey face with glasses?

    p.s. i can stop haz butt buddy bar dad?

  5. And IF I had kids and this billboard started them screaming, I’d go right in to see the manager and beat the crap out of him, until HIS kids started screaming.

    THEN … I’d stop.

    Dumb sons-of-bitches!

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